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Friday, 22 August 2008

Repent for the end is near!!!

From one of their songs in the album Hail to the Thief, by the British band Radiohead, I gleaned the following lyrics;

You just let the paper burn
Our voices were not heard
Watching democracy go up in smoke
Everytime that you spoke

The time has come the judgments now
Time to pay up somehow
It's not free, it's not up to me
It's time to face it you see
So you reap as you sow
Well, how low can you go
I don't know, I don't know
I just don't know

And on that fateful day
You stopped what we had to say
Did you plan it all along
Did you think we'd forget all the wrongs

This Tuesday, the people in Permatang Pauh will vote. They will choose either the enigmatic Anwar or the equally pugnacious Arif Shah Omar Shah. ASOS says he can win and he will also bury Anwar. KJ will be on hand to pass the spade. Maybe he will bury ASOS instead.

I have already written a number of posts on Permatang Pauh. The whole nation seems engrossed on PP. some stories or any story at all about PP seems to be a must on the menu item on the daily diet of Malaysians. So we must not disappoint our punters.

PP is the judgment on both Anwar and Dato Seri Najib. One has been the DPM and was just a step towards the PMship, the other must wait until June 2010. If that day comes at all.

From what we read and hear, the campaigns in PP were not about issues at all. It’s all about the sordid past of Anwar. Whereas before the by-elections, we were made to believe that it will not be about personalities. It will be about issues and the future on Malaysia.

Unfortunately, that promise, in an oft quoted Shakespearean term is more honoured in its breach than its observance. Sadly, the party that breaches it most is our BN party.

So, predating the much jaded phrase of I Told You So, I will just say it now, that PP is UMNO’s comeuppance.

The time has come the judgments now
Time to pay up somehow
It's not free, it's not up to me
It's time to face it you see
So you reap as you sow

By the way, the title of this post is a borrowed phrase from Jed Yoong's latest post. terror lah....


msleepyhead 22 August 2008 at 23:20  

radiohead also sang..

bring down the government,
they don't, they don't speak for us.

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