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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 8 August 2008

one minute guide to power sharing.

There’s a running bawdy joke among the UMNO rednecks. It is repeated endlessly. The he-men exclaimed they wouldn’t want to marry Negeri Sembilan women. Why not when we ask. Because we have to enter a quarter(masuk suku).

We in UMNO don’t want to either. We want the whole works don’t we? We don’t like to do things half way. We are not half past six men. We would like to do things complete. To show people that we are that sort of people.

The UMNO president has laid out a plan. He will transfer power to his deputy in 2010. That is because, it is in the tradition of UMNO. I pass my property to whomsoever I damn well please.

His magnanimity has not gone unnoticed. It is looked on enviously by the Wanita. They must have bitched behind the president's back. Not to be outdone, they have come out with a power transition plan themselves.

The UMNO car( Proton Perdana no less) is on automatic transmission mode. But wait, the car is still jerking. Something is missing.

Let us sit down and think what’s holding us back. The car jerking is not caused by somebody relieving himself right? Oh oh, we know, the automatic power transition is not completed because the PEMUDA has not done it. The PUTERI hasn’t done it. And maybe, the second hand car salesman’s outfit, so admired by the DPM can also join in. there’s the whole works for you.

Let us all take part in this political relay. Let us pass the baton smoothly. Let us partake in this orgy of wanton abandon.


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