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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

UMNO leadership- the field commander

We need 3 things to make this country a better place for all.

1. Vision

2. Leadership

3. Energy of the people.

We are moving towards a future where all Malaysians have a stake in it. That future needs the vision, leadership and energy of the people.

In that future, its not one that is determined from where you come from or your lineage. Its not in your genes. Its determined by where you want to go and are willing to work getting there.

Now if you were to ask me, what does Dato Najib have? Well, he says he has a vision that is rooted in tradition. His vision, just as he said it, rooted in tradition is so YESTERDAY. We do not go ahead with yesterday’s ideas and vision.

I have said it and shall say it again. Dato Najib’s leadership is based on the ideas of the past, on ideas of feudalism that succeeds on the muted acceptance of the rakyat. His vision is grounded on the idea that in society, every one’s place is preordained and predetermined. His, is to lead, ours, is to follow.

I ask you in turn. What do you get from Dato Najib? The answer is just a feel good sensation.

We feel good that he comes from a good lineage. We feel good because his father was a former prime minister who admittedly reached iconic status. We feel good because he has a good physique and has an aristocratic bearing about him.

But that’s about it. Track record? He has only the professionalism of a politician and of a person who has held office for a long time. Indeed if you haven’t turned into a professional with good work ethics after having spent so many years in service, you are an imbecile. And Dato Najib is no slouch, we will grant him that.

But professionalism in what one does, is not a reflection of the fundamentals of leadership. Vision , the principles of leadership( analytical capabilities, imagination and the leavening touches of realism) and support from the people.

He has been the minister of defence for a long time. As long as you could remember. If he hasn’t developed an air of being an expert in that field, he is a dumpkoff.

While in office, what were the major issues that Dato Najib faced or was attributed to?

1. The controversy over the purchase of Sukhoi Fighter planes

2. The controversy surrounding the purchase of French submarines

3. And with the above controversy, the whispering doubts of somehow some people close to him are connected with the murder of the Mongolian woman.

4. The widespread perception that the wife is involved in many more deals than the years Najib served as defence minister.

So, other than the feel good vibrations, there’s nothing much really. No?


Bumiputerakelas2 27 August 2008 at 10:44  

You missed out that he was stupid enough to claim that he was discussing about scholarship with a known dropout. By doing do he is indicating that he is lying or the very minimum we are wasting good money on stupid people.

sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi 27 August 2008 at 10:52  

yes your aright. and i have not finished my thoughts on this subject-yet.
but thanks anyway

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