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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 2 August 2008

UMNO in Permatang- into the jaws of death.

Sometimes I think UMNO members are full of chicken-excretions. If you ever had a chance to be a delegate at the UMNO general assembly, you will know what I mean. 70% of the delegates are just there for a good time in Kuala Lumpur. 70% are the political yahoos waiting to fleece UMNO moneybags.

The shopping is great. Entertainment at night is paid for most of the times. The dangdut joints in Jalan Raja Laut and Jalan Ipoh, are making roaring businesses. You have the opportunities to score with the Puteri brigade.

You would think that people attending the assembly are serious people. That is hardly so. Not many are there to listen to well reasoned speeches. They want to listen to some comical presentations, carnal jokes or bawdy tales. It does not help having an extremely horny deputy permanent chairman either. They would rather ogle at those young and nubile puteri members in their tight pink ‘coror’ kebayas pass by. I would too if I were there. Ha ha.

The quality of the majority of the people going as delegates should not surprise anyone if that same description apply more pertinently to the UMNO leadership. The reactions of various UMNO luminaries regarding Anwar Ibrahim’s contesting in Permatang Pauh, are clear indicators of the human capital standard in UMNO.

For example, Pirdaus Ismail, the mantan imam of masjid negara and two time loser of Permatang Puah, says that it’s not easy for Anwar to win Permatang Pauh. On what basis is he saying this? Sounds like sour-grapish to me.

It is symptomatic for a person possessing this holier than thou spirit to pass on scurrilous remarks like this, as recycled wisdom for the consumption of the UMNO bozos. It is of course in keeping with the personal philosophy of the greatest pretender himself. Remember, Dato Najib says UMNO does not need clever people. He needs people who can attend kenduris dan attend funerals. Thus he has as permanent chairman in his division an LCE dropout, his secgen an SPM dropout, and other riff-raffs as his foot soldiers.

Then you have the voice of Anuar Musa. The man everyone in Kelantan wants to kapak kecik his kepala. He says it’s better for UMNO and BN to boycott the Permatang Pauh by-election. Why? Because UMNO has not got a rat’s ass chance of winning? Because Anuar Musa speaks on the high moral ground of stating that what Wan Azizah did was an act of betrayal to the voters? Since when does Anuar Musa acquire moral scruples enabling him to speak with such nauseating moral finesse? By the way, what happened to the fall guy, Dato Abdul Aziz in the Anuar’s former ministry’s corruption scandal? Money meant for poor people was siphoned off, it is said at the scheming of Anuar himself.

And finally the remark by Khairi J himself on why Anwar Ibrahim chose to be in PP. Lets answer him with a short treatise, of course not up the standards of Oxford yet.

Dato Najib was never born in Pekan. He was born in Kuala Lipis, lived most of the time either in KL or England but chose Pekan as his parliamentary seat. Why doesn’t Najib stand in Kuala Lumpur or Ipoh Town.? The same reasoning, my dear Khairi, applies to Anwar when making his decision.

Re-phrasing MaoTse Tung- going into elections is not a dinner party, not like doing embroidery and definitely not going shopping at The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Suddenly UMNO finds itself with a dearth of talent to fight Anwar. This sadly, is the direct result of a having a closed-shop leadership policy. So please heed the voices of the UMNO grassroots. Remove the quota system. Let a hundred flowers bloom. Look beyond the spineless Dato Najib.


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