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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 22 August 2008

Post Bellum- After the War


I am trying to picture the scene 3 weeks after 26th of August. I read the blogger kickdefella mentioning of massive layoffs in September. He is referring of course to the ministry of domestic trade’s directive that all petrol stations must implement the self service practice. Station operators are liable to fines up to RM15,000 if caught violating the edict.

All will be affected. Service stations employ many workers Malaysians and non Malaysians. The Malaysians employed are mostly single mothers, wives working to help husbands raise their families and so on.

These people will of course swell the ranks of the proletariat waiting to overthrow the oligarchic rule of the UMNO despots. This will be another blunder by our government.

Fines up to RM15k can be used to employ at least 10 petrol pump attendants providing assistance to car owners. Not all like to self service. Some chose not to because many are allergic to the smell of fumes. Perhaps the ministry’s officers are not aware of these. They prefer servicing the clandestine service stations of storage yards for stolen diesel and petroleum. Hey- I worked for a decade for the Shell company and do have some knowledge on this.

Ok- that was a bit of digression.

3 weeks after the 26th is 16th of September. Should the UN-SANGKA-RABLE takes place, the scenario of big layoffs can POSSIBLY and equally apply to all political appointees in the present government.

Dato Najib will of course become the deputy whip. He will be the MP for Pekan and ketua bahagian.

All his political appointees will have their services terminated. The POLSEC at the DPMs department Dato Sahlan the brother to YB Saifudin Nasution, will get the boot as do all the special assistants. But perhaps the assistant pictured with Saiful the sodomised will find new employment provided he is jambu enough.

The POLSEC at MINDEF, the fish seller Dato Safie Abdullah will also be sacked. He will of course find a new vocation in business having made hay while the Najib sun shone.

In Pekan, maybe those on the Najib payroll will still be employed because Dato Najib is a man with Richelieu-nian resources.

His security guards, body guards and all those related to that industry will be redeployed elsewhere.

Indeed a massive layoff will take place. Ministers and deputy ministers and all political appointees will swell the job market and crowd out those who are still searching for jobs with their fake diplomas and degrees.

Certainly I would support Rox UNcut’s proposoal to:-

Put ALL dirty politicians (and their relatives and cronies who have benefited from their thievery and daylight robbery), regardless of colour, religion, gender and sexual orientation, and those guilty of treason, i.e., betraying us and shovelling the country into its present shitty state because of their greed, self-interest and thirst for power, to work cleaning pig farms.

But don’t worry, the pig farms are modernised employing the latest and best German technology.

Send Malaysians with bad habits (taking bribes, bullying, raping/sodomising?, etc) and negative attitudes (especially corrupt, insolent and inefficient civil servants who lack work ethics and discipline), and those (the worst!) who dare use the word "impossible" to Kamunting (which will be converted to boot camp under different severities of punishment categories) to rehabilitation.

And I certainly hope, those chosen to attend the rehabilitation classes would not find these boot camps demeaning and beneath them and later do an Ian Chin devil incarnate accusation or judgement or pronouncement? Eh? Eh?

And remember what I said about Pekan folks queuing on the Sultan Abu Bakar Bridge awaiting the signal to jump into the river?

And remember too what I said about the tandu or palanquin in Kampung Ubai Kuantan, which was used to carry the late Tun Razak ? Well that has already been hacked up and made into firewood for a kenduri. Can’t carry anyone from Pekan.

CITO FIT QUOD DII VOLUNT- what the gods want happens soon.


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