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Monday, 25 August 2008

Apocalypto- UMNO Style

In the film Apocalypto, the chief of the Mayan tribe, Flint Sky asked his son, Jaguar Paw, what did you see just now?. The son said he saw nothing. The chief insisted, he did indeed see something, but refused to admit it.

The chief went on to say- I saw what you saw and we all saw it. You saw FEAR. Now, I want you to go back, make love to or sodomise your wife and never mention what you saw again. I never want to see FEAR taking over your head.

Will Durant the historian said;

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within."

And now, you see the same FEAR engulfing UMNO leaders. They fear losing their strangle hold on the people. They fear losing their jobs.

They fear that Anwar Ibrahim may indeed form the next government. I have written about this in my short essay, By Whatever Doors Necessary.

One of the last dying inhales of breath the ruling oligarchy will make is to rescue from obscurity, some security reports by the Intelligence Agency. Never mind if it is only one report. Notwithstanding it was made by foreign observers in security, that report would see its glory days. It will be elevated from obscurity to the status of a much-revered document. The current UMNO leaders will swear by it. It is more potent than a thousand SDs and sumpahs by the Quran.

That piece of analysis simply states that the security situation in this country is the gravest since 1969. And 1969 is the Friday the 13th for the UMNO people. It will paint a picture of widespread civil unrest. The china men will set upon the Malay men and Malay men will set upon everyone else. The army and the police will be called in. and a state of emergency will be declared. MAGERAN will be established.

Why? Because there is FEAR and paranoia seeping into the minds of the UMNO ruling oligarchy.

UMNO members loyal to the party, full of integrity and always believing in the rule of law and the force of reason must never entertain such dangerous frolics. We have only one task to do- do ourselves a favour and get rid of irresponsible leadership.


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