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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Madam Zorra speaks to Utusan

Has the DPM heard of the saying- not by GDP alone?

The DPM was interviewed by Utusan Malaysia. He dispenses his wisdom. He finds it strange that the people now makes light at the role of the government as agent for economic development. They don’t Dato Seri- but they refused to be constricted in perceiving what development is especially at how the government wants them to understand what development is.

Having money is very important in life. That’s why people work for it. After obtaining money to sustain their livelihood, people go on believing that the money so obtained is the result of their honest work. They take umbrage if others tell them, the money they earned is money given to them by others. more so if that others now tell them, they must obey the others in everything. Unless you are invalid, infirmed or incapacitated in some other ways, that kind of condescending treatment debases and dehumanises you.

You develop the master-servant relationship. We come back again and again to one characteristic of a less developed nation, where here the government defines the relation between the ruler and the governed in undefined and arbitrary ways. See David McClelland’s Achieving Society. Your relationship with the government becomes diffusive as it were. For example, if you are a government employer, your relationship to your employer, the government is no longer specific to a contract between you and your employer. Instead you become obligated to him in ALL aspects of life. The employer holds you in bondage.

The governed become obligated to the government in ALL aspects of life because they are dependent of the government for everything. In other words, be thankful that we are here and therefore obey us.

The government is behaving like the others- if we get the drift of the argument by the DPM. Herein lies the crux of our problem. The government starts behaving like we owe them a living. The government misses the very crucial point; people are actually becoming more aware that they don’t owe the government their living. They are making it their business to determine their destiny.


Jed Yoong 19 August 2008 at 13:27  


Another thought-provoking post.

How come UMNO fellas like you are hidden but dopes like KJ get so much press coverage?

I agree that the government should not expect blind loyalty from people they "help", like Amin Shah of the RM24bil naval vessels scandal.

I guess it's about perception -- local politicians still have feudal mindsets where relationships are predominantly lord-vassals type.

If the politician sees dispensing policy as part of their responsibility in public service, then they would not TIE individuals to them in a SLAVE relationship.

At the same time, there must be some sort of gratitude on the recipients part especially if he was given a leg up. This is fine 'cos someone sometime somewhere needs and gives help.

I feel the main flaw in the structure of society now (not just UMNO/Malay but also Chinese too) is the blind loyalty expected in which the vassal is just an extension of the lord's wishes. So, if I help you, then you must do my will sort of mentality.

The other model of society, which I prefer, is to help ppl anyway but dun expect any sort of loyalty, etc in return but simply 'cos it's a "good" thing to do and everyone deserves to live his own life as God gave us a free will that should not be subjugated to another.

At the end of the day, God gave you the ability to help the other person and the person's obligation lies with God, not you.

That's my view anyway.

Hope to read more from you.

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