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Monday, 18 August 2008

On Intentions

If I use a gun, aims at a vital organ and shoots a man, I can be said to have an intention to murder the person. Even if I miss the vital organ, the use of a lethal weapon and supported by evidences that show the state of my mind, I can still be charged with attempted murder.

Intent is therefore important for determining the state of the man’s mind.

Now, the intention of the government is to do in and clobber Anwar by any means necessary. He is dangerous and a threat to the life as most of our elite know of. Can you imagine if he becomes the PM what havoc can he visit upon us?

First of course he becomes the prime minister. He of course will decide on a new deputy. that leaves Naib with just a position of an ordinary MP sans all the trappings of power and prestige. Many people working for him will be without official jobs. Of course they all can still be on his payroll as he is a rich man.

Because of this overriding intention, what Anwar does with regards to swearing on the Quran is not relevant. What if he swears upon the Quran that he hasn’t done the wrong he’s accused of? What then? Will the charges by the temporal courts be withdrawn? I think not because the intention is to do him in.

The intention of the UMNO leaders is to protect themselves. They will use their authority in whatever form to protect themselves. The PM and DPM use their position in the party to railroad all the others into accepting a transfer of power in 2010. Despite being aware that is not what the grassroots want, they went ahead because of their intention.

The intention is to protect and preserve Dato Najib at all costs. Nothing we do can ever change that intention, unless of course Anwar comes into power where Anwar’s intention overrides all the intentions of the UMNO leadership.


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