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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

This whole Mubahalah thing

‘Unker’ Lim Kit Siang, who is not a Muslim asked this question. If Anwar were to swear by the Quran will the charges preferred against him be dropped?

The government has not answered. It cannot. Because the real intention is to catch out Anwar. We are actually not interested in seeing Anwar performing the mubahalah. Indeed it serves our interest to see to it he does not. For then we can go on and on accusing him of being guilty.

If he has done it, he would still swear on the Quran that he did not do it. Then what? His detractors will say, let the courts decide his innocence or otherwise. We will still accuse him of being guilty.

So, if that is the case, a catch 22 situation, why ask Anwar to swear if you have already formed your judgment?

The ulamaks themselves are at variance with each other as to the probity of swearing by the Quran.

First as I have said, it is highly irregular for a person who is the victim to swear by the Quran saying that he did not protest being raped. Isn’t swearing has as its intention to disavow something you did not do? Or to deny something you are accused of. What was the something that Saiful did not do? What was he accused of?

The fact is, he has not be accused of anything. In my mind, if he says he was raped, then the mubahalah should be directed against a theoretical accusation that he did not resist . to that he must swear that he resisted. The point of doing mubahalah is to negate something.

If both Anwar and Saiful were to be accused of engaging in sodomy, then both will have the opportunity to perform mubahalah together. Now that is more appropriate. Then instead of holding the Quran, Anwar and Saiful can hold each others’ hands.

Want to know the real feelings of UMNO people about the whole thing? UMNO rank and file members are fed up and see the efforts by UMNO leaders to besmirch our opponent as being so absolutely abhorrent. It reflects the basest of values UMNO holds. The debauchery and the impiety of it all. As I have said, exploiting the sodomy thing will be the guillotine that decapitates UMNO’s already gasping credibility.

And then we are treated to the spectacle of pretty boy Saiful going to the JAWI to give answers to their inquiries. This twerp’s activities are given such prominence that can only point towards unseen hands encouraging the boy. And it would be foolhardy for UMNO to deny it if they are accused.

Then, UMNO can carry out mubahalah.


Jed Yoong 20 August 2008 at 22:56  


Terror-lah now Permatang Pauh by-election.
Mkini say got poster of Altantuya!!
Then Anwar threatened to "expose" Port Dickson. I thought there was a book with Ziana Zain on the frontpage?
Then at ceramah got video of Saiful's swearing dan video2 lama from 1998.....
50:50-lah Malay votes.
Now with PKR SCANDAL kat Perak, Chinese also 70 (Anwar):30 (UMNO).
But guess only lah.

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