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Sunday, 10 August 2008

Rise and Fall of UMNO

You see this principle at work in the rise and fall of civilisation. When you have timorous people, weak leadership, pleasure loving people, preference of the easy life, that’s when civilization breaks down. Plus, your leadership hasn’t got that steely constitution. Things fall apart.

All the above are featured during Dato Seri Abdullah’s watch. The entire UMNO leadership has a penchant for decadent escapades. Indeed under Pak Lah, the leadership’s fetishes for merry making have reached Caligulan proportions. The much talked about musical soiree in Putrajaya was a case in point. Then there are these monsoon cup bashes. If you don’t have monsoon you create one. Perhaps the Terengganu government will install super giant fans to simulate gales and winds? Leave it to our politicians They can even outdo what Nikita Khrushchev said about politicians promising to build bridges.

If you read history books, then you will know when the leadership goes soft and weak kneed, things start to disintegrate. You dull the survival senses. You blunt the desire to do well for the next generation. This is happening within UMNO.

The elitist leadership desires the easy way out. They hide behind this shamefaced edifice called tradition. In reality its nothing more than a clever and deceitful disguise to ensure self perpetuity. You may as well clone yourself.

By doing that you snuff out the determination, the ferocity and courage of UMNO members. UMNO has never imploded because of competition. UMNO implodes when leaders do not know how to compete.

What weakens UMNO? When the leadership fails in its duty to develop a fighting effective generation with guts and the will to survive. Can we achieve this if the only vocation of our leadership is to get things free and the easy way.. that way, you develop sissies.

You know the paradox about Israel. It is only a minute country in a sea of Arab world. But because they develop strength all around, they make it worthwhile for their bigger neighbours to assume a friendlier posture.

It’s the same with UMNO. you don’t develop strength, you prefer to pedal you snakeoil-ish tradition, you extol docility and meek members, your component party members thumped your nose at every opportunity they get. The MIC, the MCA, SUPP bully you at times. And how does UMNO respond? Not with rippling and bulging muscles.


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