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Thursday, 28 August 2008

If we had won PP, would we insist Pak Lah stay?

I have to ask this nagging question.

What if BN had won the Permatang Pauh by elections? Would those people in UMNO who want to see Pak Lah go, will then ask Pak Lah to stay? As in, please Pak Lah, you are our great leader. You have vanquished the Great Fornicator even though you sent an incompetent field commander.
Don’t think so.
Because their primary objective has always been to see Pak Lah go and have him replaced. Right?
It would be logical to have been able to conclude, that if BN had won, those incessantly asking Pak Lah to go will then beseech him to continue and leave at his pleasure. No? Again, I don’t think so.

I say this again. If Pak Lah is to leave, let us UMNO members do it with dignity. I don’t see any more dignified way to send him off than by way of the UMNO general assembly.
Anwar Ibrahim has won the Permatang Pauh elections. Some of the UMNO leaders have displayed an utter lack of sportsmanship. The chap won, tough luck.
But it is the height of condescension to sound trivialising and patronising to pooh pooh Anwar’s victory.
UMNO leaders never learn do they? UMNO members on the ground see the reactions of people like Shabery Cheek, Syed Hamid Albar and their ilk downplaying Anwar’s victory as sour grape-ish.
Anwar’s victory should be viewed with alarm that it deserves. The UMNO leadership must now strategise to contain its bush fire effect.
We find it repulsive the unsolicited advice to the PKR supporters not to over celebrate their victory? Its their victory bukan? What is it to you?. Had it been UMNO that had won, we would be celebrating years on end.
For all we care, if the PKR people want to celebrate that victory in any way they want, booze, toddy, gangbang, or carry out any other sexual depravities, its their bloody business.
Our business is to get our house in order. The first order of the day is to restore democracy in UMNO.
It must not delay or repel calls to do away with the quota system because that is the root cause placing UMNO in rigor mortis.

It is illusory and self defeating for us to interpret Anwar’s victory any other way other than seeing it as what is really is. It is a possible last nail in UMNO’s coffin. The writing is clearly on the wall.
The BN component parties are all but dead. PKR has more Indian MPs than the MIC. The MIC is therefore no longer the party of choice for the majority of Indians. The MIC has lost its legitimacy.
MCA has not done that wonderfulu either. The sabah MPs who outnumber the MCA MPs are pissed off because their ministrerial representation is lower than MCA’s.
And UMNO? If UMNO recognises that more Malays voted for non UMNO candidates, perhaps they will find that real humility is in order.


Anonymous,  28 August 2008 at 10:34  


A comment from a reader said this to me; I would like to hear your comments on this -

"I believe that for the sake of survival, UMNO needs to do some spring cleaning and throw away some who have become more like a liability. AAB somehow is under the impression that KJ is a "good boy and is misunderstood by the public".

If AAB has any love for UMNO, if KJ has any moral compunction, both have to stay miles away from UMNO ! Some members of the Majlis Tertinggi UMNO reeks of stench all the way to high heaven and should also leave.

You guys have made your money, now for the love of God and for the sake of the Malays, kindly tender your resignation and move on.

UMNO badly need for Tun Mahathir to once again step into the halls of PWTC, NOT to lead but to become the "unifying factor". Just like Lee Kuan Yew who became the Mentor for PAP MPs, Tun Mahathir MUST be coaxed into coming back into UMNO and guide the new leadership.

The BN Component parties who have benefitted from a strong UMNO in the past must aid the ailing giant.

BN has an impressive track record in balancing pro business policies and social spending. If anyone bothers to spend a bit of time to check the projects implemented by the BN Government and then read the strong objections from the Opposition, one would come to the conclusion that BN has done good.

A populist strategy as espoused by the Opposition is like honey on the ears but will cause pain to the country in the long run.

What we have learned from Tun Mahathir's stewardship of the country is that some times the bitter pill has to be swallowed in order for the country to be well.

UMNO has to learn to use the net as a way to reach out to the masses. To label bloggers, "goblok", "evil" is not going to endear people to them but will only bring ridicule and contempt. UMNO needs to be able to articulate their thoughts better and take the short cut route of personal attack. The Shabery Anwar debate shows that personal attacks are counter productive."

This is somehow jive with your last 2 articles but ventured a step further on the possible route we could follow. Umno needs an iconic, popular leader figure(s) to counter the rebirth of DSAI.

Musa Hitam and Ku Li could be roped in whereas Ku Li would be the PM while the other 2 be the 'unifying factor'.



Anonymous,  28 August 2008 at 10:36  

"NOT TO take the short cut route of personal attack..."


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