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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Protection Not only to Deepak but to ALL other Whistle-blowers

Deepak Jaikishan is requesting protection under the whistle Blower Act from the incoming Pakatan Rakyat government. The act in question is An Act to combat corruption and other wrongdoings by encouraging and facilitating disclosures of improper conduct in the public and private sector. Unless people feel safe, they will not come out with full disclosures.
The act is also intended to protect those persons making those disclosures from detrimental action from the parties exposed. It is an act serving to give power to investigator to check into the veracity of the exposures.
Deepak’s request is fair. We should not be hasty in dismissing his request. If he qualifies as a genuine whistle blower and want to tell about the wrongdoings of the present government leaders, we must give him the protection needed. The protection must also be extended to all others who want to expose the many wrongdoings of public officials.
This giving of protection is a small price to pay in order to go after the bigger mischief- the endemic corruption. Who will not want to know, whether the MRT cost secured by Gamuda and MMC was fair and even a true price? If someone volunteers to expose possible wrongdoings, we should give that to the person. Who will not want to know, whether there were some corrupt practices that allowed Chan Ah Chye’s company together with the last standing Malay in the country to get the we don’t what cost is the west coast expressway. It was RM7.07 billion and then revised to just over RM5 billion.
Who will not want to know whether there were shady deals in the award of IPP contracts, in parcelling out PETRONAS’s contracts, in the construction of highways etc?
Deepak Jaikishan was at the KL112 assembly yesterday. He is seeking allegiance that he needs to fight against the powerful government machinery. He will need all the support and protection to fight against a man pressed against a corner. If he falls under the description of a real whistle-blower, then he deserves protection. Not only Deepak, but all others who may want to expose the wrongdoings of public officials, and ministers.


Anonymous,  13 January 2013 at 09:18  

Yes, I think its a fair and sensible request. We must encourage and facilitate efforts towards unearthing of all wrongdoings in order to correct them. Its a small price for the society's massive benefits.

Anonymous,  13 January 2013 at 10:47  

YUP! COULD'NT Agree more!Thats the way to go....

azmie,  13 January 2013 at 11:54  

this guy wants protection against prosecution as exchange to be a wistle blower and that's fair and sensible??? what ifffff 2 guys murdered a model and one of them requested to be protected from prosecution? what ifff a group of idiots gang raped a college student and one of them requested for protection???? for god's sake, this fella is just trying to save his own skin. nothing to do in fighting corruption. if that's what pakatan have to offer then you are no better than ameno bn

monsterball 13 January 2013 at 19:27  

They say...God works in a mysterious ways.
I do not trust this Deepak....but what he has revealed takes courage and very damaging to Najib and Rosmah.
Rosmah and Najib uses him.
They say...crooks stay together.. and what we are seeing is similar to what Najib and Baginda Alantuya ....uses her and dumped her in the cruelest crime the history of all murders in Malaysia.
I think Deepak is exposing Najib and Rosmah to stay alive.
He knows if something happens to him ...after revealing...Najib And Rosmah will be the prime suspect......and not matter how much MACC tries to twist n cannot remain unsolved.
He is a smart bloke.

ben 13 January 2013 at 23:25  

Yes, Monsterball ... Deepak is trying to be a smart bloke indeed. And let us not lose sight too that he is also sleek and opportunistic businessman. Imagine, had all his smooth wheeler-dealer skills doesnt go awry, betrayed, etc., Deepak could have pocketed his millions - at the expense of the taxpayers' kitty. Nevertheless, should Deepak testify against the the PM & wife, perhaps, a slighter sentence would suffice

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