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Monday, 1 September 2008

FromPossibility to Reality

Some developments in UMNO appear to point to the scenario that I have painted. There will be changes in the top UMNO leadership but they will not be as that envisaged by the two top leaders.

The agreement between the top two was unethical. As I have said, it robbed the UMNO members of their right to determine the leadership of UMNO.

Mukhriz Mahathir says his chances for the post of Ketua Pemuda now look brighter. He feeds into the anger and disillusionment of the party members against the Dollah-Najib stewardship of UMNO. Khairy Jamaludin made the fatal error of pompously declaring he wants to bury Anwar. Now it looks as though, the only thing he will bury is his own career.

The UMNO/BN candidate lost because of disaffection with the top UMNO leadership. Najib came as field commander to Permatang pauh already beset with his record of personal controversies. He has the burden of Pak Lah’s incompetent administration and his own skeletons in the cupboard to carry.

The voters in Permatang Pauh saw through the smokescreen and gave their verdict.

In light of this widespread disaffection and feeling of hopes lost, Muhyidin Yassin must re-assess his own position. If a relative new leader like Mukhriz is clever enough to capitalise on this reservoir of discontentment, Muhyidin should also do the same.

He must re-asses his statement that he is going only for the vice president’s post. The room there is over crowded with young tigers, Tan Sri. He needs to go for a higher post or else he will get mauled in the cross fires.

Muhyidin should go for the deputy’s post. I am sure the mood at Permatang Pauh against Dato Najib was not lost on Muhyidin. He looks ungainly but is equally masterly at deft political moves. Muhyidin has general acceptance from the ground and if he does not capitalise on this, he may lose it the next round, if it ever comes.

I have said that Tengku Razaleigh’s best friend is Anwar Ibrahim. The only catch is both of them do not know it.

Anwar’s victory at Permatang Pauh, raised the Richter scale of UMNO’s discontentment against Pak Lah a few more notches. Anwar’s victory will be the most significant factor that will deliver TR the UMNO president’s post.

Tengku Razaleigh is the only UMNO leader now relatively not besmirched with controversies. He has the abilities and the political wisdom which UMNO now badly needs to stay relevant.

UMNO bahagians now should be bold enough to nominate Tengku Razaleigh. More so now that Pak Lah says he will leave anyway. There is no need to belabour the obvious as there will be no bad blood caused. The man says he is leaving anyway.

UMNO needs a new leadership to face off with Anwar in Putrajaya.


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