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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Sakmongkol answers Mr. Anonymous-3

Continuing Sakmongkol’s response to Mr Anon’s posting- Political Whodunit. This section must be read as companion to Sakmongkol’s earlier postings of his responses to Mr. Anon.

But Mr. Anon would insist that Pak Lah and Khairi are very reform minded if not for the warlords.

Ah yes , we come now to the WARLORDS.

The biggest stumbling block are the warlords. These are the ketua perhubungans, normally the chief minister or menteri besars. These people as painted by Mr. Anon, are too weighed down by their own vested interests to have any passing interests in the fate of UMNO. Generally speaking, they are just there, milking the cow, making hay while the sun shines and ensuring they stay as the regional Mafiosi for as long as they can. The same principle applies to all the other division chiefs and UMNO has many of them. 193 division heads at this moment.

Therefore, reasons Mr Anon, they must be dispatched. It is to the manner by which they are to be dispatched that Sakmongkol finds disturbing and incredible. They must be removed. And how are they going to be removed?

Here now lies the unreasonableness of Mr Anon’s solution. In order to remove them and to avoid suspicions, Pak Lah and his SIL must work in tandem with terminator Anwar Ibrahim to destroy UMNO. It is the proverbial Malay adage of burning the mosquito net to kill one mosquito.

Which means, both Pak Lah and Khairy J are willing participants in this dastardly commission.

And to preempt reprisals and revenge, SIL with the encouragement of Pak lah of course, will provide all the black files on each of the UMNO warlords to Anwar Ibrahim. It will start with the 2nd in command himself, Najib Tun Razak. Najib will have his hands full in trying to ward off the numerous taints that now haunt him; the purchase of the submarines, the purchase of Sukhoi planes, the debacle surround the construction of the NGPV aka PSC-Naval Dockyard financial scandal, the insinuations about his involvement in an ongoing court case. Perhaps they are so numerous that Najib will be completely ostracised.

Muhyidin will be hung dry in public. His record as MB in Johore with the sale of land and other business deals will be revealed to generate sufficient public contempt so as to incapacitate Muhyidin.

Syed Hamid Albar is just a two bit actor doing Najib’s bidding. Enough dirt about him will also be revealed such as allegations of his involvement in the sale of land to Singapore.

Ali Rustam can be easily neutered just by revealing the real findings of the UMNO Disciplinary Cmmitee that investigates money politics. Yes, the one that extinguished the political life in one Isa Samad. Had the committee been absolutely impartial and transparent, Ali Rustam, would have suffered the same fate as Isa Samad.

The rest of the UMNO cast are just film extras who can be dismissed at will.

Sakmongkol’s principal objection to this scenario is why go though all this elaborate and byzantine charade to do all the warlords in? Isn’t it simpler just to use his position as PM and control over the thought forming institutions, to carry out the required character assassination?

Which can only mean, that Mr. Anon has a different agenda.

The first obvious agenda, is his wish to salvage some remaining credibility of Pak Lah and Khairi, thus he provides this theses to mitigate Pak Lah’s and Khairi’s complicity and collusion to the destruction of UMNO. After the destruction, Mr Anon will be able to say- actually Pak lah and Khairi did all this because they love UMNO. They did this because its the only way to save UMNO. They did this passive euthanasia to give UMNO a good death.

Or it is also very plausible, that Mr. Anon spins this incredible story to actually give Khairy a second lease of life? Sakmongkol asks earlier, isn’t it simpler for Pak Lah to use his position as PM and UMNO president and control over mind bending apparatuses, to extinguish the UMNO warlords and UMNO itself?

The answer it seems, is Pak Lah cannot. Because by that time PKR would have already formed the federal government. Therefore in order to place Pak Lah and more particularly, Khairy in a favourable light, Mr. Anon spins the story that these two fellows are doing the passive euthanasia to Anwar’s aggressive euthanasia. Anwar of course, in his megalomaniac element with characteristic magnanimous farce, will accept the collusion of the two, as proof of the reform mindedness of Pak Lah and SIL.

At thus juncture, Sakmongkol can already hazard a guess as to who this Mr Anon is.

He is most probably a hired spin-meister for Messrs Khairy and Pak Lah.

To be continued.


Anonymous,  24 September 2008 at 03:17  

Perhaps KJ is taking a leaf out from Tun M playbook when UMNO de-registered, thus requiring Tun M to register the new UMNO(Baru) and automatically get rid of Ku Li and the rest of Team B?

History repeats itself?

Phoenix rises from the ashes again?

Anonymous,  24 September 2008 at 04:33  

I don't think Mr. Anon's story is credible. But stranger things had happened in politics.

Just look at Taiwan's ex-president, Lee Teng Hui. He led to the demise of KMT, which had ruled Taiwan for 50 years at that time, and eventually even joined the opposition alliance which later become the ruling alliance.

Lee, however, had shown signs of betrayal before leaving office. Pak Lah just hasn't demonstrated that so far.

My guess is Mr. Anon is someone just found the joy of writing fiction, a political observer nevertheless. But he is pretty much an outsider.

walla 24 September 2008 at 09:57  



mamasita 24 September 2008 at 10:05  

Hai Mr Anon..When your 'Alfred Hitchcock-like' novel sudah jadi bestseller,please dont forget to share some royalties with Mr.Sakmongkol.He has given you loads of accomodation for you to highlight your sensational have managed to obtain a lot of publicity and 'rave reviews' through his popular

walla 24 September 2008 at 11:37  

thanks for blogging, sakmongkol.

you brought back my faith in the goodness of the moderate Malay Man, whatever his political affiliation.

(aside from also being born in june of the year of the monkey and from the same alma mater; your name may be ordinary but not your mind ;)

Anonymous,  24 September 2008 at 12:18  

What utter blushing from anon and sakmongkol. what discussions s going on , just 1 or 2 persons are commenting . I guess Sakmongkol AK47 is trying to boost his readership. You call these comments like the heart beat of the political centre.

Close this log it is just a failure

Get real broooooothers and sissssssters

James Apalagi

msleepyhead,  24 September 2008 at 12:33  

AAB, KJ ... the good guys. Boy, that's the best spin ever. What the party lacks nowadays is the intellectual capital. The real good guys, the refined and cultured ones as you put, gave up the good fight upon coming to realize what it's all about. This mutant form of a party will bring itself down. Even the great Malacca rose and crumbled. Ain't no shame in it. That's how things are.

bangkai 24 September 2008 at 13:12  

Some concepts are so totally preposterous it is 'unspinnable' - even by the most experienced 'spin-meister'.

If ever there a concept was 'unspinnable', this one has to be it.

Yes, stranger things have been known to happen in politics. But surely, even politics must have its limits?

Anonymous,  24 September 2008 at 13:15  

I would like to call Mr Anon as Mr Nostradanon a combination of Nostradamus and Anon. Nostradamus lives during the Spanish inquisition that treats prophecy as conjuring spirits which if found guilty is punishable by death. So Nostradamus has to disguise his own metaphysical manuscripts using few French dialects and swap words around to confuse the Spanish. That is why so many of his prophecies are left wide open to interpretation and also great debate. The same goes to Mr Anon’s prophecy of AAB, KJ and Anwar. Luckily during this time if you are caught in the public you will not be beheaded by the Spanish but rather reproved by the Syed. Hua hua hua Anyway cool prophecy..


Anonymous,  24 September 2008 at 14:31  

Just heard the AAB and Najib making a populist decesion on fuel price. Fuel to be cut by 45 cents per litre.

As for Anon who got is all wrong

Liwatajibuntut of Abdatautup

Anonymous,  24 September 2008 at 14:37  

Mr James Apalagi,

This blog is privately owned by Sakmongkol. Let him determine if the discussion is continuing or else. Mr Anon has taken such efforts and time to produce his taughts of current political scenarios. It is not easy to write such story nor fantasize it. Thousand of readers daily read it. As a follower of this blog and some other blogs I would love to see more provocative articles like this. Let us ‘gaduh’ online then on the street.

By the way Mr Sakmongkol, I am waiting for your next version of your ‘Yes Prime Minister’. It’s very entertaining and witty.


Mat Cendana 24 September 2008 at 17:07  

Nothing to do with politics but with "the more important one" - Sherlock Holmes I'm glad to see that you're a fan too!

I had read all (I think) of Arthur Conan Doyle's stories of this character; and they are the ones that I would re-read whenever I am in the mood. The scenes of Victorian England - especially of the countryside - were among the attractions.

It's strange that somehow I had not liked his stories when I was in secondary school. It was only when I was in my late 20's that I really became a fan - helped too by its availability in the Kelantan state library.

There's another personal sentimental value to Sherlock Holmes that had come about recently - a friend in Korea had sent me THE ADVENTURES AND MEMOIRS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES (among other books and magazines) when I was in Gambang throughout 2006.

ALL the short stories are here - from The Adventure of a Scandal in Bohemia to The Final Problem - in 501 pages.

The presence of such things were among the reasons why my stay became such a memorable experience.

Mat Cendana 24 September 2008 at 17:23  

@James Apalagi

Hi, Loser!
Mr Sakmongkol is too classy a gentleman to respond to such a small-minded/hearted and petty person like you. Unfortunately for you, I'm not (Was a "Tok" at Gambang; but that's another story)

I'll bet these:

1) You have a blog
2) You have less than 100 hits after TWO months

3) You can't write very well. A sentence like "What utter blushing from anon and sakmongkol" is indication of that

4) You're sore about (2) & (4), and resent those "who can do it"

I've hit it spot-on on your small head, didn't I! HAHA!

walla 25 September 2008 at 14:11

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