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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Ah....Re-branding UMNO

Our UMNO leaders are prone to making things sound so grand. Yes, they can be grandiloquent. They are after all, windbags on expensive ego trips. As when declaring they want to spill non Malay blood. Its called grandstanding.

Our leaders too are susceptible( hey I like this word as in Altantuya is susceptible to…….) to grandiose ideas. Like re-branding UMNO. Like we must find new ways to campaign. Etc.

Dato Najib comes back to Pekan, he says we must try new methods of campaigning. He means using the internet. He means UMNO paratroopers must be proficient in internet usage. They must become bloggers.

How many of the AJK Bahagian Pekan read much less write blogs? Maybe they watch adult films or try to catch the latest news about Ziana Zain.

The sad fact is, UMNO Pekan hasn’t got the in house talent to do the computers. It farms out its fight to 3rd parties. The puteri members? Well yes, they go giggling here and there. Facebooks are their cup of tea not cyber battling the demons in cyberspace. How do they match up with the likes of RPK, Rocky, Kickdefella, A Voice, Unker Bernard, Tok Mommy, Jed Yoong, Jalan Sudin, Jebat Must Die, Lawyer Kampung, et al? mati woi.

Tan Sri Muhyidin, if he wants to re-brand UMNO start with insisting that the quota system in finding leaders be scrapped. Start asking Tan Sri. Are we here to save Dollah-Najib or are we here to save UMNO? Thinking about the Malays and UMNO’s future is not the monopoly of these two, my friend.


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