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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Selangor MB Issue: What is to be Done?

 With Correction.

Frantz Fanon tells us of a psychological condition found among the oppressed. After liberation, the oppressed assumes the personality of the oppressor. He begins to recall the image of the oppressor in romanticised terms even imagining that the once time oppressor is actually good.
The psychological types are among us. If only, we didn’t let PR rule Selangor, things wouldn’t be like it is today.
If BN were to rule Selangor, then we will have all have to put up with the crooked deals, the corruption, the bullying, and the deprivation.  The thing that is happening today in Selangor is quickly resolved if Khalid Ibrahim acknowledges that he is no longer wanted. That the position of the MB is not directly elected by the people. That those clamouring for retention of Khalid are BN friendly people.
Khalid has already done this. He has submitted his resignation. Whatever message the Sultan told Khalid does not interest us. Khalid can tell all the grandfather stories he wants. It’s the message to PR that interest us. The Sultan accepts that the new MB must come from PR.
So, the melancholic recall of the salad days of Selangor under BN rule- is just that- a romantic recollection of an idealised version of BN rule- something impossible as pushing a camel through the hole of a needle.
Khalid may say anything now to soothe his ego. And to save face. He  says he is still MB until a new MB is found.
The Sultan is doing what is provided for by the constitution. He does not suggest any names as I have written in an earlier article. But he can ask the person before him ( Khalid or later Wan Azizah) to submit a name or names. He has given a clue here. PR has to respond accordingly.
Here we can learn a few lessons in History. Once again, Perak provides a good source of precedents. Soon after the general elections, BN wanted to appoint Ghazali Jawi as the MB. The Perak Sultan refused at that time.
Tun Razak went before the Sultan and told the Sultan. Tuanku, we insist on Ghazali Jawi. If during his tenure, he commits corrupt acts, then you the Sultan may royally request for his removal. In the meantime, we insist he becomes MB. If not, we will do a state elections and when we win, we will still submit Ghazali Jawi as our candidate for MB.
In the end, Ghazali Jawi was accepted as MP under protest. You may all remember that the late Sultan refused to shave his beard during the rime Ghazali Jawi was MB of Perak.
Two lessons here. The person appearing before the Sultan must be of strong constitution. Two, the same name is submitted.
PR can do two things. The person assigned to meet the Sultan must be strong. Submit and resubmit the name of Wan Azizah even if it means going to the polls.
Again, but this time in Negeri Sembilan, we take a lesson in history. This time, it was in the appointment of  Isa Samad, as the Negeri MB. The Yang DiPertuan Besar, a trained lawyer refused the appointment. And this time, Ghafar Baba was asked to meet up the Yang DiPertuan Besar to insist on Isa Samad being made MB.
The Yang Di Pertuan Besar even rebuked Ghafar Baba. The Negeri King says you are not a lawyer who can argue the case for Isa Samad as MB. You dont know anything about the Constitution. Ghafar Baba retorted- indeed he is no lawyer, but he represents the Federal government and the majority government in Negeri of which Isa is the head, wanted  Isa  as MB. Even if we go for state elections, Isa’s name will be proposed as MB. It is the wish of the government in accordance to the constitution. The fact that the wish is transmitted through a person who is not a lawyer is not relevant.
The same principal applies. The person appearing before the Sultan must be resolute. The person proposed the same name as endorsed by the majority in the Selangor DUN.
It’s up to PR then. The Sultan clearly is not in favour of state elections. Submit the same name.
Khalid Ibrahim is history already.
The leader of the majority faction must be strong. Submit a name or names. PR still rules Selangor.That is all that matters. 
**** Thank you to the reader who mentioned the name Kamaruddin Mat Isa. Having checked notes and upon re-reading, it was Isa Samad of Negeri Sembilan.


Anonymous,  26 August 2014 at 19:01  

I dread to think of the future if the constitution is not respected and followed.
I suggest PR submit two names:
1. Wan Azizah
2. Wan Azizah

ali allah ditta 26 August 2014 at 19:08  

You mean Kamaruddin Mat Isa who was MB Perak from Mac 1970 till September 1974???

Anonymous,  26 August 2014 at 19:22  

Mathematic law in Perak 2 + 1 = 3. We must get the same answer when we count above figures in Selangor other wise we have double standard law. Selangor Sultan did the right thing.

Anonymous,  26 August 2014 at 19:41  

Yes, PKR and dap must submit three names as follows:
1. Wan Azizah
2. Wan Azizah
3. Wan Azizah
Pull stop
I hope the 13 pas ADUNs submit their own nomination of Wan Azizah to make it 43 as before . Stick to it as BN umno did in perak twice before .

Anonymous,  26 August 2014 at 19:53  

The Sultan is also the big proponent of the constitution. Please send this advice to Anon 19:01

Anonymous,  26 August 2014 at 21:04  

Did the Sgor Sultan wants 2 names to be submitted from PR or 2 names from each party? Lhalid's televised press statement says only 2 names must be submitted. So u submit 2 names lahhh and with their support.

1. Wan Azizah- 30 Adun supported.
2. Azmin Ali- supported only by Hadi Awang who is not Adun and not supported by 13 Pas Adun.

Therefore, Wan Azizah has command of majority and Sgor Sultan has to appoint Azizah.

Give him some face lahhh. He also want to issue statement such as this , ' based on my consideration of the 2 candidates and the supporting documents submitted, I consent to the appointement of Wan Azizah to be the MB'.

If it is otherwise, you have to go to court to get declaration that Wan Azizah is constitutionally the rightful MB.

Anonymous,  26 August 2014 at 21:46  

Go ahead and submit Wan Azizah till the cow comes home. See if Sultan would agree and if keep rejecting then what? state elections? and assuming Pakatan win with a big IF. what happened then? submit wan azizah name again and again. Sultan refuses again and again.

Apalah Pakatan? what a bunch of idiots and morons!!

anakselangor,  26 August 2014 at 21:47  

Let's see,

HRH has requested 2 or more nominees each from DAP, PAS and PKR.

HRH doesn't have to decide on Khalid's successor YET.

HRH doesn't have to refuse a female candidate YET.

HRH can take his time deciding with the best interests of his people.

Khalid in the meantime still runs the state.

Anwar's greedy hands have just been slapped off Selangor's coffers...

Well played, Sir!

Daulat Tuanku!

Anonymous,  26 August 2014 at 21:49  

I wonder who that resolute person should who can argue like a smart alec? Arif from Raub? hahahahaha.........what a joker!!!

Anonymous,  26 August 2014 at 22:12  

But there are hantu's within the PR leadership, going all out to sabotage the coalition with the intention of jumping into bed with UMNO.

Read :

Anonymous,  26 August 2014 at 22:42  

Have to sort out PAS first. They will continue to throw spanners and kitchen sinks into the works.

Quiet Despair,  27 August 2014 at 00:03  

Dear Unc. Sak
I wish you are a Selangor state Rep. My choice would be you as MB. You fit the bill to replace Khalid.
As a Selangor voter, I am incensed that Khalid had to go due to Anwar's insane power play.
Since Khalid has been sacked,I have no choice but to accept a new MB.
But puhleeze, why are you fixated on grand-ma Wan Azizah. Come on she's much older than my mom. And what does she know about running a state.
I am disappointed that so-called brainiacs like you are also backing her. You don't feel ashamed of choosing her to lead the richest state?
You guys look like you are being hypnotized by Anu-war to choose his wife blindly Being led by the nose.. If it is Azmin, I don't mind though I despise Pakatan.
I feel that you all have ulterior motive for just abiding to his demands. That you know she will fail and DAP triumphed. Right?
Why are you still suggesting that Sultan accept the Granny? Isnt the Sultan rejecting totally that woman. Got the message or refuse to acknowlege it?
It's wise of the Sultan not to call for state elections because the problem won't be solved. I agree with Tun M who said can hold the polls, but won't solve matters knowing that Anwar character.
My dua' now is PAS submit two names and Tuanku will accept one name.
Yep we are ready for a PAS MB who will be much better than granny with the fan.
Why not? PAS has two more seats as compared to Anwar's party.
I bet you HRH will choose PAS candidate. Amen.
Hahaha padan muka Anwar. Khalud will be redeemed.

M F Muhammed 27 August 2014 at 01:01  

But HRH the Sultan of Selangor had already decreed that his wish is to defer accepting the resignation of TSKI as the MB until the issue as to who is to be given royal consent by HRH to replace him as the new MB is resolved; and the issue as to who is to be given that royal consent by HRH is to be resolved by way of PAS, DAP and PKR submitting to HRH a list of names, and further, that list itself is to consist of more than 2 names. Like it or not, that is the royal decree, and that is what PR has to deal with right now. Although PR can stand firm by insisting on Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah as the only candidate, doing so runs the risk of provoking the ire of HRH. If PR irks, irritates or annoys HRH, the chances of HRH NOT giving his royal consent to the appointment of Datin Seri Wan Azizah as the new MB will only rise, which then means that PR risks increasing further the chances of TSKI continuing as the MB. Why? Because so long as there is no royal consent to the appointment of a new MB, then HRH could continue to defer consenting to TSKI's resignation as the MB, and TSKI would have to continue functioning as the MB; that is the royal decree. And then there is the issue of the 4 PAS EXCO members in the present PR government (sadly and wrongly, their presence as EXCO members is being perceived by many as a thorn on the back-side, when in fact it really is a boon); think about it, what will happen to this PR government if PAS directs its 4 EXCOs to step down? Since a government must have at the very least 4 EXCOs (as required by the state constitution), then what will happen to the PR government if these 4 EXCOs tenders their resignation and BN ADUNs are instead appointed to take their place? With TSKI as an independent MB and 4 BN ADUNs as EXCO members, is that not a BN government in Selangor? I think PR has to thread with care and wisdom in tackling this issue.

Mazlan,  27 August 2014 at 01:31  

Let's see? Who does PR have that's resolute and someone the Sultan is willing to meet to argue their case?
Plan B - PR have a large number of Malay Muslim ADUNs. Surely you can submit 3 names from them?

Seriously if this was Anwar and Rafizi's master strategy - then they were completely outplayed by TS Khalid.

Greenbug 27 August 2014 at 02:16  

The democratic choice of the people of Selangor is Dr Wan Azizah and this has been made known via 30 ADUNs... this must be accepted and respected. No two ways about it!

Anonymous,  27 August 2014 at 08:09  

Who are you, SPM candidate? The way you write like you're new to Dato Sak posting. Arguing Dr Wan Azizah credibility was way over, close case. If you wanna talk politic, talk constitutionally, else please share your trash with Umno' buletins

Anonymous,  27 August 2014 at 09:03  


From what I read in the media (i.e. does not include propaganda from the 'mainstream media'), PKR and DAP are being pig-headed (yes, I meant to use this word) in announcing to the whole wide world about their stand against the Sultan.

Can't you people in PKR and DAP deal with this issue in a more respectful and low profile way?

I thought that is what Malaysian and Malay culture is all about! Show respect and humility before the elders (and that does not mean you cannot be firm on your views and position)

Do PKR and DAP think it will help the case by shouting at the top of their lungs to the Sultan in front of the whole world that "I don't care what you want. We want Azizah!!!"

Come on, act like adults! Be polished leaders and politicians, not jaguh kampung.

Anonymous,  27 August 2014 at 09:24  

submit the most UMNO friendly. That will work well.......tak faham ?
Jump into the Klang river...bye bye

Anonymous,  27 August 2014 at 10:44  

Quiet Despair,

After such a long hiatus under the tempurung, u gotta have yr 2sen worth of rant!

‘But puhleeze, why are you fixated on grand-ma Wan Azizah. Come on she's much older than my mom. And what does she know about running a state.’

Don’t – don’t ever used yr mom’s failure in ‘bringing’ u up, as a proper person, to justify yr rejection of a wiser & older gran-ma, Wan Azizah!

What do u know about adat? Or could it be for a mamak like u, u have had a misogynistic upbringing? PARIAH.

‘My dua' now is PAS submit two names and Tuanku will accept one name.’

Dream on, sucker!!!

Even if PAS submit two names, could those names get the support of PKR & DAP?

Remember – the guiding criteria of the state constitution about person elected who commands the most trust of the assembly?

Don’t u dare play with the royalty phrase, again! The sultan has no final say, despite of what many like to interpret otherwise. This is a democracy where the Rakyat decides, who to govern them in the time frame allowed. The Federal Constitution ONLY allows 3 elected legal entities, to administrate the country. The spurious ‘4th’ branch of royalty is just a dream of a royalist, create out of a ceremonial interpretation, period.

U like to follow decree?

Then go back to yr tempurung slumber, where yr dream continues!

Anonymous,  27 August 2014 at 11:08  

So what happened to the Constitutional Amendment during Mahathir's reign whereby whatever passed by the State Assambly will be passed even without the consent of the Ruler after ??? Days?

Does it apply in nominating an MB?

Anonymous,  27 August 2014 at 11:27  

Sad sad situation.

Anonymous,  27 August 2014 at 15:09  

Undang2 Tubuh menyatakan yang sepatutnya bole mengadap adalah MB saja i.e. TSKI. Yg lain tu hantar aje dulu borang permohonan. Nanti akan dipanggil temudugalah. Mcam tak faham prosedur. Buat tak faham kot.

Anonymous,  27 August 2014 at 18:10  

Why do the Constitution both Federal and States say that the Agong or the Sultan must appoint a PM/MB an MP/Adun who has confidence of the majority. Simple!!! If you appoint someone with minority support, the majority will table a vote of no confidence against him and out the appointed MB goes.

You appoint an Adun as MB with majority support. If he misbehaved or mishandled the governance of the state like Khalid did and lose majority support, the honorable thing to do is to tender his resignation and not to linger on in the MB's post like what Khalid does.

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 00:16  

Now is the time for all real statesmen to stand up. Justice must be blind. All the ex high court judges, attorney generals, bar councils,law professors must speak in an unbiased manner. Some people need to be schooled. If some one can interprete the law as he likes, then there will be others who will follow.

Weekiong 28 August 2014 at 08:53  

Look into the mirror n you will find him.

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 09:12  

The constitution stands supreme.
Wan Azizah has majority support for the MB seat. Anyone else is immaterial.
When other MBs were appointed in other states, did they get so much flak and attention as to whether they are a grandfather or great-grandfather or this or that scandals, if any,in their personal lives?
That Azizah stands tall and firm is clear evidence of her integrity and capability, so give due credit.
All this nonsense came about because the MB who lost support did not resign immediately. So, assign blame to the source.

Anonymous,  28 August 2014 at 09:24  

So simple, the post of MB is not inherited or personal property.
If the one who sits in that chair loses support, must go pronto! Applies to all MBs. If enjoys majority support, he or she leads.
This is the constitution, respect this and no more problems.
If you think you are qualified and yet do not have your party's support, you are already a no-show .

Orang Selangor,  30 August 2014 at 21:08  


Saya ini salah seorang rakyat marhaen Selangor yang tidak ada apa apa kepentingan melainkan tinggal dan mencari rezeki di selangor sejak saya lahir di sini beberapa puluh tahun lepas.

Ya benar, kerusi MB Selangor memang hot dari dulu sampai sekarang; tak pernah miss dari kontroversi.

Saya bersetuju dengan beberapa statement dari Anonymous, 27 August 2014 09:03

Mengapa pihak DAP dan PKR tidak boleh menyelesaikan permasalahan ini dengan cara low key dan berhemah?

Saya bukan seorang royalist, tetapi pandangan umum khasnya seorang Melayu, bagai menghela rambut dalam tepung, rambut jangan putus, tepung jangan terserak.

Kalau benarlah encik khalid ibrahim seperti yang di war warkan, mengapa saudara rafizi tidak menunjukkan kepada umum bukti kesalahan encik khalid?

Mengapa PKR masih memilih encik khalid sebagai MB jika sudah dapat hidu kesalahannya?

Mengapa dibuat Langkah Kajang tanpa pengetahuan ahli yang lain?

Sudah tiada pemimpin lain yang BERKALIBER kah di dalam PKR selain WAWI?

Rakyat marhaen seperti saya sangat tertanya tanya MENGAPA HANYA WAWI? sudah ketandusan pemimpinkah dalam PKR?

Sila lihat video rakaman ini

kepada pemimpin kerajaan selangor:

Kami, rakyat marhaen ini, yang memilih anda semua sebagai wakil rakyat, dan anda semua berhutang dengan kami penjelasan ini.

Ramai yang berfikir, PKR ini sekarang 2 X 5 sahaja dengan UMNO, malah lebih buruk lagi keadaannya jika beginilah yang ditunjukkan saya rasa dalam GE yang akan datang keputusannya mungkin tidak memihak PKR lagi.


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