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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Finding Closure to the Selangor Issue.

I want to write some thoughts on Mahathir’s latest attack on Najib. It’s been blowing in the wind for some time. It has increased and lowered in decibels according to Najib’s playacting. Lowered when he appeared docile and pliant to Mahathir, increased when he showed some rebellious attitude. Najib is playing along actually waiting for Mahathir to expire. But Mahathir has longevity. It’s in his genes perhaps. The same cannot be said of the genes of Tun Razak.
But allow me to comment on Selangor. We have a precedence. It took place in Perak. The outgoing ADUN who was the MB then, submitted a dissolution of the Perak assembly. The Sultan did not accede. He called another ADUN from BN to ask whether he had majority. With desertion of some people, he said he did. The Sultan asked him to form the government.
The same principle ought to be followed. The outgoing MB who is an ADUN can’t claim he has majority. 43 are supporting Wan Azizah. Or if PAS is playing a liar, Wan Azizah still has 30 supporters, which is clearly still a majority. The Sultan ought to call upon Wan Azizah to form a new government.
But I am apprehensive that this will be followed. The precedence can be sidestepped. The Sultan may have other ideas. He may have received some advice from others. Constitution or no constitution, the Sultan may think he has absolute powers. We will stop here.
Khalid himself is filled with vengeance. The most honourable thing to do would be to resign from his port klang seat and his parliamentary seat. He must put up a proxy representing him in these seats. He must campaign for his proxy intensely to prove as he has said and claimed that the people of Selangor are behind him.  He has the chance to prove it to the world.
But he is thinking of creating a last mischief. Go out with a bang. Rather than allowing himself to be shamed by a vote of no confidence, he will ask for dissolution. The Sultan may accede to this request.
Najib has been asking people about the prospects if there is a state election. He wants to know whether BN has a chance to regain Selangor. He may want to do it because it is also a chance to redeem himself. Didn’t he fail to regain Selangor despite the pouring of money into Selangor? He should have been condemned by UMNO for failing to deliver Selangor.
Then again the Sultan may not want to grant this request. He knows that Khalid is motivated by vengeance. He has imputed notice of the majority support of the SDUNs to Wan Azizah. But he may refuse to appoint Wan Azizah.
As far as I know, the constitution does not allow the Sultan to suggest an alternative name. But he can ask the person appearing before him to suggest another name. This arrangement is not satisfactory- but it’s the law at the moment. It’s the law- ass or no ass.
So, it’s wise for the person appearing before the Sultan to have another name just in case. The next senior person in PKR- because the MB must come from PKR- is Azmin Ali. If its fated that Azmin becomes MB- he shall be. If that takes place I hope the PKR people and others in the PR camp should not fret about this. Settle the issue and get back the government.


Anonymous,  24 August 2014 at 15:31  

Sorry Dato, As a Pakatan supporter, I will no way support Azmin Ali as My MB. Why Not Khalid from PAS. The moment Azmin Ali becomes MB Pakatan lose a lot of supporters because we have seen how he has been sabotaging Khalid. What is the difference of Azmin Ali and UMNO, we don't see any.
I used to be pro Khalid but started having my doubts when Langat2 was annouced out of the Bluee, and we have no idea what is in the water deals he has signed. Same with KIDEX, but the nail in his coffin was when he refused to resign and especially when he could not explain His RM67Million Settlement with the Bank.

Anonymous,  24 August 2014 at 20:08  

1st name is Wan Azizah, and if asked for a second name it should be Wan Azizah, and for a 3rd name Wan Azizah again. Clear to everyone.

Anonymous,  24 August 2014 at 20:45  

Dato, we and especially the Selangor rakyat are all being taken for a ride.

Who says in this current context there has to be a snap election? Answer: Not the law, not the constitution.

Who says there must be more than one name submitted to the ruler?
Answer: Not the law, not the constitution.

Why then all this hoo hoo hahah! Let the rule of law and the constitution apply - Wan Azizah has the majority support, she satisfies all requirements, she gets our vote to be appointed the MB.

For goodness sake, stop the circus show by all parties. Let Azizah and her team get on with running the Selangor govt.

Anonymous,  24 August 2014 at 21:00  

Dato, if the unspeakable happens and there is a snap election, the Pakatan team will emerge stronger and victorious.
So, after the snap election victory, still only one name will be submitted for MB, and that will be Wan Azizah.
And how many millions $$$ wasted on the unnecessary election which would have gone into more development for Selangor.

ordinary malaysian 25 August 2014 at 08:26  

I think it is a massive cop-out to accept things when they are done not in consonance with the constitution or the law (ass or not)

We might as well throw away the basic law of the land and revert to pre-British days.

That would have been more honest
and stop all this hoping.

But why should the rakyat be reduced to just hoping and not expecting things to be done according to the law (ass or not again) and especially the constitution (I use the term 'constitution' to include the constitutions of the states)

Why indeed?

60 years of dUMNo hegemony has wrought enough damage that we have been reduced to a nation whose constitution is really what the dinosaur tells you it is.

Should we just sit back and let dUMNo roll all over us?

It is telling and very demoralising that even those constitutional institutions that we have left that might be expected at least to remain strong and neutral and unsullied are often perceived, if not actually seen, to rubbish the constitution and (the ass or not) of the law.

Now you tell us whether it is right to just hope and not expect?

Again and again?

Is this what Bolehland has been reduced to - a nation of hopeless hoppers?

anakselangor,  25 August 2014 at 13:23  

I was a pakatan supporter until PRK reared their ugly heads and created this mess.

Wan Azizah has never held any administration post in her life, not commandeered PKR. Once a puppet, always a puppet.

I'd rather take the chance with an independent MB (TSKI) and an exco making up of Selangorites who actually bother about the smooth-running of the state and not those imbecile PKR and DAP politicians. And as for PAS, they will have to reconcile their stand and belief.

What huru hara is there? The State is running business as usual. The only ones jumping up and down are the PKR monkeys.

DAP, you have played your cards badly.

Anonymous,  25 August 2014 at 19:41  

Khalid won parliament and not DUN. How to appoint Khalid from PAS as Selangor MB brother?

Anonymous,  25 August 2014 at 19:47  

If there was no double standard law or decision by the ruler, nothing to be worries. Let we see and compare Perak case and Selangor isue.

Anonymous,  25 August 2014 at 19:52  

I do have to swallow my saliva for my comment above regarding accepting Khalid Samad as a candidate from PAS. LOOKS AS THOUGH. PAS speaks with forked tongue, which like UMNO famous for breaking promises and the Words. PAS just lost Selangor. Have a re-election in Selangor and they will lose very badly but before Umnorians and their pet poodles start getting very excited. We Selangorians will be looking at candidates from ABU/Credible NGOs- ABU,NEGARAKU, BERSIH, Sister in Islam but not the ISMA/PERKASA pseudo Umno ones. Parti Socialist Malaysia too will see their candidates being far more favourable result.

Greenbug 26 August 2014 at 02:30  

What I hear from coffeeshop talk (Politik Kopitiam) is that PAS will be punished badly next election - if there is no choice but BN vs PAS in a given constituency, spoilt votes will be huge Dato...

bumi-non-malay 26 August 2014 at 05:52  

Lets make the MB in EVERY Pakatan State a 4-5 year term and give everyone a chance to be MB regardless of race, religion, party and gender....Problem solve and lets move to WHACK the UMNO-Bangsat Negara team in the remaining Barang Naik states....... Remember the game plan of UMNO - Barang Naik....semua masalah- all Problems Agenda seems to happen on Pakatan states.....sink hole, Allah, hina Sultan, MRT construction accident, jam, Hina Islam...... have you guys woken up yet....

Lets start publishing the Curfew in Sabah on the UMNO sponsored Sulu Terrorist there that gone out of control like ISIS in about the toxic spill in Lynas-Pahang?? or logging and destruction of natives in Perak and Sarawak??...or the sale of Tanah Melayu in Johor BUT no Melayu benefitted except a RICH & Powerful family??..or the trengganu Oil Royalty sham that is now filling UMNO pockets??..and Dengue Outbreak in Kedah-Perlis??

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