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Monday, 24 March 2014

will Kajang be the spark that lights up the prairie fire?

The Kajang-move has been discussed lopsidedly. Discussions centred on what it means for Pakatan. Didn’t Kajang provide BN an opportunity to regain lost trust? It didn’t want the Kajang election true, but it was not stupid to just let the opportunity go. Once an election is held, everyone has a fair chance. BN has the money to buy the election.
So, what has the loss meant for BN? It meant the people still reject them. It’s only been a year since the May 2013 general elections-, the mood is still reject BN. the mood is still alive. Create multiple Kajangs so that the mood is amplified and spreads to other areas.Let people sleep, wake and eat BN's misdeeds- corruption, abuse, thievery, tyranny and so on. 
How many Kajang moves will the public endure? The answer is, as many as it takes. Why not one a year so that by the next general elections, there will be 4 more? I expect by-elections in Permatang Pauh, Bukit Gelugor, maybe Pandan. These are incumbent PR seats that will be vacated by a series of  politically motivated legal moves carried out by BN.
Imagine if these elections are won by Pakatan successively- the impact on the BN psyche will be demoralising. During each of these by-elections, we can amplify the misdeeds of this government.
What is the cost to the people who come out to vote? Time expended and probably some expenses to travel. Outside voters are even paid by BN to come back to vote.
At the same time we recognise, each of these elections gives an opportunity for the BN to bribe and pay their way through.
We want to weaken BN sufficiently to deliver the coup de grace. The mind-set of the people will be conditioned into naturally accepting the removal of BN. that is a small price to pay for getting rid of UMNO and BN from being the government.
Don’t be misled into believing the claims by BN they did not spend big in the Kajang election. They were opening up the taps like nobody’s business. Chew Mei Fun knew why she got the votes she got- with UMNO’s money and other near money inducements. Keys to flats and houses, projects approved in an instance. Think about this- if the keys could be given now they could also be given earlier. If land grants could be given now, they were give-able right from the beginning.
The alternative is what? - putting up with a government that is corrupt, abusive, bullying, and ruining the country economically. How high can the price be, if the object is the purchase of a new government?
Are by-elections ala kajang syle pointless and wasteful, no one died, is disqualified or has been sent to jail- so why a deliberate by-election caused by quitting by the incumbent? It depends on how one looks at it- wasteful and pointless from the party that is being checked- not wasteful on the party doing the checking.
PR is not about to call for armed insurrection trying to change the government, so it will do it by the democratic method of elections. This idea of periodic checks and balances, moves to correct internal politics appear unacceptable because we have been accustomed to having routine changes every 5 years. Why should it not be less than 5 years?
The Kajang move is practical education in the enhancement of democracy. The people can start a legitimate process to recall their representatives. Maybe there will be a requirement insisting that 40% of the voters in that area signing a petition asking for removal. That minimum level is required to trigger off a by election.
So, why not every year if necessary? Otherwise you will see BN legislators disappear for 4 years only to reappear on the onset of general elections and do all the pretentious things like Miss CM Fun did in Kajang recently. Sit on the pavement causing uncontrollable heartbeats in old folks (and Muhyidin too), washing dishes, appearing as Miss Congeniality in several ‘impromptu’ meet the people sessions.
Because people can read through her hypocrisy. She didn’t win votes on her strength and substance; she won on UMNO’s money and stupid Malays imbued with Perkasa values. That it’s alright to go all out to support a stooge for the sake of killing of a non UMNO Malay.
CC Lee won Kajang with a majority of 6824. The voters who came out on May 2013 were 34,490. CC Lee got 19,571 votes. That was 57% of the total number of votes. Voter turnout was more than 87%.
Wan Azizah got 16,741 votes from 28,914 voters. She got 60% on a voter turnout of 72%. Wan Azizah did well if one sees it from a relative aspect. In absolute terms she did not get better than the 6824 votes obtained by CC lee. 5379 is smaller than 6824.
Contrary to the claims made by Chew Mei Fun and echoed by the MCA president, Chinese did not return to BN and MCA. More than 5000 who voted in May 2013 did not vote. Either they stayed home or of they were working outside Kajang, did not return to vote. If they had, perhaps Wan Azizah may have obtained the same reading configurations- however you want to interpret them.
The fact is Wan Azizah won. The more important observation is the increase in Malay support for PKR and PR. This is a worrying indicator for UMNO since its support base remains its ability to keep the siege mentality among Malays. Obviously the embrace by Malays on PKR shows UMNO’s use of race, religion and rulers has not gained traction among Malays or has failed to produce the desired emotional responses.
It also means the issues themselves are not credible. Otherwise, how can you explain the change in heart among the Malays in such a short time? It must have taken a monumental change in perception to move Malays who voted BN in May 2013 to now vote Pakatan in March 2014.
BN lost and MCA remains the 7-eleven party.


bruno,  24 March 2014 at 20:47  

Dato,Wan Azizah actually did quite good,considering it was a by-election.In a by-election the opposition incumbents can also lose in their own backyard,because the Umno/BN can concentrate all their manpower,gomen machinery,containers of ringgit and herds of hired thugs.

Although the hired thugs were mainly absent this by-election was and can be said mostly incident free,except for some minor incidents.Maybe it was because Wan Azizah was the candidate,and Umno did not want to get the Malays upset.If it was Anwar or others it would have been different.

Permatang Pauh,there definitely would be another by-election.Pandan maybe.Bukit Glugor,the Umno will let Karpal win on his appeal.They will want to show that the kangaroo courts can be fair sometimes too.

If by-elections are forced upon by Umno/BN,the opposition will have very good chances.Like what Rafizi said,there will do another another Kajang 2 if warranted.If the PKR dare try this gimmick again,they will definitely be punish by the voters.

SamYap,  24 March 2014 at 21:24  

Dear Datuk Sak,

Well, so it be that we in Semananjung will continue to reject BN. But truly that will not change the government. We need to convert the East Malaysians to being the game changers. Over this side of the South China Sea, we are already converted.
Its the East Malaysians, go get them!
Easier said than done, I know, but thats the only way.
Sometimes I wish that Sabah and Sarawak are autonomous provinces.

bruno,  25 March 2014 at 06:12  

Dato,now that Wan Azizah has retained the Kajang seat for PKR,the PR supporters will be watching out for the PKR party elections.

Wan Azizah being the PKR president has to show her strong hands and decide for herself what she wants to do with the party leadership.As Anwar is going to do hard time soon,he should stay out of the party's elections.

It is the right time now for the party to go for change and elect new and talented leaders and not blue eyed boys,cronies,carpet ridders or lapdogs.If the party with the PAS and DAP are serious to marching into Putrajaya come GE14,they have to go to the drawing board and plan how to win kampung seats.We have to remember that GE13,PKR did not win a single kampung parliamentary seat.Have they ever thought of how to win federal power if they cannot even win one kampong seat?And Sabah and Sarawak?

maw 25 March 2014 at 06:33  

ini yang aku sukak 'THE 7-ELEVEN"KAH !!!KAH!!!

Anonymous,  25 March 2014 at 08:07  

Although the Kajang move would not change the Selangor political landscape it nevertheless, demonstrates to us that the rakyat's support for PR is still intact. In fact it further widens the support base by dethroning two umno baru strongholds of Sungai Sekamat and Taman Delima. This is a promising trend that could further negate umno baru dirty 3R tactics. Let the trend move forward so that we can finally land up in Putrajaya.

Anonymous,  25 March 2014 at 08:08  

hoorayy hoorayyy......long live comrade Lim and family!!!

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