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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Kajang: Vote Pakatan Rakyat, Reject BN

The kajang election is not wasteful. We cannot equate this exercise in the democratic rights of the people in Kajang in the same breath as the wasteful excesses committed by the PM and his government. There are too many to account and we shall not repeat them here. A Ringgit spent on the people in their pursuit of democracy is not the same as a Ringgit spent on frivolous pursuit.
This is an opportunity for the people of Kajang to reinforce their disapproval on the policies carried out by the government. We can call it a referendum or right to recall or whatever- it’s an opportunity for the people to kick butt. The butts of BN that is.
This will be a catharsis, cleansing, release for the people to voice their strongest objection against a backdrop of lousy economic and social policies. A backdrop of rising prices and an increasing cost of living, corruption that never seems to get abated, abuse of power, emasculation of the institutions of democracy. The Kajang election is also a retributive release for the people to punish a government that is seen as unjust. Achieving all these, is worth the money spent.
 The election results will reverberate far beyond Kajang and shall create resonance elsewhere. We want the message by the people of Kajang come this 23rd of March, to add to the build-up of wider disapproval for BN. So that in every by election to come, the voice of the Kajang people this 23rd march shall be repeated over and over again. We expect by elections to be carried out in Bkt Gelugor and Permatang Pauh should the appeals by the appellants fail.
An opportunity for people to enhance their democratic choice is not wasteful. Spending money on ceaseless travels, using government jets with taxpayer’s money for private and self-created causes and masking those as value-adding PR exercise for the government- those are wasteful. The cost of the Kajang election is nowhere near the electricity bill in the PM’s official residence.
Voter turnout will increase and the Malay votes will go to Wan Azizah. That combined with the fixed deposit of non-Malay votes for Pakatan, will cause Wan Azizah to win by a bigger margin. Kajang people must go out and teach BN a lesson for causing the hardships on the people. Teach them also, while BN got the legal victory and got cocky by that, the people have the residual moral victory and want to humble the cockiness.  The battle against tyranny must be won over and over again. Such victories are not wasteful endeavours.
The Malays in Kajang must vote with reason. They must abandon the need to vote UMNO or BN simply because UMNO asserts that without UMNO the country will go to the dogs. The people of Kelantan have survived despite UMNO. The people of Selangor have done that despite UMNO. The Malays in Penang have not perished despite UMNO.
Saying that people must continue to vote UMNO and BN because despite all the wrongs they did and are doing, the country keeps on thriving is disingenuous. It implies that it is alright for us to accommodate all the shenanigans, the corruption, the abuse of power, the emasculation of the judiciary and other important democratic institutions because after all is said and done, the government does deliver. That’s like saying; there must be a trade-off between bad governance and development. You want development, you must put up with stupidity, with tyranny, with corruption and with abuse.
Why can’t there be convergence between good governance and better development?
If that is the case, Indonesians need never overthrow Suharto, Filipinos need not overthrow Marcos and the rest of the people in the world suffering under the rule of strong man politics and various hues of dictatorship need not rise in revolt.
That is a dangerous line of thinking- because in the name of whatever can be delivered, we are willing to turn a blind eye. It’s similar like the after all they are Malay argument. Never mind if they steal and plunder- after all they are Malays. Never mind if they come into our houses and sleep with our wives and daughters, they are after all Malays aren’t they?
The same line of thinking operates in the call to continue voting BN because, they BN, have delivered. We cannot do otherwise because PR cannot show an alternative Malay leadership. The Chinese must chose BN because to overthrow UMNO means to invite catastrophe in the form of Malay extremism. If the UMNO Malays turn violent and irrational, arrest them and jail them. So the Chinese have to vote BN because they are motivated by fears and not vote because that is what they want?
See how dangerous this line of thinking is? We cannot exercise independent thinking because at the moment we cannot yet see the better alternative outcomes?
The alternative to the present bunch of Malay bozos in UMNO is the creation of government founded on the principles of rule of law, democratic rights of the people to vote freely, the establishment of a fiercely independent judiciary, the institutions of check and balances and the implementations of sound economic policies.
Will that scenario not include good Malay leadership not of UMNO’s mould? Just because, we personally cannot or personally refuse to acknowledge alternatives to UMNO cannot be taken as an exhaustive conclusion that there is no Malay leadership outside UMNO.
Don’t worry about DAP because it’s a party founded on causes that are fought for by principles. The majority of the people in Malaysia are Malays and their presence in this country will be factored in DAP’s political decisions. Its political character is not static and it’s mature enough to adapt and accommodate.
Good Malay leadership exists in PKR and in PAS and from perhaps elsewhere we have not seen on our radar The alternative to Malay UMNO leadership must come from either of these two parties because that is the leadership this country needs- Malay leadership whose worldview is leavened and tempered as  a result of adapting and accommodating with differing political premises.  


bruno 15 March 2014 at 09:54  

Dato,come March 23rd and the voters of Kajang will come out in droves,and they will vote for Wan Azizah and PR.But will the voters vote for Mei Fun and Umno/BN.Yes,some like Zaid Ibrahim and the tongkat,crutches and wheelchair dependents will definitely vote for Mei Fun and Umno/BN.But when the results are announced,Mei Fun would have wished that she had stayed home on nomination day and let some others be the sacrificial lamb.

This Kajang by-election will see a huge majority by Wan Azizah,very much bigger than what the last adun got.Will Mei Fun lose her deposit now that it is a straight fight?Well,maybe if the voters of Kajang are angry enough,she would.If Mei Fun's boss Liow Tiong Lai were to be the BN candidate he definitely would lose his deposit.The voters will never forget that he lied his asses of to protect the attackers of the Tung Shin hospital.Do not forget LTL almost fail to retain his parliamentary seat,except of Warthamoorthy's help.

After March 23rd,we will all have plenty to talk about,especially of how Wan Azizah embarassed Mei Fun,an Mca vice president by letting her get less votes that the last Mca candidate.Not that Mei Fun is un-electable.She is a candidate in the party most people despised the most.

The three amigos,  15 March 2014 at 11:09  

After so many GE's,and the Malays still have not learn their lessons.Having elected the ignorant Umno/BN forever makes the ruling party corrupted as ever,but those that voted for the Umno/BN do not care,as long as they get their daily crumbs and wares.

This Kajang election is the time to make the Umno/BN cry and weep like a baby.Make them feel the pain,embarassed and humilate them by making their candidate lose her deposit.Or else these ignorant.corrupted and spoil babies think that the Malays owes them a living forever.

nick 15 March 2014 at 12:08  

Hmm, is the Kajang by-election wasteful? Well, if Kajang were in the country of Sweden or Iceland then it might be wasteful. But it so happen it sits in the state of Selangor, controlled by the opposition and at the moment fending off UMNO's attempts of toppling its rule by illegal and immoral means. Not possible? Was Perak take over by BN legally and morally right? Then of course this PRK is not wasteful at all!

What would be wasteful is doing nothing and just sit idly while UMNO uses underhanded and immoral means to take over the state and of course its rich cash reserve. Good enough reason for me to spend a couple of millions which would otherwise be spent on frivolous things by Najib and his "mini"ster! "RM 2 million or 10 million for the PRK, you say?" That's chicken feed compared to what Najib spends on "Con"sultant (for some powerpoint projection and a slide presentation) which was RM3 million a day for the last 5 years. On that matter, why would we need consultant when we have..tada... Super BOMOH! With his special powers and supernatural friends and ally, he can consult Najib on economics, governance and of course great investment advise! Najib don't even have to pay him billions, just millions and oh..maybe a couple of crocodile for him to slap occasionally. Too inhumane? Then just ask KJ to visit him whenever he feels like slapping someone!

But seriously folks, Najib wanted the people to give a mandate of another term in government and he confidently told Malaysian that with him at the helm for the next 5 years, things would be better and Malaysian would become a developed nation with per capita income of USD15K. And the results? More Malaysian are surviving on income well below USD900 and on top of that, the majority are malays! With inflation going up and Najib cutting more subsidies, by 2020 we would be lucky if most of us earn USD1,500. USD15,000? Is he sleepwalking or is he talking about the average income of UMNO's privilege clique who could earn that in their sleep?

Kajang PRK is a good reminder for Najib and his ilk that they are not the owner of the government and they are accountable for their action and of course their ineptitude, stupidity and arrogance. Kajang might well be the valve that signal all Malaysian that the level of incompetency and ineptitude shown by Najib and UMNO are no longer tolerable and the stake is the nation's future. Only brainless and conscienceless individual like Zaid Ibrahim would advise Malaysian to vote BN. Zaid may have lost his marbles or maybe he has given it to his wife for safe keeping but that's his problem.

Malaysian should keep their minds alert, sharp and focus because we need our wits around us if we were to survive the long 5 years of Najib's clown and circus act. Zaid maybe happy with Malaysia becoming a circus but are we? It's still a long way from 2018 and more bad things could still be waiting for us? Still want Najib and his merry band of pirate governing us when those things happen? You don't need a coconut and a bamboo binocular to know the answer to that question!


Anonymous,  15 March 2014 at 16:14  

Yes, don't be distracted by MH370

Give a landslide victory to Kak Wan and PR. And wipe the smirk off the face of the dalang, the Doctor himself.

Go for it, Kajang and Malaysia !
Show that Malaysia belongs to Malaysians of goodwill, not the UMNO Baru-BN-Perkasa types

Phua Kai Lit

Mr Bojangles 15 March 2014 at 20:03  

Mei Fun is in a win-win situation. If she wins, she wins. If she doesn't her effort, bankrolled by the BN thieves, will make her pretty rich. Don't think for one moment that she, like all the other BN types, are in it for the country or people.

But she better pray they pay up. Knowing them she may end up with the wrong end of the stick.

Anonymous,  15 March 2014 at 21:14  

phua lai shit,

what if your mama or papa in mh370? long live tokong also?

bruno 15 March 2014 at 21:20  

Dato,this Kajang by-election is like a referendum on PR and the Umno/BN.A big win by either side will show us the mood of the voters and people of all walks of life.

A big win by Wan Azizah tells us that the people are very unhappy with the way the Umno/BN is running the country.

A small win by a nose,tells us that the people are very happy with the way Umno/BN is running the country.It tells us that there are more people being dependent on the crumbs being distributed daily by the regime then we thought.

The problem is not by how big the winning majority by Wan Azizah of PKR,or whether Mei Fun is going to lose her deposit.It is how Wan Azizah,the young leaders and the loyal supporters in PKR are going to revamp or restructure the party.With people like Azmin, Rafizi and gang running loose creating havoc and animosity within the party ranks,from Sabah to the Peninsula,PKR and PR can forget about being the federal gomen.

If the PKR keeps its ways and turn a blind eye to its internal problems,it will just be a matter of time before it self implodes.

Before GE13,we were all laughing that the Umno will self implode due to its internal fighting and sabotaging.Now the problem has come full cycle,back at PKR's court.

Anonymous,  15 March 2014 at 21:29  

Reading the comments that are so full of venom, to the extent of invoking even the unfortunate MH730, isn't there any decency left in this hate politics...

Anonymous,  15 March 2014 at 22:10  

Yes folks, go all out to give PR a convincing victory.

Change must come, and let this be the big start for the big one in 2018.

Anonymous,  15 March 2014 at 23:45  

Definitely vote only for PK in Kajang !! Too many loonies in UMNO Baru - ahahaha MCA conducting fry kuay teow skills for the youth who have limited edu due to hardship whereas all others are making huge progresses. Even cucu - cicit LLSik are VVIP to be receiving top - notch edu. How to break free from poverty and ah longs ?

Just like MIC charging their youth and women folks from humble background fees to receive the same skills repeatedly applied hence no small businesses can survive, each is an enemy competitor to his / her own. More like the leaders are churning out unbeneficial, lack of employability vocational courses to make huge money for themselves.

UMNO - BN have failed to instill and invest in human resources, creativity, originality, new and fresh innovations, pride and integrity in demonstrating high skills in the ordinary rakyat. For the obvious reasons. To keep them being looked down, poor, weak and dependent.

UMNO - BN elites are capitalists.

Anonymous,  16 March 2014 at 06:16  

Will Malay support Pakatan?

Anonymous,  16 March 2014 at 07:35  

What is happenning to your stupid PM orang Pekan Najib....sungguh menghina dan memalukan mengesyaki juruterbang melakukan penyelewengan MH370....cari lah pesawat itu dulu...jangan menuduh pilot tanpa bukti dan beliau juga punya keluarga....sialan brensek.....punya PM bangang dan bodoh...

Anonymous,  16 March 2014 at 10:46  

1. Yes, time for this hateful, racist, thieving, neo-fascist, semi-apartheid, incompetent (MH370) UMNO Baru-BN regime to go!

2. 50% of Malays (at least)already supporting Pakatan. So also, 80% of Chinese (at least) and 65% of Indians (at least). This is why UMNO Baru-BN getting more nervous by the day. And why they stole the last General Election. Prof Bridget Welsh has said that it was a stolen election.

3. Meanwhile, I will remain committed in using my skills and knowledge to help PR to win and form the next federal govt of Malaysia. Including supporting decent ex-UMNO people like Datuk Sak.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  16 March 2014 at 12:04  

Yes definitely will vote PKR since Kak Wan is so believable when she said in Kajang, Malaysian authorities has only contributed bomoh to find the airplane.

Will also vote PKR because it is the Kajang people right to recall and it is not a waste even when PKR replace the candidate with an other candidate who wont be around in Kajang after she win.

Will also vote together will PAS supporter in Kajang since PKR has successfully sued haji Hadi of PAS thus the PAS grass root in Kajang will do the bidding of whatever antic requested by PKR ...

By election Kajang???more like bye bye Kajang

telur2,  16 March 2014 at 22:52  

I can't see anyone from UMNO writing with such coherence and logic. Ok, KJ is the exception.

Greenbug 18 March 2014 at 01:22  

Just to share a bit on the profile of candidate from PKR Wan Azizah Ismail. She won the Gold Medal at The Royal College of Surgeons at Dublin in 1977 in ophthalmology - this is no ordinary feat for a girl from a third world country and in 1977!

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