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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Anwar, the next PM.

1. So what if Anwar is a bisexual or heterosexual. That's no reflection on his ability to govern. It's not up to anybody to judge him. Let us not make a particular dislike make us wholly dislike a person.

2. I have said it before. As long as it is not my backside. And we should be grateful we dont have that affliction.

3. And he has said he didnt do it. We have to accept that admission. It doesn't matter if we disbelief it. Who the hell are we?

4. And how do we stack up Anwar against tbe depraved UMNO leaders?They are known fornicators too. Baby Face Najib for intance is not averse to anal sex too. Only the dead Altantuya can answer that. We all have our own fetishes.

5. So Anwar has a burning ambition to become PM. Its no crime. Why it is alright for somebody like Azmin to have an ambition to become PM but not Anwar?

6. A politician does not have to have a good qualification. So theres no need for people to lie about it. If you dont have one be honest about it. To lie having one is atrocious.

7. So we dont place cumbersome requirements on Anwar. Its not for a western journalist to say whether he is a Mr. yesterday or not.

8. Then might as well say the entire cabinet is yesterday's men or recycled rubbish.

9. So its not for a Western journalist to classify our leaders. We have this tendency to put on a high pedestal rubbish written by western journalist. Hes better off writing about the buffoon Trump or dishevelled Boris Johnson.

10. I remember in the film 'A Passage to India, the white lawyer says 'it is a universal truth that the dark skin people are always besotted with the people of fairer skin'. To which the Indian lawyer remarked 'even when the opposite sex is ugly?

11. So let us stop accepting what are written by western journalists as a ,universal truth. Especially when they are rubbish .

12. Age is not just defined by numbers but by the ability to think and the things you think of. I remember the late Ghazali Shafie who asked a young man to nominate him as UMNO youth chief. The young man retorted, how can, you are confined to a wheel chair. King Ghaz answered, young man I think with my head not with my legs.

13. Yesterday's people want to bring the old tyrany back as a way to rule. Repression, anti democracy, corruption, king in the heart enthroned in the eyes etc.

14. That's the way preffered by the UMNO warlords. Najib likes it that way. He stole billions while the Malay lumpenproletariat suffer under collective masochism. They derived pleasure from self inflicted suffering while people like Najib enjoy. Thats the price of yesterday's dumbing down.

15. Yesterday's people employ yesterday's tool to govern and rule. Thats more practised in Western nations. Trump for example forces his stupidity and buffoonery onto the American people. He governs by tweets, too lazy to think.

16. So dont be a quick draw McGraw to pigeonhole our leaders as yesterday's or today's leaders. The limitations of a single person can be overcome by the strength of others. The secret is to pick the right team.

17. Anwar with all the warts has his heart in the right place. He is against Xenopobic patriotism and religious bigotry, crusader against corruption, abhors mediocrity, against dehumasing and supports democratic choice making.

18. I think he will become a better PM. Whats worse than the UMNO crooks? What can be worse than Morarji Mahathir? Mahathir will soon drink his own urine.

19. I dont think he will let Zahid and Najib and other UMNO crooks off the hook. That is only gutter journalism and the said journalist's orgasmic fantasy


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