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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 18 October 2020

The PM we should have.


1. I have described Ku Li as the PM we never had. People forget that he has waited longer than Anwar Ibrahim to be the PM. He has been betrayed by many people and played out so many times. Many people were literally living off him. But he is too principled and forgiving to retaliate.

2. He is not regal because he is born into an aristocratic family. He is one because he behaves with propriety. He is defined by his conduct.

3. Has anyone seen how he treats his elder sisters and brothers? His nephews and nieces? They reciprocate by their genuine affection towards him. He treats them with filial piety.

4. He is MP of provincial Gua Musang in Kelantan. A few R&R, hotels and Kesedar. I am amazed Gua Musang has traffic lights. It has a large Police Camp. But how many know the idea of a Putrajaya originates from Gua Musang?

5. The idea of a Petronas, PDA, BBMB Bank Islam came from him. But no many know that he permitted the creation of bonded area for Malay car dealers. So that these bozos do not have to pay taxes until the cars are sold.

6. Do you know the land on which the UMNO HQ building sits was given by him?

7. Undoubtedly he has got Malay interests at heart. But he is no bigoted racist. He has many non-Malay friends. His idea of governing Malaysia is therefore eclectic.

8. When Wak Jahid says he didn't know of Ku Li's audience with the Agung, that tells me a few things. Chief, being that TRH tells UMNO on the need to know basis. He marches to the beat of his own drum. On the same reasoning it's not correct to say that he is Mahathir's proxy. To say so means you don't know TRH.

9. When Ku Li says that it's better for UMNO people to resign from PN it's a matter of principle. When you don't agree with the government its right that you resigned. Even he did not accept it when he was offered the post of advisor of Petronas. He resigned when he did not agree with Mahathir last time. It's a matter of honour.

10. Now he agrees with Mahathir on one thing. That Anwar Ibrahim should not be PM. That's not a crime. You can't force all people to agree with Anwar.

11. He doesn't have to explain himself to anybody. Those who agree with him do not need any, those who do not agree with him won't believe it. It's a catch 22 thing. So like the Italians say, forget about it!

12. When he met the Agong he is asking for the removal of any hurdles to a vote of no confidence. It's clear that Muhyi doesn't have the support of the majority of MPs. He's asking for the claims of anybody to be verified by Parliament.

13. Obviously he does not support Anwar. Anwar is not the solution to Malaysia's political impasse.

14. He may have been asked to give advice, and he has given so. It's befitting to ask of him as he is the longest serving MP. He has vast experience.

15. He may be or may not be the right person to helm the nation but the Agong can arrive at a judicious decision.

16. So for the prince who's trained as an economist in Belfast and who would have become a lawyer if not for his father's passing his time maybe now.

17. He's got the right temperament, his heart is in the right place, he's got Malay interests at heart, he's not a bigot, and he is not corrupt. He is PM material.


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