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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 2 August 2015

The UMNO mad dogs are out walking under the scorching sun.

The umno mad dogs are scrambling to justify why the money totaling don’t know how many billions (RM2.7 billion from Middle East sources and RM42 million from SRC and many other sources yet to be discovered ended into Najib’s account.

where did the money come from? from middle east sources. how much? big amount. how much? USD 700 million. why did you keep in your personal account? Because Rahman Dahalan said can. Azalina can help bitch about it later.

The money trail shouldn’t be explained by the likes of Rahman Dahalan or Azalina Othman. How the money escaped the BNM radar should be explained by Bank Negara. Where the money went when it came into Malaysia should be explained by BNM and also the bank concerned.  If some went out again, why did it escape the BNM radar once again?

Did Zeti approved the entry and exit of the monies? Or was she overrode by the PM who is also finance minister? That is already a legal wrongdoing.

If Rahman Dahalan were to speak only to DAP members and politicians who were never an UMNO member, he may be forgiven for his latest bald headed lie. That the UMNO president can hold money on trust for UMNO.

Mana ada?

I looked through the UMNO constitution and couldn’t find the provision that accorded the UMNO president of such right. UMNO will never trust anyone holding money in their personal name for or on behalf of UMNO. Dumb UMNO also knows that money in your own pocket is your friend, money outside your pocket is your enemy.

All money meant for UMNO must be kept by the treasurer and any money spent from UMNO’s account must be approved by appointed officers. All money is held in UMNO’s account with a commercial bank.

Now when Rahman Dahalan speaks of a provision according the UMNO president holding money on trust for UMNO, he confirms that the RM2.7 billion and the RM42 million from SRC had in fact, been deposited into Najib’s personal account. 

24.1 Kewangan UMNO adalah diperolehi dari:-
24.1.1 Wang pendaftaran dan Yuran.
24.1.2 Derma-derma dan
24.1.3 Ikhtiar-ikhtiar lain di semua peringkat dipersetujukan oleh Majlis Tertinggi.

24.2 Tahun Kewangan UMNO ialah dari 1hb. Januari hingga 31hb.Disember.
24.3 Pejabat Setiausaha Cawangan, Bahagian dan Perhubungan hendaklah menghantar ke Pejabat Setiausaha Agung, Penyata Kira-Kira bagi sesuatu tahun kewangan yang telah diperiksa dan disahkan oleh Pemeriksa Kira-kira.

25.1Tiap-tiap ahli biasa hendaklah membayar dengan wangnya sendiri kepada Ibu Pejabat melalui Cawangan dan Bahagian seringgit (RM1) bagi Wang Pendaftaran dan seringgit (RM1) bagi yuran tahunan atau satu ratus ringgit (RM100) bagi yuran seumur hidup.

25.2 Yuran yang telah ditetapkan mengikut Fasal 25.1 di atashendaklah dijelaskan tidak lewat daripada tarikh mengikut Fasal 24.2 atau satu tarikh yang ditetapkan oleh Majlis Tertinggi melainkan ia dibayar seumur hidup.

25.3 Bagi ahli-ahli yang membayar yuran tiap-tiap tahun, tarikh pembayaran yuran Cawangan kepada Bahagian dan Bahagian ke Ibu Pejabat adalah ditetapkan oleh Majlis Tertinggi.


26.1 Tertakluk kepada Fasal 26.6 Badan Perhubungan,Jawatankuasa Bahagian dan Jawatankuasa Cawangan boleh menentukan cara-cara mengutip, menyimpan dan menggunakan wang UMNO di peringkat masing-masing.

26.2 Wang UMNO, kecuali wang tunai dalam tangan hendaklah disimpan dalam Bank Perdagangan atau Bank Simpanan.
26.3 Cek-cek dan borang-borang mengeluarkan wang dari Bank hendaklah ditandatangani oleh sekurang-kurangnya dua orang ahli di peringkat masing-masing.

26.4 Majlis Tertinggi berhak dan berkuasa di atas semua wang dan harta benda Badan Perhubungan dan Bahagian-bahagian yang termasuk di dalam Badan-badan Perhubungan yang telah dibubarkan.

26.5 Jawatankuasa Bahagian adalah berhak di atas semua harta benda, wang tunai di tangan ataupun wang simpanan dalam Bank atau simpanan di bank bagi sesebuah Cawangan yang telah dibubarkan.

26.6 Majlis Tertinggi berkuasa membuat sebarang peraturan berkenaan dengan kewangan UMNO bagi semua peringkat.

27.1 Tiap-tiap harta tak alih, iaitu tanah dan bangunan kepunyaan Ibu Pejabat UMNO hendaklah didaftar atas nama UMNO dan harta tak alih kepuyaan Badan Perhubungan, Bahagian dan Cawangan bolehlah didaftar atas namanya masing-masing.

27.2 Tiap-tiap harta alih hendaklah dipegang dan didaftarkan atas nama Pemegang Amanah. Majlis Tertinggi dan peringkat-peringkat lain boleh melantik mana-mana ahli atau syarikat sebagai Pemegang Amanah dan mereka boleh diberhentikan pada bila-bila masa jua pun.

27.3 Kuasa untuk menentukan UMNO membeli, mencagar (bagi faedah sendiri atau pihak lain), menjual, memindah, memajak atau menyewa harta benda atau bangunan adalah terletak kepada Majlis Tertinggi dan bagi harta benda tak alih kepuyaan Badan Perhubungan, Bahagian dan Cawangan, kuasa yang sama adalah terletak kepada Jawatankuasa masing-masing.

27.4 Majlis Tertinggi berkuasa membuat peraturan untuk melaksanakan tujuan Fasal 27 ini dan untuk memindahkan nama pemilik berdaftar bagi harta tersebut kepada oihak-pihak yang diberi kuasa memilikinya oleh Fasal 27.1.

Anyone can peruse and study the provisions in articles 24-27 in the UMNO constitution. There is a remote possibility that the UMNO Supreme council could have approved a special authority on the UMNO president- If that was done, then it could only mean that during such a meeting, cry-baby Muhyidin ( I love UMNO so much) was not around. Najib doesn’t care two hoots about Muhyidin’s emotional display in Paguh. When it came to approving the minutes of the previous meeting, Muhyidin was again absent.

Now comes what appears like a  bitch in heat Azalina saying the RM2.7 billion shouldn’t be treated as a big issue and ought to be treated as a mere contribution and donation from some sources.

Ahli UMNO can support such characters to champion the cause of the Malays? I am not talking about UMNO Malays but all Malays as whole. Is the Malay a conniving, cheating and unprincipled person and a common thief?

There is a provision that says the sources of UMNO’s income are the members’ fee, which is almost always paid for by the local warlords on behalf of the faceless members; contributions and donations and any other efforts to raise income approved by Supreme Council or its equivalent down the line. There is no provision that money can be held on trust by the UMNO president in his personal capacity.

Whodunit? Najib did it.

Who shot the robin? I said the sparrow. With my bow and arrow, I shot the robin. 
Najib is no sparrow. He neither has a bow, arrow or a Bugis Keris.


Unknown 2 August 2015 at 12:14  

Hahaha......good. Now u see now u dont! Najib is the liability to the nation....our beloved country. So what we going to do? Nothing.....maybe.
Or start something......? Come on beb! Wake up!!!

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 13:24  

"Is the Malay a conniving, cheating and unprincipled person and a common thief?"

Hah! The answer to the above quote is staring into our faces. Just look at the new Cabinet and the blabbering sycophants who don't know what they are talking about! They speak like mentally challenged people. Oh that bitch that looks like a man! 2.7 billion is NOT an issue!!!
If this country cannot even muster a group of honest, responsible and principled Malays to stand up to Najib, then I would say the above quote is Gospel Truth.
If their behaviour brings shame to the race, what is there to shout about "marua bangsa". It is for Good Malays to redeem their image.
What marua has UMNO?

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 13:33  

How could anyone in the right mind could think that there could be wrong doing implicated on a sitting PM when he is still in power. With on stroke, the investigation was all nullified.

The country was taken on a temporary high, that we may have a clean PM, but we are falling deeper into the abyss. The man who can walk on water seems to have lost his gadget that can defy gravity. Looks like the malay saying, Guru kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari.

This was the play planned long time ago:


Malay votes are split
Chinese votes gone
Indian votes split or gone
Urban votes gone

Action Plan:

Re draw the voting constituency - maximise malay support in each area

Pull PAS to UMNO at least for once, break up opposition - promise Hudud

Sack all those that don't agree with PM

Fence sitters to be pacified with Money and gifts

Implement GST to improve Govt Coffers.

Put DSAI in prison

With all these steps, UMNO will retain power again.

Next possible steps:

Ban/Filter internet like China does (if China can do it why not Malaysia)

Ban twitter

Ban Facebook

Get back to the 80s when all news is generated by Govt

Send Mat Maslan, Dahlan, etc to North Korea to have training from the country

Set up a school for elites to produce politicians that are loyal ( more important than intelligence)

If possible prepare country for Dynasty

AG - Children of present AG

IGP - children of present IGP

Military - Children of present Commander

Ensure that all crimes are supported by party officials by getting everyone to sign all orders ( Stalin used this very effectively)

This is the ultimate recipe for UMNO to retain power. There is no possible chance for opposition to for the next Govt. Just face the facts. We ned another 4 elections.

Dont believe me, look at Singapore, it is a Dynasty : It is the LKS family that owns Singapore. Like it or not we are heading in the same direction, but corruption will be rampant. We are going to be a third world country soon.

Burma was a beautiful rich country, years of plundering got the country to a level where people have been moving out of the country. If Philippines send their people to Malaysia and middle east as maids, Burma send their population as maids to Thailand. They even have an agreement in place.

I am out of the country, planning to settle, but looks like Malaysia may not be the place for me and my family.

We are heading to the UK or US, decision will be concrete after GE 14. Many friends of mine are waiting for the same fate.

FYI, I have paid in taxes more than a million ringgit to date.Not any more. Better pay to a country that is governed by rule of law.

Sad day...

Last hope was Man who can walk on water... his anti gravity machine has lost power.

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 17:12  

This Bugis criminals has been getting away with crime for too long. The Hudud Hands Hadi also appears to endorse his mega looting of the State Treasury. f that Hadi is a true believer he should demand full invetigation and have the hands of all those guilty chopped.It is time that the Jihadist return to spare the dumb Malays rakyat from any further looting and stealing.

Hashim_75,  2 August 2015 at 17:15  

Sallam Dato'

I read from the article below,.

The cost of election campaign in the UK in the year 2010 was about 17 Million pound sterling which is equivalent to about RM100 million.

We can argue why the amount of money RM2.6 billion landed in an individual account.

There is another point of argument, why is the cost of election in Malaysia about 26 times more then the uk.

The population of the UK is about twice more then Malaysia.

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 17:29  

Azalina was a corrupted Tourism and later Sports minister who was investigated by the ACA then. As a compromise for not being charged, she was dropped from the cabinet. Najib now being proven a corrupt PM appoints Azlina for company.

Rahman is frm Lahad Datu, must be of Sulu or Bajaus laut things only to survice like his Sulu/Bajaus descendents' which ply the Borneo seas pirating. What he knows about constitution???? Strange fella...last time defending that there is no RM2.5bill in Najib's a/c. Now when proven to be true, sings a different tune. See his Sulu character..

You have these characters as Ministers in Malaysian Government Cabinet, it embarrassed Malaysians. How come the stupid new AG says investigating Najib is toppling the Malaysian Government. Which law school did he gets his law degree.

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 18:59  

Said to my mom's maid: "our PM is looking more and more like your previous president Marcos"
maid said: "well, his wife only likes shoes, not diamond!!!! God bless M'sia"

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 19:46  

The UMNO idiots can talk all they want. The TRUTH is
they are all thieves...AND THE ARE NOT ASHAMED OF IT.
The sad part is our govt institutions are supporting and covering up their thievery.

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 22:51  

Almost all UMNO main leaders are "pondan" including Muhyiddin. Comparing them with Anwar Ibrahim, bagai langit dengan bumi. When Muhyiddin mentioned the fear of being caught, he could imagine the fate of Anwar. If Muhyiddin put the truth in the first place, he must stand up and fight. It is clear that no one else among UMNO leaders have strong principles as Anwar. This is why Malaysians of different races more believe in Anwar comparing to other leaders.

Whether you believe it or not, in fact Najib was guilty and was trying to cover elephant carcasses. I do not have the slightest confidence in the leaders of this type.

Hello Najib! One day you will receive an unbearable consequences! I am sure and confident because Allah never breaks a promise.

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 23:08  

Azalina sedang mencalonkan diri sebagai Timbalan Pengarah Kanan "Strategic Communication Director" BN. What an apple polisher

Donplaypuks® 2 August 2015 at 23:41  

It is important to realise that while the $2.6 billion was routed through subsidiary banks of the ADCB Group via Swotzerland and Singapore to KL, that does not mean the source of the money was Arab.

We can immediately ditch any notion that the $2.6 billion was a donation or BUMNO/SCUMNO money. As indicated by SR, the timing of the TT of this money shortly before GE 2013 must be read together with GS's statement that "the client wanted the money quickly". PM Grossmajib was desperate for this money as all polls indicated the Oppostion would unseat BUMNO/SCUMNO at the GE.

So, my hunch is that Grossmajib used 1GDB's assets as collateral for $2.6 billion "quick cash" and this was facilitated by GS who charged a whopping unheard of 12% commission for the "risk" of advancing cash from its own kitty. Then, when 1GDB raised its own $billions through bonds, the $2.6 billion was replaced, and the books cooked accordingly.

Whichever way one looks at it, there is fraud, CBT and money-laundering. If someone files a case in USA against GS for assisting in money-laundering (accessory before and after the fact) and charging exorbitant fees, I think the whole truth about the $2.6 billion will undoubtedly emerge. Then, PM Grossmajib's ruse and goose will truly be cooked!

we are all of one Race, the Human Race
and there's no such thing as "white people".

Anonymous,  3 August 2015 at 08:59  

Dato Sak,

The reality now is that Najib is promoting corruption as a practice that is legal under the law and religion. This is very dangerous for the country. And this is supported by opportunities ministers such as Rahman Dahlan, Azlina, Ahmad Maslan and many others.

If RM2.6 billion sum of money were transferred to Najib personal bank account was lawful and not contrary to the laws of the country and for the good of the country and the party, why Najib failed to declare amount of money to the party and the public ?. Why Najib kept it secret and silence and why should the personal account?. What needs to close the account if it is legal and legitimate trustee account?.

From the beginning I did not believe in the investigative body set up to investigate abuses of 1MDB and the amount of money that goes into Najib's personal accounts. Najib as the accused or the robbers had to resigned for a while before an independent investigation be conducted. But this did not happen and are not allowed to happen by him as Prime Minister. Why? Because he is a corrupter and robber. He has breach of trust and violation of state law. He does not deserve to be preserved as PM. On any way, either by hook or by crook, Najib should be kicked out immediately as Malaysia Prime Minister.

Rakyat Malaysia no matter what is their party, should support any movement to drop Najib as Prime Minister. Go to hell Najib!!!

Anonymous,  3 August 2015 at 10:21  


Diversion, diversion and diversion by these UMNO 40 thieves in the guise of snake oil peddlers.

The core and central issue of having RM2.6 billion remitted into Ali Baba's personal accounts should be THE focus, but these 40 thieves are dragging in other sideshows such as "thrust fund" , not for personal use, political contributions, challenging opposition to disclose their political fundraising and sources, etc etc, to diffuse the focus and redirect the public attention and discussion away from the core and central issue which is a crime having been committed by Ali Baba.

Anonymous,  3 August 2015 at 10:27  

Pas dan umngo tidak dapat dipisahkan.

- hendak melaksanakan hudud tapi undang2 hudud ada percanggahan dengan perlembagaan negara.

- perlembagaan umngok membolehkan presiden punyai akaun untuk penderma masukkan duit.Adakah perlembagaan parti umgok ini tidak bercanggah dengan undang2 berkaitan kewangan yang sedia ada dalam negara.

Kesimpulannya adakah undang2 negara yang terpakai kepada seluruh rakyat malaysia bertaraf rendah sikit dari undang2 parti yang terhad kepada ahlinya.

Anonymous,  3 August 2015 at 11:35  

It the money was banked into Najib account, it could only mean that the whole thing was pre-planned from the beginning. By transferring to a kosong company registered in a foreign company and then "donate" back into Najib's personal account. Money laundering in other words. Only Bank Negara can confirm this.

Anonymous,  3 August 2015 at 15:16  

A triumvirate of desperados are in charge of this country. They have blood on their hands. The PM, HM and the IGP! They betrayed their friends. They have their own vocabulary. They make up laws as they go. They use the police to force people to obey. They will arrest. They will intimidate. They will threaten your family. They will lean on your friends. They will cause you bodily harm. They will kill.
What can we do?

Anak selangor,  3 August 2015 at 17:25
Didn't take them long to bungkus.
Now what?

Anonymous,  3 August 2015 at 17:35  

PMO has issued statement on behalf of MACC. " US700million in Najib;s accounts come from donations'.

Phillips 3 August 2015 at 18:45  

Interesting on zahids recent press conference saying arrest were made for information on macc/sprm leaks. On purpose? This quantify tantamountly that all information on najib actually came from these government institutions investigation or even legitimizing accusations against najib at a certain level. Najib is certainly surviving on borderline guilty and that cabinet reshuffle might have just saved him

Anonymous,  3 August 2015 at 22:41  

I hope the rulers are watching closely..the only hope left is for the King to call for re-elections and establish a Royal Commission..our so called democratic institutions have been bastardised until they are all impotent and useless, except to serve the master...

Anonymous,  4 August 2015 at 03:57  

I wish Anwar was around.He is the only person who can bring all the parties together in PR.We need a strong and united opposition in the parliament.Many of the unresolved issues in the country does have an impact in the Ringgit and the state of the economy.God save Malaysia.

Anonymous,  4 August 2015 at 11:31  

Well, she sure does like them "apples"...

Unknown 4 August 2015 at 23:32  

UMNO BARU "only" and "always" champions the cause of UMNO BARU Malays, and then, only that of certain UMNO BARU Malays! Let's face it, and be upfront about it. Of all Malays, which Malays actually benefit? None but the "privileged" UMNO BARU Malays only, and the "baruas" and the "macais" in UMNO BARU will still keep running around like headless chickens for nought!
As to Malays being the cheating, lying and unprincipled lot, you'll find them in the upper echelon of UMNO BARU down to its mid-level, while those below are just dumb followers, brainwashed and corrupted by a "kain batik" or a "kain pelikat"; just dumb and blindly loyal!
It is hoped that the still not corrupted Malays will remain their own honest persons, proud to own their souls. It is also hoped that the non-Malays will recognised and differentiate them from the cheating, lying and conniving lot that's within UMNO BARU, and perhaps there is hope for Malaysia then.

Anonymous,  5 August 2015 at 07:55  

Dear Encik Kamal Ismail 23:32

Regarding your last paragraph, I think the non-Malays
(especially the Chinese-Malaysians) recognise this.

This is why the MCA and Gerakan have been totally rejected by Chinese-Malaysians.
The 20% or so of the Chinese-Malaysians who continue to support the MCA, Gerakan
and BN are those who benefit from the system of corrupt governance of
1Malaysia. Many Chinese-Malaysians even voted for PAS in GE13 but we
know how the PAS-ulama faction behaved subsequently. My hope is that
the Chinese and other non-Muslims will vote for GHB candidates in GE14,
and punish PAS-ulama candidates for betrayal of their trust and support.

Phua Kai Lit

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