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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Justo did not tamper with documents. He is charged for Blackmailing.

Updated version.
Xavier Justo did not tamper with documents on 1MDB. He confirmed that after being 'processed' by Thai Police. 
Maybe after sleep deprivation, threats that his nails shall be taken out, his testicles to be tested for electric conductivity and subjected to other 'persuasive' means , Justo still said he did not tamper, then it must be true.
Therefore it means:-
The MCA leader Liow, did not give us the correct information. Many UMNO leaders did not  tell us the correct story. Dato Rahman Dahalan did not tell the true story. They all accused Xavier Justo of providing tampered documents to Sarawak report. 
And now, the Thai Police has confirmed that Justo will be tried in court, if formal charges are brought at all, for the crime of blackmailing. The Thais say the crime of blackmailing carries a heavier penalty. 
It is only one charge. Justo himself denied tampering with the documents he provided Tong and Clare.

But BN leaders said documents were tampered?
So how will the MCA leader, Liow Tiong lai correct his error? He said Sarawak Report used falsified documents. Therefore all the story which Sarawak Report reported was based of false premises. It is clear that Liow Tiong Lai probably never followed the issues raised by Sarawak report nor has he seen the documents in dispute. I have deleted some inappropriate language for which I unreservedly apologise to readers. 

What about Dato Rahman Dahalan? He has  unreservedly endorsed the video recording done by one Sarawakian who claimed he worked for Sarawak Report. Based on that video, Rahman Dahalan has proudly announced  that Justo provided false documents to Sarawak Report. 
Like liow Tiong Lai, Rahman has concluded that since Sarawak Report based its reporting on tampered and falsified documents, the whole narrative by Sarawak Report has to be false. 
Now with the admission of Justo, we know it is the UMNO and BN leaders who have not told us the truth. We can say the same things about all other UMNO and BN leaders who derided Sarawak Report. It is they who were not able to tell the truth to Malaysians.

What will happen to the private investigation firm whose owner went before the media and pontificated on the integrity of his firm’s investigation? We mustn’t forget that his firm was asked to investigate by the firm that stands accused of stealing money with the complicity of 1mdb people-Petrosaudi International.
Documents given to SR, The Edge and Others are not tampered. 

It means that documents provided by Justo to Sarawak Report or Tong of The Edge are true documents. The information therein reflected what actually took place. These people reported the truth. It means the production of the video clip by the Sarawakian with mental problems was untrue and a big lie.

The truth therefore includes the embezzlement of more than USD1.3 billion by Jho Low, all the financial deceptions that took place, all the allegations against the PM and all those connected with 1MDB are TRUE. Even the purchases on assets are now questionable. For example, where did the RM4 loan taken from KWAP go to? I hope it’s not into Najib’s private account.

That will trigger some more prematurely ejaculated statements from UMNO leader that ought to come out from their rear ends, to come through the mouths upstairs.

No more bullshit please.
I hope the storyline to gullible Malaysians will not be: All the monies that were routed into Jho Low’s account were donations to Jho Low for having done sterling work to screw up 1MDB. The joker who authorised the transfer of 1MDB funds into Jho Lows’ account behind 1MDB’s board of directors should be arrested for aiding the embezzlement of money belonging to 1MDB.

The content which Sarawak report published was voluminous. They cannot be justifiably rebutted comparatively speaking, by one-liner responses. The great Lee Kuan Yew once stated- a one liner response as a rebuttal to an extended argument, is not worth acknowledging. It should not be taken seriously.

We ought not to take the UMNO and MCA leaders who offered one liner explanations as serious people. They must not be taken intellectually serious. They are more interested in whacking people’s money.


kampong lad 8 August 2015 at 11:06  

'They are more interested in whacking people’s money'.

'they' means hantu raya (jantan), depa makan teloq ayam. bila tuan depa kata teloq ayam tu dari derma, depa pun kata derma, janji bekalan berterusan. bila tak dapat, depa cari tuan lain. yg betina pulak pelesit - pelesit pun kena ada tuan.

Anonymous,  8 August 2015 at 14:53  

present situation similar to gestapo nazi era. this is transformasi bugis style. transformasi kepala b$#o

Donplaypuks® 8 August 2015 at 15:15  

I bet some kind of plea bargaining has been worked out with the Swiss govt. When Justo eventually returns to Switzerland, the real truth will emerge. He will probably claim he was coerced and mentally tortured into signing a confession.

Anyway, here's a Hitler parayo on 1GDB & the infamous $2.1 billion "donation":


Laughter, the best medicine againts comical serially lying, looting and plundering PMs, tyrants and dictators and their megalomaniac wives!

Anti Fitnah,  8 August 2015 at 17:17  

No wonder MCA is given more minister seat ... Hahahahaha ...
Just like Najib said before. Memang HARAMJADAH. Kalau dah HARAMJADAH, akan terus HARAMJADAH.

Anonymous,  8 August 2015 at 19:22  

Anda semua ingat kes Altantuya, rekod imigresen dipadamkan. Bagaimana dengan judgment motif penting tapi tak relevan kerana mengelak untuk memanggil Musa Safri dan "bosses" Musa Safri yang boleh meberi gambaran siapa arah dan mengapa Sirul dan Azilah bunuh Altantuya dengan kejam. Bagaimana dengan adik Najib, Deepak, Cecil Abraham bertungkus lumus untuk membayar Bala menukar SD atau Deepak mendapat durian runtuh bayaran Boustead dan kemudahan Bank Rakyat bila buka mulut untuk membocorkan rahsia Najib dalam kes Altantuya.

Demekian jugalah yang berlaku depan mata kita sekarang. Zahid yalah barua Najib. IGP yalah barua Zahid. Jadi sudah tentu IGP akan main peranan penting untuk menekan penyiasat dan merampas dan menghilangkan semua bukti yang akan mensabitkan Najib dengan rasuah.

Nasihat rakyat yang perihatin kepada pegawai2 SPRM dan Bank Negara yang diintimidasi oleh IGP dan Zahid untuk menyelamatkan Najib:

1.Buat salinan semua bukti-bukti rasuah, money laundering, AMLA ini dan serah kepada lawyer yang neutral dalam negara dan luar negara
2. Jika perlu lawyer boleh buat pendedahan didalam dan luar negara
3. SPRM bukalah dan ambil tindakan fail-fail rasuah yang bertimbun mengenai Zahid, IGP, Boss2 Polis lain kerana mereka ini semua penyangak rasuah ikut boss mereka.
4. Najib adalah PM yang kotor, korup dan penjenayah akan ketar lutut kalau bukti-bukti ini sampai kepengetahuan rakyat

Bangkit SPRM, Bank Negara, Gani Patail.. inilah masa untuk mengikut naluri hati untuk mempertahankan hak rakyat bukan hak penyangak sial tu.

Anonymous,  8 August 2015 at 20:12  

Raja Petra's latest post giving picture of spectre of 'arab spring' prevention money for what is clearly monies for prepping up the current political elite. It could have worked if we are still in cold war mode.

Anonymous,  8 August 2015 at 23:50  

RPK? Thank him for his past work but
regard his present neo-fascist writings with
contempt and disdain.

I am glad that when I was in England doing research, I
did not travel down to Trafalgar Square to meet him.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  9 August 2015 at 00:05  

Dato', the characters mentioned by you are traitors to our beloved country. They are men without principles and they are a disgrace to their families. If I happen to see them, I will purposely turn my back to these scums.

Anonymous,  9 August 2015 at 01:21  

RPK is only interested in freeing his son from imprisonment and he has achieved.
Meanwhile his role is to write for Rosemah if not how could he funds his retirement in UK...

Anonymous,  9 August 2015 at 01:23  

All tne BN liars

Anonymous,  9 August 2015 at 01:30  

Menteri2 UMNO terutama kj bagi ulasan sokong MACC. KJ takda prinsip hanya pandai main politik 'safety in numbers'. Inikah masa depan politik malaysia?

Anonymous,  9 August 2015 at 11:00  

Khalid said the action against MACC directors and two senior officers was taken because there was a need to find how the copy of a charge sheet could be uploaded into the Sarawak Report portal.

Full article:

Anonymous,  9 August 2015 at 12:28  

The police u/d Khalid was tasked to investigate cases of theft and cbt pertaining to the rm43billion debt.

But they didn't do their job. Khalid is more interested in boot-licking. Najib n to build a case 'of attempt to topple the Govt of Msia' & of activities to undermine parliamentary democracy. That idiot thought Najib as PM is the gov't of Malaysia. And that idiot also thought, the Macc investigating Najib for serious and massive corruption are acts detrimental to parliamentary democracy. Khalid's stupidity is mind boggling.

Khalid's attempt to interview Justo was not to find out from Justo who had siphoned monies from 1MDB to Petro Saudi..but to find out whom Justo met to give the original docs pertaining to the 1MDB-PS fraud.

Everybody knows Jhlow had fraudulently stole or siphoned 1MDB monies in complicit with 1MDB officers, but Khalid is not interested since he knows that is what Najib is not interested to know.

this guy Khalid is a real rat, not doing his policing and investigative job & shld rightly be sent to the sewers.

Ahjamal 9 August 2015 at 21:55  

I am wondering those two bankrupt artists. Part 3 4 5 video as proclaimed soon must have been a total failure. DEO made those police report seem to be false. This two must be charged under sec 124 including that Kota Belud mastermind DAHLAN.

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