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Friday, 7 August 2015

A New Strain of STD- Mandatephilis.

The new disease mandatephilis is more dangerous than dengue.

I feel like laughing at the remarks made by the last Great UMNO Hope- KJ. He told reporters the decision to cancel Najib’s officiating UMNO Samporna’s meeting is apt.

It is apt because of safety reasons.

It is done to ensure the safety of Najib because Samporna is infested with pirates. That statement is at odds with the infrastructure and resources the government placed around Samporna.
Did we spend on nothing or as  I hope not to our horror, somebody made a lot of money hiding behind security purchases. I hear a chocolate bar costs 20x the market price.

The thieves are all around and at all levels nowadays. With all the assets mobilised and bought at the cost of billions, Samporna is unbelievably full of pirates.

As regards Shafie Apdal, if he falls victim to pirates that is alright. He is dispensable anyway. He is of no relevance to UMNO.Just look at what your comrades can do to you Shafie.

Fellowship among pirates.

I would have thought Najib would bring along a sense of fellowship since he is also of pirate progeny. Maybe KJ was taking a dig at Safie Apdal’s own lineage. There is an ongoing narrative now that Shafie Apdal is of suluk stock belonging to the same grouping of those men in slippers and sarongs who invaded Sabah some time ago. Horror of horrors! Shafie Apdal is the pirate actually!

That’s one.

Two, KJ also said Najib’s readiness to face SPRM is an indication of nothing to hide. We all remember that when KJ’s people staged the nothing to hide forum, Najib scooted off when Dr Mahathir appeared.

One Pak Sanggup will appear.
Now, Najib’s readiness is nothing to shout about. He has sent people to the Middle East to ask some people to acknowledge that it was they who donated to Najib.
Watch this space- someone and some people will emerge to identify themselves as those who made the RM2.6 donation. In Malay this person is called a Pak Sanggup. This is a person willing to assume responsibility in marrying the girl impregnated by someone( the real culprit) else. 
And since donation is the much loved word, hey presto- mystery solved! Najib is sanitised.

But hold on. That may trigger off more objections, ridicule and cynicism. The money was transferred using A BVI Company that has since been liquidated through Wells Fargo bank in the US. So, an American Bank -subjected to stringent laws regarding transfer of payments will also have details of the transfer.Jangan main2 with Uncle Sam tau.

So I hope the not so bright people advising the PM and doing his black hand job will not get him into further trouble; but I suspect they will because as I write in the ensuing paras- those in close contact with Najib have caught an incurable disease. Please read on.  

Some details regarding the transfer mentioned specifically the term ‘payment’ not ‘donation’. Further it is curious for someone who kind-heartedly donated USD681 million to insist charges on the remittance/transfer between him and the PM recipient, be shared. Boleh bayar RM1.6 billion tapi charge penghantaran wang kena kongsi.

Can send generously the usd681 million but turns scrooge when bearing the cost of transfer. What kind of donor is this? If payment was indeed the case, what has najib sold off to these people? The whole country?God Save Us. Like the MACC people pleaded.

Any above-average kindergarten pupil will say that Najib has arranged this for his vindication. Once again, the people are fooled.

Fooling UMNO members and leaders.
That would fool some of the 3.2 million UMNO members. They are still about 27 million Malaysians who needed convincing. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the drama staged by Najib’s minions.

The underlings include the newly minted DPM with a failure to refine Ph.D. he went on record in his swash-buckling style promising to extradite Claire Ruecastle. Please do because in order to do that 1MDB has to submit ALL documents to the UK authorities. I am already salivating at the requirement. That’s good because we know the whites will be thorough and rigorous in their process unlike the sloppiness that has become characteristic of Najib’s administration.

By the way, why the slothful process of suing Dow Jones and Wall Street Journal? Cannot understand American English arr?  
Also by the way, Xavier Justo whom every UMNO leader in Malaysia accused of 'tampering' with PSI documents, admitted under Thai interrogation, he did not tamper with the said documents. He will be charged if he is at all. with the crime of blackmailing. In other words, the documents used by Sarawak Report were all original and true.

These people are suffering from a terrible disease.

Why are Najib and people like Rahman Dahalan, Azalina Othman, Khairy Jamaludin, Ahmad Maslan who has since gone into relapse behaving strangely as they do? Even Zahid Hamidi?

I hear rumours that they have been infected by a new disease, transmittable by people who are known to be in constant close contact with each other and of course with Najib, known to doctors as mandatephilis. It is caused by a bacteria known as treponema pallidum +, similar but not the same as the bacteria causing syphilis.  This is a plausible medical explanation since these people are always in close contact.

This is a new strain of remedy-defying transmittable disease. It’s an unusual strain of STD- stupidity transmittable disease afflicting at the moment, UMNO members only.

At the moment, doctors recommend culling the transmitting agents politically as the only remedy. A dismissal of the entire cabinet is one such remedial solution.

So, for the moment, it is afflicting some portion of the 3.2 million UMNO members. For those who distance themselves from Najib, they are safe temporarily. Please follow doctors’ advice.

This disease affects the mental capacity of its victims. Power of reasoning is destroyed. Rationalism gives way to morbid irrationalism. The victim often gives jumbled up utterances in public. Listening or reading them can induce nausea and fainting sensation.

The most prominent symptom seems to be a new found arrogance that regards the mandate they get from voters as a 007 license to do anything the victim pleases. Engage them in debates, they froth around the mouths spewing long held prejudices. 
Stay away from them as far as possible, the disease can spread airborne through saliva.

The world is doing last rites on Malaysia.

We will get back to discussing the new std. in the meantime, the world watches Malaysia in self destructive mode. In Malaysia, the most unfortunate are Malays. One among them- a person claiming progeny from a line of Bugis warriors is destroying Malaysia. Research is still ongoing to determine which line exactly this person comes from.

For the bugis are divided into 2 main groupings. One warrior group is known for nation building. The other, equal in notoriety were infamous as pirates. 
Pirates as we know are criminals. They raped women and killed children.  They loot, pillage and plunder and cart away booty. Which kind of booty is up to anyone’s imagination. 

So we must know which line this person who now serves as Malaysia’s PM comes from.Based on the things that have occurred thus far, I can only conclude that only a criminally minded person can destroy almost all the institutions designed to protect us. Our banking and financial system, our prosecutorial institution, our law enforcement institution and now the very institution created to protect our country from the scourge of corruption. 
So fear God more indeed, don't fear the government.


Anonymous,  7 August 2015 at 09:50  

Well said Dato, I couldn't agree more! interestingly he is acting like nothing happened, no feeling, nothing! whether he slept well nights before is another story. but pirate normally sleeps with eyes open. that is their unique skill acquired through generations. we'll find out about that later. So for now, enjoy this action packed drama full with STDs infected actors / actresses and hope for a happy ending

Anonymous,  7 August 2015 at 10:08  

Dato Sak

It is absolutely vintage 'Mandatephilis'. I can imagine what would happen to Malaysia if you were to be the PM.

Anonymous,  7 August 2015 at 10:11  

If I am the security forces in charge of the Semporna area, I would be damned Grrrr with KJ. He is indirectly saying we are useless in protecting the PM!

Anyway, this KJ is suffering from chronic "ministerphilis" which has infected a lot of people lately, judging from their idiotic statements and jumping escapades.

Ministerphillis can easily turn a roaring lion into an extremely obedient meow meow pussy cat. Ask them to jump and they will ask which building!

Anonymous,  7 August 2015 at 11:48  

OK, you made your point, it is the Bugis who is the Thief, but my point is the Melayu is the Bodoh one, still supporting the Bugis Pirate.

Talking about diseases, you may have got the term wrong but believe me and watch the video below, there exists viruses that hijack ones mind to do stupid things,

You will find that what you have said is scientifically proven at least for some species of animals. Our politicians could have inherited some of the genes of these species to be the manipulator and/or manipulatee.

Pls do watch the video, to open up your mind to the possibilities.

Donplaypuks® 7 August 2015 at 16:17  

Another epidemic in Malaysia - Mendacisitis. Caused by the rare breed of Tiny Prick Mosquitos aka PM Grossmajib who wears the pants and her husband, the delightful Nancy-boy who wears the skirts. Lol!

Anonymous,  7 August 2015 at 16:45  

Every police men and police officer in town who are caught receiving bribes by ACA/MACC will always say the bribe money is 'derma(donation)' or 'sadaqah(gift). The Prevention of Corruption Act 1960 defines corrupt gratification but it does not include 'donation'. So Najib is not the only one who comes up with this line of defence. His supporters and backers in the Police force has been doing since donkey years. so Najib is in good company.

In 1997, to prevent these corrupt takers coming out with such defences, through the Anti-Corruption Act 1997, the word 'gratification' was amended to include 'donation'. Najib's friends in the police force may have forgotten to inform him about the new amendment in the new corruption Act.

Alas, it is not donation after all but a payment made to Najib, which makes it the more corrupt. Irrespective of what label we want to refer the money to, Najib has now way out. If it is a corrupt payment, he is liable to face charges u/d sect.17 or alternatively u/d s.165 of the Penal Code. And if it is a donation, he is liable to be charge fro criminal breach of trust under s.409 Penal Code which includes whipping.

I hope the newly minted AG have some sense of self-respect and also respect for the rule of law and consented to the prosecution of Najib for the RM2.6million received from the middle east 'donor' and for receiving RM42million from SCR for directing the Pension Funds to advance loan of RM4billion to the former.

Nobody wants a corrupt PM to head the Malaysian Cabinet.

Anak Selangor,  7 August 2015 at 17:00  

Dato, I gather there is no cure for this strain of which case I will give it a wide berth.

Watching the bungling lunacy of the pmo is akin to watching my faithful n not so bright I-robot vacuum.

Brilliance and NOT loyalty is why you and the other Intelligent bloggers have the smarts to predict their every move! Hahahaha!

You must keep writing the script faster than the std infected retards

Anonymous,  7 August 2015 at 17:43  

Dato, they are all pirates. The only difference is that these modern ones ride in chaffered Mercedes and BMWs and fly in luxury airliners instead of speedboats and their wives carry Birkin bags. May they all rot in hell.

Anonymous,  7 August 2015 at 20:54  


Anonymous,  7 August 2015 at 23:59  

Shahril was also infected. He was terribly infected until his brain is now on off mode.

Firestone 8 August 2015 at 03:03  

Wall Street Journal had on July 3 reported in 2 full pages of the widesheet newspaper the USD700 million deposited into PM Najib's personal accounts, the details of the accounts and even showed the flow or money trail.

You can bring in any Middle East tycoon but do not ever forget WSJ has the documentary evidence of the money trail....

Just sue them if you say they are wrong and slandering you... kenapa pahlawan Bugis tidak berani saman?

Phillips 8 August 2015 at 06:12  

Dear Datuk, following your blog for a month now and am thoroughly educated. I believe this blog will never reach out to national level because of its singular entity and many are put off by such long notes. I beg of you not to shorten them and keep them they way there but the point i want to make is, dap has a youtube account and if you could put it to good use and promote your political beliefs both having a go at the government and also for nation building which can also expose a contrast of what is happening these day, it will draw in more viewers. i really look forward to seeing you participating in talks and forums

ChapPakLang 8 August 2015 at 09:14  

They got gonorrhea in their heads

Anonymous,  8 August 2015 at 13:29  

Dato... a well written article! Thks for bringing some humour in the midst of political darkness..

Unknown 8 August 2015 at 15:33  

Looks like the real reason for dropping the party President in favor of his deputy has been made known by the Semporna Umno Division, who has been thorough enough to avoid the President from being embarrassed by the highly probable boos of the Umno delegates. This definitely makes much sense compared to the security excuses as cited by the poor SIL minister of Pak Lah.

Anonymous,  8 August 2015 at 20:49  

He wont get my vote in JB. None for DUN as well.

Anonymous,  10 August 2015 at 01:02  

Very smart of the boy from oxford. I must say he is reading the ground well. As usual playing the hero when its time to do so. A master chameleon. His CIA handler has trained this boy well.

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