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Thursday, 11 June 2015

National Economic Planning with half past six to Tiga Suku Leaders.

Here is another continuation from the comments given by the blogger Walla. The hormone-charged males should not give overdue importance to the writer's(walla's) photograph. Please appreciate the eloquence of his comments.

The ways things are going, the 11MP should exchange place of importance with the annual Auditor-General's report. The AuG report tells the story of official corruption and crass incompetence. The 11MP is just a bunch of nice-to-read cooked up and assembled in air-conditioned climes by people divorced from reality on the ground.
One is fact, the other fiction. Why continue to sell spin when what the country needs is a massive dose of reality so that the last wake-up call is applied before this nation is wheeled into the final ICU to be delivered last rites by the buy-one-free-one package of N and H?
Our industries are not competitive. Agriculture is down and dependent on foreign workers. Manufacturing is up but the figures hide the fact we are still semi-finished assemblers so that the value added is just enough to pay workers wages less capital depreciation to the benefit of foreign MNCs. Services as in tourism is hit by tailspin of natural as well as man-made disasters such as a security which cannot even defend a dialogue in the very home ground of the country's so-called biggest politikus party, moreover a dialogue on a topic in which the only solution is to sell state letrik assets to foreigners in contravention of the very and bigger security that is to protected. And most of the rakyat have only an SPM but however with it they can only achieve the most humiliating scores in international tests. Mining is kaput although the Umno government is sharpening its knife to raise the prices of fuel in order to add to its GST ripping in order to achieve a higher national income in order to say hurray we are financially independent to be a developed state.

Meanwhile most of the rakyat die the slow death of economic atrophy spiced by political disgust. Some will jump over bridges. Others will hang themselves. The young - what future have they got? They have been tooled to not be able to engage profitably with the world. The middle-aged - what are they facing? Mountains of debts until they have to take on multiple jobs in an economy that is actually going nowhere once the spin is stopped. The old - whither their last days? Fraught with worry, dismayed by the state of a society sundered by injustice and calumny. And to cap it all - as the currency weakens, prices will rise even faster, furthermore magnified by the GST regime which yet remains stoutly defended by one who can't fry an egg and by the other who racistly blames Chinese traders. Those who have not yet hung themselves.
And yet we have this capital suggestion to reproduce more because lo and behold the population will soon age too much fifteen years after 2020. Will the said mistresses care to exchange place with one farmer's wife? In good months which are getting rarer these days, the farmer makes about a thousand four but for a family of eight plus one infant. The six children have no education and amuse themselves amongst the trees; they will have no future save selling pau's and nasi lemak by roadsides. Both parents have no education and from the lines on their faces, much cause for worry. But because they are young, they didn't see it coming. The baby contracted a fever. It was ignored. The baby died. They asked for a loan so that they could hold a kenduri in keeping with custom. One load piled into one grief piled into a tragedy which could have been avoided.
Welcome to Vision 2020.
The political situation now is dicey. N has become the first PM whose word no one believes. Provided his elongated Pinocchio nose would allow him to get past the door, it would be more appropriate if he downgrades himself to be foreign minister and leave in his new jet plane (; except for scandals financial and flesh remaining unanswered, no one misses him anyway.
And none of the others in his cabinet is worth the name tags on their lapels. 1MDB has a coal-fired thermal plant but the coal is overpriced and all know why. Better to use them instead for firewood, these jokers of N's wooden cabinet. Mhy is no better so shaft the suggestion that he takes over just because the grise (greased?) eminence said so by allusion to hierarchy. Instead, buang-lah semua and half of peace will reign again in this tired land. What can Mhy and his hangers-do that have already not been done by N and his hangers-on? Go any lower than ground zero and one can smell the syaitanic odour of sulphur, no?
The very fact M hinted for Mhy is therefore enough concern for all not just N to be wary of what's coming next. After all, M in capitalizing on the 1MDB exposure proffered not one word of thanks or gratitude to the Sarawak Report or the DAP/PKR team for taking the initiative much earlier. If the Opposition could be happy he has taken up cudgels on the issue, why couldn't he have given credit to them for having first sounded the issue? It goes to show the Opposition have more honest statesmen who are wholly concerned for the country and the rakyat than him with 22 year ministerial experience who remains concerned only for a party of his own taint that has long become rotten to the core. WHY does he continue to defend Umno when sunlight has already shone on its guttersnipe scare crowed face is already an answer in search of its question.

The other dicey bit which is central to these closing comments is Hadi and his ulamaks. They are stoned dreamers. It is only now they are facilely admitting they are not interested in Putrajaya but who will believe that? Let's assume one can still take their word for it, if that is at all possible. Then they have become a complete liability to Pakatan. If they are not for Pakatan, then they should not insist on still wanting to stay on in Pakatan. Their staying on will make it impossible for PKR and DAP to operate in the two fixed deposit states of Umno which is as good as closing down the one chance the rakyat have for real change to this tired land.
But that is not all. Remembering Perak, what is to prevent a replay of another sleight-of-hand at seizing power from a Selangor Assembly hung by and on flighty votes by the thinnest margin? Overnight, the richest state in the land can be seized and someone will be getting the kidex contract revived again as reward.
Does anyone think if Umno gets Selangor with the help of PAS, Hadi won't extract a deal that will destroy not just the plural society of the state but all of Malaysia by 2020?
After all, if his party can take exception to people criticizing the host of the house for saying the issue they are selling is not from a house but a slaughter-house aka abattoir, what is to keep PAS from thinking like that again to ramp through other arguments in the mould of a Zahid, Noh, Ibali or Zaik?
With only five years to 2020, we are reduced to this situation. Does anyone believe it is still possible to be enlightened, wise, compassionate, honest, fair, just, prosperous and progressive?

Our Malays destroyed this nation. Only the shell of the past will echo into what's left of the future already pawned off today.


Anonymous,  11 June 2015 at 09:39  

If the top political leaders and talent from PKR and
DAP take over the reins of government and form the
Malaysian Cabinet,the nation would improve by leaps and bounds;
many Overseas Malaysians would come home to live and work,
ex-Malaysians would invest their capital in Malaysia etc.
Our education system and the public universities would
improve immensely; crooks, thieves and racists/fascists would be prosecuted;
the economic lot of the poorest Malaysians would be improved through the
creation of a better social safety net.

Would these happy days ever materialise ?

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  11 June 2015 at 15:46  

Walla, incisive as always.
Thank you.

Anonymous,  11 June 2015 at 19:24  

Let me stress this & I have written in other blogs the same thing. THE MALAY PEOPLE

Prime Minister, DPM & Defence Minister MUST be Malays, Muslim or Orang Asal so
that these group of people will assure that their welfare will be looked after.
Malaysian Chinese must be realistic to this that this would bring harmony to
the Nation.
Definitely amongst this group of people there are intelligent, honest, capable,
& fair to all Malaysians to build a better future for our future generations.

Once the Malay race knows that the Chinese are not out to seize political power,
they will feel more at ease & not look behind all the time with suspicion. i
think Parliament should make this into law as well. Anyway 26% of the population
& all powers now held by Malays, & Malays still feel threaten by Chinese. I do
not know what to say.
I do not believe that all is lost because you look at Germany, Japan & China,
they were finished as an advance country in 19940s & now look at them economic
power houses & if they wanted to POLITICAL POWERHOUSES.

doni 18 July 2015 at 20:57  

trimakasih infonya sangat menarik,,
bermanfaat sekali,,

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