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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 13 June 2015

DAP is controlled by Evangelists and the religious principle of cooperation

I actually want to begin commenting on 1MDB- but can’t resist commenting beforehand on the accusation that DAP is controlled by evangelists. The person saying this must be a mental gnome or what.

As a Malay and a Muslim in DAP, I would be among the first to actually know whether DAP is run by evangelists and wants to Christianise everyone. DAP is a secular party which treats a person's religious denomination as a private matter. 
So who are the evangelists? Teresa Kok? Tony Pua? Anhony Loke? The Singh brothers?Charles Santiago, DAP MP for Klang has the ominous name of being a secret preacher, but fraternizing with him, reveals that he is a soft spoken fellow, happier at talking about Trade Agreements or the plight of refugees. Just dont get him on stage where he will boom about the injustices of the BN government!

I think these people would be happiest when left alone to pursue their own religiosity. If Teresa kok wants to be a nun, that is her choice. She is sometimes referred to as Mother Teresa – that’s a testimony for her untiring social work. I don’t even know whether Anthony Loke, Tony Pua and others are regular church goers or not. It’s a private matter.

They are no preachers. The only thing Tony Pua preaches on is 1MDB and he wants to convert all listeners and readers into believing that 1MDB is the mother of the mother of all scandals. He has converted many, even Dr Mahathir.

90% of DAP members are Buddhists I think, or some whom I know are free thinkers. So, far from trying to turn Malays into Christians, they would do well to convert the DAP members first. Now, these are made up of ordinary Chinese, who are more at home sitting on crates drinking whatever they want. I think if  DAP evangelists want to convert them, these people would lanxxxw or chxxai them first.

So how do we treat the statement that DAP is run by evangelists? It’s a sensational statement superseded only by the stupidity of the person giving it.

 The only agenda in accusing DAP as being run by evangelists is to create further distrust and fear among Malays. I will ask the Malays the same question- is your faith that fragile, that it’s easy to get you converted?

Now, if there are evangelists who go into the jungles converting orang aslis into Christians- why should that bother us Malays? They are not Muslims. And if they get converted into one of the revealed religions, that is a good thing. 
When it comes to us Muslims choosing to discredit Christianity on whatever grounds- that is a different matter altogether.The lunatic fringe crowds from both sides will do that, either openly or quietly. The responsibility of this government is to prevent a jihad or a crusade. 
My worry is that our pirate DNA-ed PM has this habit of running with the hare and hunting with the dogs. 

If Muslim missionaries don’t want to spend time in the jungles and rough it out living among orang Aslis, we should not prevent others who are willing. As long as Malays don’t get converted. We prevent Malays and Muslims from being converted by strengthening our own faith.

After getting that off my chest, allow me to speak of the matter a hand.

So many people are talking about 1MDB. People forget it was Tony Pua and Rafizi Ramli who first sounded this financial scandal out in the first place. Outside of the political crowd, Sarawak Report and the Edge put up revealing exposé about 1MDB.

Then came DR Mahathir.

The stature of Dr Mahathir placed him as the most prominent critic of 1MDB. The opposition expects no thank you notes from him. We are happy that he has chosen to fight alongside us. Our objectives are however different.

He seeks the removal of Najib. It is however a futile endeavour. Because Dr Mahathir has no replacement. He must say clearly who he wants. He wants Muhyidin, but the man has not got sufficient capacity and stature. He does not want Tengku Razaleigh for 1001 reasons although, TRH is the best qualified for the job.

We seek to expose the incompetence, gross abuse of power and downright embezzlement of the money in 1MDB with the help of the PM who must be directly or indirectly complicit in the matter. We want a post Najib and post UMNO type of political leadership.

We can support Tengku Razaleigh if he is committed to the ideals of forming a true democratic and a rule of law government. We want a government founded on the principle of accountability. Among others.

We cannot be expected to list down what we are going to do just because the other side demands it. They don’t have a clue either in running the government. Just as Jack Sparrow, the pirate DNAed PM makes things up as he goes along. Today 1 Malaysia, yesterday piratisation on the seas, today piratisation of the treasury.

Enough technicalities have been unearthed about 1mdb. When the idea of TIA was abandoned, how much did Jho Low get paid? Surely putting up the idea and having it accepted even temporarily was not an act of charity. So how much did Jho Low get?

When TIA morphed into 1MDB, Najib and Jho Low got a free hand to deal and wheel as they pleased. Najib must have thought being the number 1, he answers to no one. He forgot the principle of accountability.

As Muslims, most members of the cabinet must understand the principle of working together. The  Holy Quran says People cooperate and work with one another in the pursuit of good things and the fortification of spirituality. They don’t work and conspire in the commission of bad things.

No member of the cabinet must be held under the overrated term of collective responsibility in the commissioning of a wrong or on something they have no prior knowledge and wasn’t a party to.

Clearly someone is stealing money from 1MDB or using MDB as the means. Things can’t be done without the knowledge and even approval of the PM. He knows wrongdoings have been committed but was hoping holes can be covered before others know about it.

The wrongdoings even if made good later, do not cancel out the fraud and crimes committed.

Everyone knows about paying more for the IPPs. The cost was probably around RM8-10 billion, but the PM okayed the purchase at RM18 billion. More than that, he Okayed the payment of RM6 billion outstanding debts incurred by the IPPs.

Someone must have put in these to be plucked conditions in the SNP. The money was collected and distributed by the clever guys who drew up the SNP.

But please don’t forget the remittance of over USD 1 billion into Good Star Limited Account. That company was not a party to the agreement between 1MDB and the bogus Petrosaudi Caymans. Who approved the remittance? It must be the PM because not transactions can take place without his approval. Even if Jho Low promised Najib that the USD700 million to USD 1 billion can be repaid later, a wrong has been committed. A fraud and criminal breach of trust may have been committed.

So forget about the issue of DAP being controlled by evangelists. Instead insist that Muslim cabinet members follow the tenets of the Muslim Holy Book.


Anonymous,  13 June 2015 at 07:46  

Asklah Razali that ex DAP man, who witnessed the pledge by DAP lawmakers and Christian Ministers to turn this country to become a Christian nation. For years he was a DAP active members and after he revealed the story, his presence not longer welcome in DAP.

Navi 13 June 2015 at 08:31  

Think again before you write. You are quoting someone who left DAP for wahtsoever reason. It is most illogical considering that there are only a few Christian MPs, and they would never dare into converting the country to become Chrisian as you have written. Not only the Muslims who would have rejected DAP long long ago, but the Buddhist, Hindus and other religious groups. Your statement just doesn't make sense.

bruno 13 June 2015 at 08:34  

Dato,Malaysia,I think is the only country vying to be a developed and high income nation,where the IGP and his police force will investigate any police reports by the gomen running dogs.Any alleged reports by gomen linked GLC's or henhouse operators will do.Then the IGP will order his men to come kicking down doors in the middle of the night to arrest suspects.

Malaysia is the only upside down country,where the police do not know rights from the wrongs.They needed police reports,true or false does not matter.As long as the allegations are against opposition and activists.Even if the IGP's cats and dogs got humped by their neighbors,he cannot act without police reports.Me thinks that the IGP cannot differentiate between a donkey and a mule,or a baboon and an ape.

bruno 13 June 2015 at 08:49  

In civilized countries,it is an offence to make police reports without basis.One can be charge for making false accusations.

In civilized countries a married couple,that is the husband or wife can refuse sexual intercourse by either partner.If either forced the other,it is consider a rape.But in Malaysia it is allowed.

Only in Malaysia,the land of the kangaroos and the bolehs.

maae 13 June 2015 at 08:54  

Mimpi siang hari...

Anti Fitnah,  13 June 2015 at 08:59  

Dato', I setuju dengan hujah Dato' tentang pengkristianan oleh DAP. Kita tidak boleh menafikan bahawa ada di kalangan ahli DAP yang agama depa adalah kristian. Kalau aktiviti pengkristian dilakukan oleh orang ini, maka puak yang bingung seperti anon 13 June, 7:46 akan berhujah bahawa proses ini dilakukan oleh DAP sedangkan ini bukan yang sebenarnya berlaku. Memang Razali tidak dialu-alukan dalam DAP kerana telah melakukan PEMBOHONGAN dan PEKHIANATAN.
Kalaulah Melayu mampu berfikir lebih JAUH dan BERNAS, sudah pasti depa akan nampak proses pengkristianasi oleh DAP ini adalah cerita lawak dan tidak masuk. Kalaulah BENAR, kenapa sehingga hari ini Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, Anak-anak mendiang Karpal Singh, Zairil, Dato' sendiri, ... masih berpegang pada agama masing-masing.
Seperkara lagi Dato' ialah puak ni memang memperBODOHkan Melayu dengan menyatakan DAP ialah parti rasis Cina sehingga menggelar DAPig. Sedih melihat kerana depa menggelar saudara depa (seperti Zairil, Dato, ...) sendiri dengan gelaran sebegini. Adakah Melayu macam inikah mampu membawa kesejahteraan kepada Malaysia?
Rasuah dengan UMNO ... sinonim.

bruno 13 June 2015 at 09:02  

Malays,as often reminded by Dr Mahathir as having poor memories.

Remember Teresa Kok got arrested under the ISA because some Umno guys accused her of asking the mosque officials to tone down their loud speakers.

Remember the Indians wanting to build a temple and have thugs marching in objection with cow's heads.

Just recently,a church had to take down it's symbol a cross,because the IGP's brother and some thugs say so.

So,who would dare to convert Muslims into Christians or other faiths.

Anonymous,  13 June 2015 at 11:57  

Isma is speaking to "stupid" Malays in UMNO, as there are still many of them who take UMNO as God appointed party and saviour of the Malay race.
These are the Malays who will run berserk at the sight of a cross or the Bible. They go into a trance when the word Allah is uttered by a non-Malay. They get erections at the sign of a gymnast in leotards or swimmer in bikini.

Anonymous,  13 June 2015 at 23:01  

Well, it is a FACT that UMNO is controlled by thieves.

Anonymous,  14 June 2015 at 09:53  

Free Anwar Ibrahim, jail the 1MDB thieves.

Phua Kai Lit

walla 14 June 2015 at 10:38  

A: Sir, why are you looking so cross-eyed?

B: Because i am confused about things.

A: Unravel them and i will give you the answers.

B: You sure or not? Why suddenly so confi?

A: Her smile is exquisitely sweet and inspiring.

B: (eyes roll, crossed-eyes look at small spider on ceiling)

A: Go ahead, make my morning.

B: Ok, one. When M went on stage to speak about 1MDB at the Nowhere2Hide forum, he...

A: You mean Nothing2Hide forum?

B: No, i mean Nowhere2Hide forum. Anyway, as he was barreling away, he suddenly mentioned how the N gomen even had to ask the dot for permission to build the highspeed rail. I don't understand why. And let's not deny his audience also noticed it and went a bit cold. After all they were NGOs and journalists.

A: Oooh. I see what you mean. Well, the logical answer is because he saw an opportunity to drum up support for his desired image as a nationalist so as to build his desired credential for what he wanted to say next. He was playing to the gallery but only in his mind locked to think his listeners still have IQs below 90.

B: But he would have known at least 90 percent of the length of that rail would be on our own soil so how can the dot be needed to give permission? And if the permission has to be given for the remaining 10 percent, it would be on their own soil so they have every right to do so for that segment, wouldn't it, especially when we were the ones who mooted the whole project first in much the same way he had wanted a half-crooked bridge that seems to mimic the half-crooked gomen of his making, no?

A: (grits and grinds teeth). No-lah. He was just lapping it up on his new-found role as spokesman for the Opposition that he disowns.

B: In the same way he disowns his own real roots? In the same way he forgets where he had received his MBBS degree? In the same way he forgets how his empire was constructed with the help of cronies? Why go on like that when LKY has already passed on? Why for instance say LGE must go when LGE had done nothing against him or our Malays? In fact, in wanting to replace all the PAS posts in Penang with just Malays, LGE should be applauded for being more Malaysian than him or PAS, no?

A: Because he equates the DAP here with LKY's PAP over there, and the latter being christians?

B: Ah, we are finally getting somewhere. So you are saying he has some internal inadequacy which he uses to psyche himself to take an inconsistent sinophobic stand to such an extent he becomes the patron of Perkasa, a radicalized group of racists, and somehow the wires got crossed between what is race and what is religion?

A: Err..but in LKW he said he had a friend and LKW is certainly sino...yes, i see what you mean about self-erasure and inconsistency, furthermore the PAP are not exclusively christians in a state whose constituents are plural and global in all sorts of faiths.

B: Ok. Let's ignore that and move on to the other one, Isma. And no, let's not talk about that obnoxious ex-CJ relic or the other two neo-religious wackos in Selangor whose names we have already forgotten; by the way see how fast such opportunists disappear from the horizon? Now, Isma one time said our Malays have first right to this land and all the others born here are still pendatang's. Recall that?

A: Ah, yes i recall; what happened next was all the Umno leaders started spilling the beans and beating their chests on their original roots. Java, Turkey, Kerala, Zimbabwe, Timbuktu and so on. Until today N has to say he is a Bugis warrior.

walla 14 June 2015 at 10:39  


B: Gosh, you're certainly bright this morning. So, shall we not agree that the issue of race has receded from this country? Race is no longer an issue politically and the others are no longer to be considered pendatang's.

Doesn't that mean race-based political parties of BN such as Umno are defunct? And if that be so, the present race-based, Umno-run, federal, government should be a national opprobrium, yes? A, the two key words played to death are (a) official, and (b) federal. M's Umno has made them exclusively one-racial. The more it became, the more the others left so that power distribution became polarized until federally and nationally we today have massive embezzlement of federal and state funds in the absence of real checks-and-balances.

A: Ok. I agree with you completely. But that's because i cannot mount an argument to counter your logic which is based on facts. I have tried to find a chink in your armor so that i can do the usual Umno stuff - make a non-too subtle ad hominem attack on you. But alas i have not succeeded. And i also cannot say you are long-winded because i am also an active participant in our conversation this morning.

B: Don't worry. I will try to create some weaknesses so that you can have your fun.

A: So what's next?

B: Now that race is out of the race, religion is next. I am anguished by this matter.

A: Don't worry. I am learned on the topic. Speak freely.

B: From what has been seen so far, that's an oxymoron.

A: Ok. Speak but cautiously.

B: I want to know if the Almighty created us.

A: Yes.

B: Thank you. If that be so, did He create men different from women?

A: Of course. Women appreciate expensive handbags. Men appreciate expensive automobiles.

B: What-lah. You Umno?

A: (whispering). Actually both Umno and PAS. Umno for body, PAS for soul.

B: But come election?

A: Vote for PKR or DAP, depending on the constituency.

B: Ooh, a true Malaysian and real nationalist.

A: Thank you. But surely you're not talking about worldly stuff, yes?

B: I was just thinking aloud and allowed. If He created us, why would He create women to have a body that would trouble men so much it would entice them to look? For that matter, why would he create men to be spontaneously attracted to it?

A: (scratches head). Maybe to create a bond for biological propagation of species but it also has an amoral side effect which must be contained?

B: That sounds wise. So how does one do gymnastics without having to wear a leotard which must itself be covered with a cardboard box? If a sarung is tied, wouldn't doing so only attract the very attention that is to be avoided? Isn't the issue more what is in the mind than what is in the eye? How would a Bung or an Abduh answer these technical design questions, you reckon?

A: (combs hair). I see your point. Body natural but mind weak. And it should also not be about self-control inside the borders of this land only. Faith should not be localized but should be universal wherever He is. So if a believer goes west or somewhere else and sees someone in a leotard, the same self-control has to be exercised internally. Criticizing others not of one's preference will only brand oneself as being a zealot edging towards religious dictatorship however in a free world where personal will is what strengthens faith. But...

B: I know what you are going to say next. You are going to say the faith is collectively built by its members who are beholden to help others not to stray. But if that be so, how will it be served if in doing so one is branded a zealot? And if you say it is only to be subscribed by one race, how will that sync with it being a non-racial faith? And if it is a non-racial faith, how will you accommodate the critical thinking powers of the others whose arguments seem to make them more reasonable and progressive until they can coexist more harmoniously in a society where they are not the majority?

walla 14 June 2015 at 10:39  


A: Let's talk about something else.

B: No, A. You know me. I am only interested in substance, not form. The akar, not the ubi. Let's close the loop and then we can move on.

If what you are defending is that the faith is circumscribed unto itself, then that must mean He created us exclusively. So who created them? On the other hand, they would say their creator created them so who created us? If it is the same Creator, then why the difference in faiths? And if the difference is because free will is given to believe, why are we having problems accepting each other's faiths until fear and inadequacy have to rule minds weak over bodies to exercise prejudicial behavior contrary to having the same Root of creation?

A: Why must you be so complicated?

B: Because you only want to quickly seek a comfort zone. Like too many others, too lazy to think critically out of fear you will finally conclude the opposite of what you want to retain.

Therefore, the final question - why do you want to retain whatever it is you want to retain? You would have seen too often behavior in too many that is redolent of the behavior of alley cats.

They are extremely selfish and supercilious, grabbishly think only of themselves at every opportunity and when with others they clamp up owing to mind control shaped by propaganda which takes advantage of their personal psychological gaps.

Education and critical thinking would have banished these; unfortunately they lack both because of their economic plight. Alas it is a vicious cycle, like the alley cat trying to catch its own tail. Without one, without the other. However once they are doing better economically, they tragically hook themselves even more to their own because their economic improvement is based on the very patronage that spawns the differentiation. Now you know the comical-tragedy of our lives?

A: (quiet for a few minutes).. I concede you have a point. Let's agree to disagree.

B: There you go. Why, A? Why?

A: Fear, B. Fear.

B: Where's your faith? Look, this is not about the DAP or the chinese or the christians or whatever else. Trace out your own set mind, notions, perceptions, actions. It's about you and you alone, nothing to do with anyone else or any group. Think about it for a minute, ok?

A: Ok. So what's next.

B: Pakatan should reconfigure. PasMA should replace PAS as member. And let me proffer a brilliant strategic stroke. PKR, DAP and PasMA should open mutual membership to that a member of one can also simultaneously be a member of the other two. Then Pakatan becomes one to fulfill cross-race, cross-faith aspirations. With each political success, the checks-and-balances will be returned in the area of economics so that all can be lifted up at the same time without the fear that has been deep-bone embedded in too many by BN which will be relegated to become the next opposition whose role will be to keep a lookout on any anomaly in the new Pakatan federal government but that because BN has so much experience in cheating the rakyat before. In the end, win-win for the rakyat of Malaysia.

A: Wah! You another erich von manstein, ke?

B: No-lah, just a very old man who has to go buy some food for the poor. The rain has stopped and i can go now.

A: Talking about food. I'm famished. How about we have something to eat first?

B: Ok. But i only have two packets of instant noodles left. No more fried onions. Can't afford. Even lada now costs seventy ringgit sekilo. Mati-oh.

A: GST, fuel, toll and tiga-suku's kill us.

B: The weak ringgit will also kill entire families whose only hope are their children studying overseas. You know, if they cannot complete their studies, their entire investments are gone. No degree or diploma, no job. What a bad mad sad and shitty world we have been given. By who, you reckon?

A: Err, i got to go too.

Anonymous,  14 June 2015 at 13:36  

I wish PasMa and its planned new political party

Some suggestions:

The new political party should combine Social Democracy with Islam.

The new political party should set up a non-Muslim supporters club.

The new political party should learn from the hubris of Morsi in Egypt
(who tried to implement a radical Islamist agenda and thus lost the support of the
middle class and secular Egyptians) and
the hubris of Erdogan in Turkey (loss of 2/3 majority in the
recent Turkish general elections). Be Islamist but be moderate

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  14 June 2015 at 20:10  

Dato, read that Daim is holding a second meeting with Tengku Razaleigh on the PM's position. TR must accept this "holy" challenge for the sake of the country.

Anonymous,  14 June 2015 at 20:58  

Hi Walla, scintillating conversation between A and B ! Lovely! What a long time in coming from you, it's been a while.
And to add to their masterly exchanges, not only fear, but money, cash, and man-made mandates rule the oxymorons!

Anonymous,  14 June 2015 at 21:00  

If the news is to be believed, Daim and team are holding discussions with Tengku Razaleigh, and hopefully outcome will save the country and rakyat from the current headless "leadership"

Anonymous,  15 June 2015 at 08:41  

Anon - 14 June @ 20:58

Scintillating is the word! Thanks brother.

bruno 15 June 2015 at 22:58  

What is the police's SOP under the sedition act.

As usual,the 'make a report and we will investigate' IGP said that since several reports were made against Nazri,the police will investigate.

If what Nazri said is considered seditious under the sedition act,irrespective of whether a report is being made against him or not,the police will still investigate,right?Or,maybe not.

Anonymous,  16 June 2015 at 21:26  

Today your party make the right choice. Disassociate itself from Taliban pas. PAS will turn this country in Afghanistan. Their are extremist and don't know how to run a country. Dato better tell Guan eng there are a lot of progressive pas members who need a home. Time for guan to be to change DAP into aalaysian parties and gives these pas member a platform. It is a win win situation for DAP.

Anonymous,  21 June 2015 at 16:27  

There is a difference between evangeliST and evangeliCAL. LGE and others in DAP are the latter - born-again Christian who worship in 'new' churches rather than the mainline churches (Catholic, Presbyterian etc.). Dr. Terence Gomez from UM has written and edited cutting-edge research articles on evangelicals in Southeast Asia and their links to business.

Anonymous,  12 February 2016 at 00:04  

(1) Tony Pua is NOT a Christian! He has written about it publicly before ! (2) If Guan Eng is a closet Christian, his closet must either be kept on Mt Everest or the lost city of Atlantis! Which church does he attend regularly & when was he ever baptised??!? (3) Do you guys know what an evangelical is? An evangelical is just any Christian who believes in the Bible (the distinction must be made because most westerners do not!) and who believes that one must know God in the heart & not just in the head. And this knowledge will transform him to be a lover of God & his neighbour. That's all ! (4) Chinamen everywhere, including those in DAP, hate Christians telling them about Jesus!! So how can DAP be a tool of the Christians ?!? (5) I know all the above because I'm a Chinese Christian from young - and I'm not young anymore !! (6) Bless you, my fellow Malaysians !!

Anonymous,  12 February 2016 at 00:11  

And the difference between an evangelist and an evangelical is this - an evangelist is a full-time preacher of the gospel e.g. Billy Graham. An evangelical, as mentioned in my earlier posting, is one who holds on to a certain body of beliefs. And the main beliefs are just these (i) the Bible is the inspired Word of God and it's to be read, believed & practised (ii) one must believe God in the heart (not just head) and be allowed to be transformed by God's love to be a blessing to others. Hence, an evangelist is a profession whereas an evangelical is a subscriber to a certain set of beliefs & can be found in any church, traditional or independent.

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