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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Oracle of Syed Putera Speaks Again!- Part 3

Part 3.
Why is Mahathir acting as de facto UMNO president and PM? What is the 86 year old man afraid of? How can he stoop that low as to launch Rosmah’s book when you, the Oracle told me, Daim says Mahathir refers to Rosmah as that damn lady? And didn’t Daim tell you on  many occasions, Mahathir demanded Najib come see him alone without that lady? Suddenly Mahathir launches Rosmah’s book and gave flattering assessments because of what? Because they share a common love for Shakrukh Khan?
The Oracle just shook his head in a gesture of incredulity. He can’t or won’t explain Mahathir. So I did the explaining.
Because he fears for his and his family's future. It isn’t about Malaysia. It’s about the empire of fraud he has built over the years. Can you imagine, his empire of fraud crumbling like a pack of cards and all those Jokers and Kings and Queens and Jacks will take a fall?
All because they have leveraged on the reward system established  by Mahathir and perpetuated by the current hypocritical regime of Najib, the media actor.
Let us illustrate.
None of us are envious that his son drives around in a Bugatti Veyron. He is a billionaire and can afford one like a RM2 candy bar. We don’t take issue if a man of means wants to express his stature in material achievements. Remember we are seeking equality in prosperity not equality in misery.
The issue become rather complex when we ask a question from another angle. When we ask why should a bin Mahathir gets it- that becomes a different issue. It then becomes an issue about distribution of wealth creating resources. It becomes an issue who controls what, who decides who to get and all that. It becomes, why should some people get wealth because we ascribed some qualities of specialness about them? It’s a question of the reward system.
Some people cut corners and get what they want while the majority are taught to persevere and do skunk work but get mediocre results. And it’s even more demoralising and unjust, when that kind of reward system snuffs out the industry of hard working people when they start asking why should we put in much efforts only to see those who leverage on their ascriptive status get ahead of us?
Why should the elite society get it? They want equality of results while we want equality of opportunities. What’s the difference?
Those who subscribe to equality of results belong to that class of people who want rewards based on inherited status. Hence in this country, the bin Mahathir’s, the bin Onns, bin Razaks, bin Jarjis, get ahead using their blue blood status. Those who subscribe to equality of opportunities belong to the group who believe that the reward system must be based on what you can do, hard work and industry. Those who work harder, persevere, make sacrifices will get their natural dues.
Mahathir has spent the last 22 years building up his empire of fraud. That will soon crumble and come to an end with PR coming into power. If Anwar isn’t the PM, we will make sure Mahathir gets the justice he richly deserves.
Isn’t Daim the person who told the Oracle that he writes an 18-page letter to Mahathir and said that history will judge Mahathir on corruption? That statement is pregnant with so many meanings. Maybe like I said before, we need to establish a commission to clear Mahathir’s name being accused of hoarding up USD44 billion cache of wealth. We must have faith in our judicial system after all it was one constructed by Mahathir.
And I further asked the Oracle- didn’t Daim ask you to convey me the message when I asked whether he has read Doctor in the House and he said as a matter of factly that Dr Mahathir’s memoir isn’t complete, until he Daim publishes his own memoir?


Anonymous,  26 March 2013 at 08:34  


Is your part 3 article just your own thoughts instead of the Oracle's? It's just a monologue of what you think the Oracle would say but wouldn't.

antisyaitan,  26 March 2013 at 08:39  

Antara dua Tun iaitu Tun Musa dan Tun Daeng adalah dua karektor yang sangat berbeza macam langit dengan bumi.

Tun Musa adalah pejuang yang mempertahankan prinsip hidup sehingga sanggup berkata benar, menentang sang penguasa sehingga hilang jawatan dan kemewahan hidup. Beliau dikenali sebagai penentang kapitalis dan sangat kritis terhadap golongan feudal-bangsawan.

Tun Daeng adalah kapitalis yang menggunakan segala kuasa dan kedudukan yang ada untuk mengumpul
harta sebanyak mungkin. Soal prinsip kebenaran tidak menjadi ukuran, yang penting adalah matlamat mengaut keuntunugan dan kekayaan.

Tun Mamak pula adalah pembuat fatwa
baru untuk rakyat Malaysia supaya memilih "Syaitan Yang Dikenali" untuk masa depan rakyat Malaysia. Beliau sekarang adalah Mursyidul Am UMNO yang mengepalai kempen PRU13 untuk UMNO/BN. Beliau dikatakan Mursyidul Am yang terkaya dirantau Asia dan Yang ke2 terkaya didunia selepas Husni Mubarak dan mengatasi kekayaan Fidel Marcos, Suharto dan Thaksin Chinawat.

Ariff Sabri 26 March 2013 at 09:49  

anon 08:34

i told the Oracle i will use the material discussed between him and i in a way i see fit. i told him too i will use them in a partisan way in response to the Daim interview. i have been meeting the Oracle since 2008 consistently and an a regular basis which allow me to understand the enigmatic daim.
the knowledge accumulated since 2008 allows me to interpret the real daim. The Oracle is almost Daim since he is Daim's alter ego.

read the interview- it wasnt more about Najib than it is about Anwar.

bumi-non-malay 26 March 2013 at 10:14  

8 March 2008 - 5 March 2013....Dah 5 tahun lebih. Democracy Apa ni? Jadi UMNO-BN boleh tabir 10 tahun tanpa Pilihanraya?? Mana Agong/Sultan tuntut pilihanraya?? Mana SPR tuntut bubarkan Parliamen dan ADUN?? Mana Bersih?? Mana ABU?? Mana tunjuk perasaan RAKSAKSA??

Ini bukan equality/keadilan?? Ini denocracy Songsang/Gila UMNO.

Rupanya banyak keluarga UMNO dan Kroni UMNO memerlukan MASA untuk buat booking keluar negara, hantar duit disimpan kat luar negara...... Saya harap semua rakyat Malaysia TURUT IKUT keluarkan duit dari Bank Malaysia sebelum Bank Malaysia lumpuh macam CYPRUS. Nanti Duit Awak Kena ISA!!! Ayuh Cepat......Malaysia sudah Bankrupt!!

UMNO-BN wants all Malaysia to share equality in misery, while they and their children and ruling elite & ilks share the equality in prosperity. UMNO-BN needs you to aspire to be rich and famous without the Opportunity. Wake up from your illusion/dream and END UMNO SHAM Today!! Jom Keluar Bantahan RAKSAKSA!!

Anonymous,  26 March 2013 at 10:30  

Mahathir will see an ignominious ending. He will be most despised human being ever to live in this country.

Anonymous,  26 March 2013 at 11:43  

The man with the white moustache says....

Tun Daim memoir isnt complete, if there is one, without intricate details of Fleet Holdings and Peremba Bhd business ventures. That includes associate companies and subsidiaries like Daza Sdn Bhd.
How assets, shares and properties were being shuffled and changed hands many times to profit only ONE person....

Anonymous,  26 March 2013 at 12:30  

Thank you Dato.
I eagerly await to hear Daim's view on Sabah.

Especially in light of the Mahathir-Anwar team effort in the 90s, and how that pans out in the next few weeks.

You have mentioned before an analysis of Sabah's electoral prospects. But that analysis accounts for BN vs PR. Do you have insight into how the UBF coalition will impact on the swing?

Undoubted PR (read: DAP) has found fans in the Chinese community. But how does the Bumiputera (Muslim and non-Muslim) perceived PR?

Sumpitan Emas,  26 March 2013 at 13:56  

Datuk exactly, I like it this way; not half-truths or half-fiction, but re-interpretation of ideas and thoughts exchanged between two persons, mediated by body language to give the necessary hints as to what was actually intended to mean but never expressed directly. Therein lies the beauty of unravelling the ghost (read: conversion between two friends in the best of times must be guarded because of libel and defamation laws) in the conversation piece. This done often enough helps ultimately to define any individual no matter how enigmatic he wants to be. Time does not allow the worm to remain hidden in the cocoon forever. So regular meetings between friends help, in the present context, to make sure that individuals who 90% of the time prefer to be taciturn and enigmatic cannot remain unchallenged when they decide to be talkative and effusive. Those days of complete control of the mass media by partisan groups are over. The Fifth Estate is here to stay.

Keep the juice flowing everyone. We shall see how many can remain enigmatic heroes and patriots. The cheeks of it all by someone who remains the only human being on Earth to retire as a billionaire after a short spell as a Finance Minister.

Panic buttons yes, enigma no more.

Anonymous,  26 March 2013 at 14:04  

Mahathir just want to cover himself from being implicated for all the corruptions and fraud he and his cronies did during his 22 years as PM.

Pakatan Rakyat once steps into Putrajaya and the first person to be charged will be Mahathir.

So instead of Najib going around the country to buy votes, Mahathir is going around the country to destroy the votes.

We the rakyat should stand together and cast the vote for PR to takeover Putrajaya.

The slogan INI KALI LAH should be heard like thunder over the nation.

OneMalaysian,  26 March 2013 at 15:45  

Dear Sakmongkol

Mahathir has become a crucial element in GE13. He complements Najib. Mahathir’s job is to do the hard bit, that is, to attack the opposition, to talk about racial and divisive issues to drum up Malay support. These things Najib cannot do without damaging his carefully nurtured “nice guy” image. So what is left for Najib to do is the helicopter act – throwing money indiscrimately out of a helicopter.

Why is Mahathir so actively involved? There are two reasons. One, which you alluded to, that is, to protect the commercial interests of his cronies and family. This is the exploitation of economic opportunities by the few in the name of the many. This is the system that Pakatan Rakyat will dismantle when it comes into power. Mahathir will do all he can to prevent that from happening. Let’s not even talk about possible investigations into wrong doing by those UMNO/BN fellows, such as the Sabah IC project or the Scopene deal.

Second, Mahathir barely hides his contempt for Najib. In his recent interview with a foreign press he said that Najib will have to go if he wins with a reduced majority. That is normal, Mahathir says. What was Najib’s response? Nothing, absolutely nothing. That is precisely the reason why Mahathir has no respect for him. He hasn’t the balls to fight back; just smiles. It could be Mahathir hurling abuses at him, or PI Bala implicating him in a murder and corruption. Najib thinks if he keeps quiet and continues throwing money out of a helicopter things will be OK. Sorry, Mahathir has already laid out the path for him. If the winning majority is reduced (let’s not talk about them losing), Najib is gone. So Mahathir has laid out Najib’s career path, and UMNO’s succession plan, a plan in which Najib won’t feature. Since the 2 most likely election scenarios are a narrow loss or narrow victory for UMNO/BN, we can almost sure we are seeing the last of this clueless and feckless Najib. So it would be Anwar or Muhyiddin as the next PM of Malaysia.

Don,  26 March 2013 at 15:51  

I agree Dato, Mahathir is only trying to protect his years' of stealing the nations wealth, and the stolen wealth of bin Mahathir's. Remember how Mirzan lost a watch and fur coat and reported to the police of the loss, IN CANADA. The value of the watch and coat was in the several hundreds of thousands. This is what one does from the miney one has easily obtained. NO ONE who works hard for their money, will purchase such exorbitantly high priced items, like Bugattis'. Mahathir and gang are hell bent on making sure Anwar doesn't become PM, but they don't realise that even if Hadi becomes the PM, Mahathir will still be subjected to an investigation, legitimately conducted and adduced, and this is what Mahathir is afraid of.
Personally, I don't think Anwar should become PM, as he has too much that Mahathir knows about, and these could be used against Anwar, and Anwar would have to let Mahathir free. However, if Hadi, etc., becomes the PM, they are hard to negotiate with, there is nothing to hold them to.
But BN is desperate, now we are told that Anwar and Nurul and Khalid Ibrahim will be implicated in a "manufactured" sex scandal. And we have RPK on their side too. It is obvious from what he last wrote, that Anwar has ment Misuari to secure his assistance in winning Sabah, and in return Anwar has promised autonomy for bith Sabah and Sarawak. BN blogger Syed Akbar Ali is another desperado, he is trying his best to be the 2nd Papagomo, but he falls flat on his face each time. I have written to his blog, asking him some questions on Najib's PD affair, and some questions about Althantuya, he has however not allowed the post. he chooses what to post on his blog, and it all seems everyone is attacking Anwar, but we know that he either posts the posts himself, or gets friendly parties to do so. All posts asking relevant questions, for Anwar, are deleted. Same with the likes of Rocky. Such cowards they are.

Anonymous,  26 March 2013 at 16:29  

Pembaca nak tahu betapa boya atau tidak Tun Daim aka Tun Diam ni, silalah rujuk perkara ini kepada anak anak beliau sendiri.

Diam diam besi berkarat, diam diam Tun Daim boya darat. Dia ni suau mas dulu dah kena warning dan marah oleh anak dia sendiri, menunjukkan betapa haprak dan kaki betinanya jantan diam ini.

Rakyat boleh faham sangat kenapa Daim tak menyokong Anwar sebaliknya mempertahnkan Najib dan Mahathir. Orang bermasalah pasti pertahankan puaknya yang uga bermasalah agar segala masalah dan dosa kalangan merela tertutp rapat dan tidak ditmpa musibah kemudiannya.

Jadi jangan sesekali terperdaya mempertahankan puak elit UMNO kaki betina ini kerana untuk melayan nafsu buas mereka mendapatkan betina betina class atasan, sudah tentu banyak duit perlu dijadikan umpan. Natijah akhirnya duit rakyat dan negara dirembat melalui manipulasi undang undang dan kuasa.

Mahathir barangkali terkecuali dalam kumpulan ini namun Mahathir adalah peloba kekayaan demi kepentingan peribadi, keluarga dan kroni. Jahnamkan kumpulan 6 jahanam ini dari arus perdana politik Malaysia dalam GE 13 nanti sebelum negara serta rakyat Malaysia dijahanamkan puak puak 6 jahanam ini.

Anonymous,  26 March 2013 at 16:42  

Elections here is fun time because you can mudsling at will and get away with it, kosher or non kosher way.

The ruling BN party plumbs lowlives across parties, institutions, and people. It ropes in political pimps like unsavoury NGOs, offers its bed to the willing in the media (countless partners to be found here from the Trevinos to the local Awang Selamats), forgives errant party workers, ex-partymen, falls at peoples’ feet with cold cash and hardened promises. It knows the power of now and here. The end to four-and-a-half years of non-governance seems close and as it holds on to the last straw, its image needs to be burnished. So media advisers motioned - let’s bring out the last trump card ie the Duke (Daim) to endorse the PM. Najib can be elected and the new broom sweeps clean but the old one (be it Mahathir or Daim) knows where the dirt is.

The interview in the broadsheet paper once again proved why it pays to be cynical with the mainstream articles. Nevertheless, never underestimate BN’s potential for scurviness. It is an art the party has perfected for a few decades with single minded dedication. It is hard to find any other political party that can match this talent except perhaps the North Korea Communist Party or the party bordering the Johor Straits in the red dot.

The party post 1988 has grown to be one gigantic, self-perpetuating banyan tree that allows nothing to grow under its rotten branches. Over the years, it’s made itself indistinguishable from the rest by uprooting most of its values and is populated by non-professional politicians masquerading as alim ulamaks, scumbags and technocrats. Since there is no democracy inside the party, the inheritors often behave like feudal lords

During TDM’s reign, god knows how many political and economic crimes have been committed under the shadow of this diabolic banyan tree. Perhaps the greatest state-sponsored loot of all time–PFKZ or Bakun tops it? Or is it BNM forex losses? The net result is uncontrollable spiral downwards of Malaysia’s exchange rate, purchasing power, education ranking, environmental decline and moral compass of society and nation.

We can trace the corruption index of the country by back of the envelope calculation: there is a direct correlation between the number of years the ruling party has ruled and the slow decline state of the nation for the same period and the staggering amount of Malaysian money parked abroad. Malaysia ends up reforming backwards because none of the political parties has explained to the people the difference between being ‘pro-market’ and ‘pro-business’. To be ‘pro-market’ is to believe in competition in the marketplace, which helps keep prices low, raises the quality of products, and leads to a ‘rules based capitalism’. To be ‘pro-business’ means to turn over the market’s authority to politicians and officials, and this leads to ‘crony capitalism’.


Bindi 1/2

Anonymous,  26 March 2013 at 16:43  

The media with its sinister coverage on everyday issues with its character assassination, to its practice of pornographic politics to its bend-over stance on national security have led society to revel in consuming ever increasing quantities of muck everyday. The young often resent and sees the government as the Hydra headed Monster with the Elected Mafia (and I mean “Family” in the Sicilian sense) and the media as its extended tentacles. And you still want reasons why the young dislike the government?

Of all political parties in the country, the BN feels the most uncomfortable being out of power even for a few seconds and once there, feels compelled not to hide its tyrannical tendencies. Of all political parties, the BN holds the record for setting the maximum number of ugly precedents in any realm of public discourse and even basic decency. Of all political parties, the BN has done the most to wreck democracy, constitution and royalty in the country. Of all political parties, the BN is the most intolerant of criticism. So like what you have previously mentioned, its not about Anwar, Mahathir or Najib nor Daim, its about bringing back good governance to the centre stage.

Hugo Weaving’s advise in the movie V for Vendetta was really meant for Najib, Mahathir and Anwar rather than John Hurt. ‘People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people’ he said. Leaders of all our political family firms might ponder over it as Najib and Anwar (and also darkhorse Mahathir) are often being projected by a large section as the modern Moses, the messiah who will lead the despondent Malaysia people into a land of milk and hone i.e. the man who is best suited to be the next PM.

We don’t need a broadsheet interview by Daim to peddle us who is best suited to be next PM. We want to move on and choose good governance.


Bindi 2/2

Anonymous,  26 March 2013 at 19:46  

Wy do you care what Mahathir thinks anyway? If he is such a non entity why do you give so much space in your rambling blogs? Could it be that you and your cybertroopers are so afraid of him because you know his support of Najib is important for the silent majority? Yes the silent majority will decide who wins. The inept moronic opposition supporters like you and your buddies will vote a monkey in as long as it is DAP/PAS/PKR candidates.

Anonymous,  26 March 2013 at 21:17  

haiya latok why so afraid of 86 old man like Mahathir? let him be la to ramble on and on. if the rakyat believe him so be it la. it is a free country, no? you are supposed to be the bastion of democracy but why want the old man to shut up?

Anonymous,  26 March 2013 at 23:07  

Anon 1946
Umno are so proud of their 'silent majority' After huge turnouts at Bersih and Pakatan rallies their leaders pompously say the silent majority supports them. Podah. People who are silent are useless.
Those who turn up at rallies are the brave ones and brave ones have no problem talking and convincing others and spreading the message
Silent people can never change the world. They have no guts

Sumpitan Emas,  26 March 2013 at 23:38  


Make no mistake thinking that we fear Mahathir, not at all. The additional space devoted to him is to elicit further comments from the thousands who are just waiting for someone to lead the charge. Ever notice the number of new bloggers on this site and the depth of the analyses and critiques by some of the more eloquent ones such as Walla, Bruno, OneMalaysia, bumi-non-malay, Cahaya Qalbu, Nick, Bindi, antisyaitan and of course, the irrepressible Monsterball?

As things stand we are of the view that it is not the silent majority who will decide who wins but the number of black hands soiled with filth working overtime to manipulate the electoral registers. Hence the rationale for Bersih 3.0 in July 2011.

Allow me to append below a poem by National Laureate Pak A Samad Said:

Disimbah brim, ambillah hak sendiri.
Bila undi, guna hati nurani.
Brim bukan wang peribadi menteri;
undi jujur demi pahala diri.
Ingatlah hingga ke hari mengundi!


Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 02:04  

Isn't it the moronic UMNO/BN supporters like you who will vote a monkey in as long as it is UMNO/MCA/MIC....?

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 11:09  

ini latuk x UMNO machai sama macam supporters lain yang sudah tak ada harapan mau jadi calon. umno sudah tendang, masuk PKR macam masuk UMNO jugak. masuk PAS tak pas pas lagi. masuk DAP je lah harap2 dapat jadi tukang bancuh kopi Guan Eng dan Kit Siang.

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 13:15  

Anon 02:04,

Yeah right. Lets see which moronic supporters will win. I am absolutely sure the opposishit moronic supporters will lose!!

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 18:44  

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