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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 21 May 2012

The Rakyat's Convictions were Forged on the Pavement of Injustice

Their convictions were forged on the stone and pavement of injustice.

 This is another article by the perceptive Walla. Here, there and everywhere, UMNO is pushing so many panic buttons. In a few days, it will hold a rally of sejuta belia. Yesterday, I wrote of the symbolism behind the behemoth sized posters where Najib is hovering over the masses proclaiming his one million dreams, one thousand happiness. Thats One million input, producing not even 1% whats put in. As usual, 99% is lost during delivery, hijacked most probably by the pirates inhabiting the deep corridors of power. All government measures now are seen clearly as fire-fighting measures designed to hold to power by every unscrupulous means necessary. lets take a few minutes and digest what Walla has to say.- Sakmongkol.

Yellow and red are just colors. By themselves, they carry neither meaning nor context. These properties are instead conveyed by the people who wear them as symbolic of some belief or conviction.
 When the rakyat wore yellow and marched in Bersih, they were saying they wanted clean and fair elections. They were saying they have had enough of the flip-flopping double-standard chicaneries of the present government. Coming from all over the land, they had assembled on their own accord, driven by inner concerns about outer grievances layered one after another, for they could clearly see how Umno was skirting away from the real and key election reform demands needed to ensure a clean and fair GE13. And they knew they would be pummeled for their march but yet they came, young and old, tall and short, simple and sophisticated. They wore no armor and carried neither shields nor batons nor stones. Just bottled water to slake their parched throats on a hot but inspiring afternoon.
Their convictions were forged on the stone of injustice.
In fact, the entire world was witness to the first technicolor event of how the rakyat of different races had come together under one sky to remind the Umno government that they to the last man and woman already knew Umno's transformation is just some shifty pocket-money vote-buying without the clean and fair governance of administration that is the heart of all matters and whose absence has been the root of all ills besetting this nation for the last thirty years.
Next, look at the other side. When Umno members dressed in red were corralled and ferried in style to attend an assembly just like their local chiefs to the Umno GAs, each was merely putting on a show for the next guy in a convention of blinkered, clueless, cowardly and empty-headed zealots. Not a single member had raised the issue of governance or clean and fair elections. They were just putting on a counter-balancing show of numbers while knowing their numbers could never equal those from the general populace.
 So if Umno neither commands the voluntary, open-heart and real numbers of the rakyat nor the context and conviction of our society, how can it continue to preside over the conscience and thus the future of this nation?
 And that is why when Najib talked about rule of law as necessary to avoid anarchy, the rakyat who know guffawed in disbelief. In the case of Altantuya and the scorpene deal, was there real rule of law, they asked? What about the cowgate and copgate cases, they added? How can there be rule of law in this country of double standards when there is one set of laws for the rakyat including Umno general members, and another set of deflect-&-close-off laws for the Umno elites, they collectively echoed. Which leaves them to conclude that the real anarchists in this country are those currently finding party support, protection and amnesty under the shield of an Umno that has been disfigured beyond any possible recognition until it is only good for one thing - the munafiqation of our Malay race.

After all, how can there be rule of law when those who lead and command put themselves above the law and use it to punish the very people who are fighting and marching for its return? Be assured this question has already been asked by enough people in the PDRM, judiciary and armed forces that have apparently been inducted under the wings of what is supposed to be a transformed government.

So who're the real anarchists, Najib of Nottingham, anak of Tun Razak?

 And that is why the rakyat who know will continue to wonder how people like Hasan Ali and Tunku Aziz can show they're oblivious of the full plight of the rakyat they have projected themselves otherwise to be concerned about. For one, it was a four hundred thousand personal office renovation prelude to some aspiration to be the next MB of Selangor; for the other some personal slight out of an extinguished status as a senator. Surely they would have asked themselves what are these things compared to making sure a clean and fair election takes place so that the rakyat can elect clean and fair leaders from a pool already contaminated by years of rapacious and corrupt administration? Or are there some other reasons? What be them?
 Let everyone in this country conclude here and now that there is no point increasing the microphone decibel of every Azan across our land if it goes in one ear and comes out the other in the heads of our Umno members. And that you already know is because there is nothing between those two ears.
We cannot expiate and extirpate the sins of Umno merely by praying. To our Malays at every place across the land, you already know that. So start showing some backbone for once.
 Those who have seen the action in many forums have seen how even the most vocal and so-called educated Umno defenders have been cornered until they were silent at best or whimpered incoherent or irrelevant arguments at worst. Even our youngsters will cringe at the immaturity of their arguments, and i am talking about the best in Umno. And the only reason you can advance in their defense is that they have already buried their conscience.

 Oil or no oil, a country led by people who have no conscience or pretends to have one is already finished.
The real blessings on a nation are its enlightened leaders and rakyat walking a path towards good governance based on clean, fair and trustworthy administration.
Has Umno really been clean, fair and trustworthy, you reckon?
Just engage one grey cell He gave when born and ask where has all that pocket money come from? It could not have been in the budget approved. So what we are seeing is Umno dishing out un-provided off-budget taxpayers money to buy votes so that it can continue to punish the rakyat for being anarchists whenever they articulate anything disagreeable to Umno.
 Why not just cancel GE13 and outsource the running of this country to the military junta from Yangon? Saves some money that way to give more to the rakyat before the coffer finally runs dry. And that you know is happening because a half trillion ringgit debt is telling you that more had gone out than ever had come in. Does any Umno knucklehead reading this think the situation can be reversed in the next five or even ten years? With what from where?

 Let's take a simple example of Umno's method. Just a day or two back, that P.Domingo who has just flip-flopped on our educational standards said millions will be used to repair some of the schools. Now, if those millions have already been provided in the approved budget, he was just taking an election opportunity to announce an administrative matter, to wit, spinning the bovine tail. But if those millions are taken out from somewhere else for this purpose, then it shows the move was less out of a sudden concern for the conditions of the schools, which in itself shows dereliction of normal duty, and again more out of vote-buying-at-all-costs. Yes, or no?
It's all about protecting personal turf at the expense of the rakyat even if it kills the future of the young.
Too dramatic? It's like the jumbo jet. A marvel of six million precision parts working together. Unadorned confidence about its impregnable security. Yet in the older models, it had crashed more often than not when the tail rudder or wing flaps got stuck because some simple hydraulic servo-valve had jammed, or the engines had flamed out because ice from the water residue in the fuel got stuck in the intake of the heat exchanger.

This moment before us is the tipping point. The post event of Bersih 3.0 shows there is already a permanent fissure between the rakyat and the Umno government. Except for those who want to remain deluded because of personal reasons or inadequacies, the rakyat of Malaysia don't and can no longer trust the Umno government. The Barisan scale is crooked and not balanced. The Umno keris is jagged and pointing at the heart of the nation. Just thinking back how they have been trying to muddy away from the essence of the march, the demands for a clean and fair GE13. Because they know if it is clean and fair, they will lose.
Given such situation, project for yourselves what will happen AFTER GE13.
Good night, and thanks Sak, for another of your sharp posts, laced with the special logic and reasoning representing the best of our Malay minds.


Ghab 21 May 2012 at 12:08  

Without further due , the Wallas' spices are colored blind !

Yes , we came out to march on the streets in demand for clean and fair election . We had our yellow color T-shirts on for the cause of our fullest and pivotal meaning . It was our constitutional rights to assemble and to freedom of speech to stand a show of our grievances with the Election Commission . Our constitutional rights to assemble was granted . Indeed , we carried neither batons nor stones . For that matter , we had our families along to celebrate our rights in knowing it was a peaceful-democratic event , and we assumed we were all enlightened and civilized Malaysian .

We want to tell the world that Malaysia is a democratic country and Malaysia is no near to an utopian democracy . We want the world to know that we are in agreement for now with the changes in our electorate procedures in which are cleaner and fairer . Seven out of the eight demands have been made and we are satisfied for now . Yet , we are also telling the Election Commission and the world that there will be another Bersih 4 that would again demonstrate to seek for our further to come electorate demands which have not been met and thus make a place to rest for democracy of Malaysia which are in questionings .

For now , the future of the nation lies in the hands of the people . That is at the ballet boxes .

It is the responsibility of the present Administration and further accountable for entrusting the people of their democratic rights to come the time to vote with peaceful and harmonious minds with good manners . The sitting-down then of Bersih was the mark of a peaceful and harmonious demonstration until , THEY defied the court order by their distressed political leaders . These incendiary leaders had their unconsciousness bias that had deliberately commanded their contracted demonstrators to walk in against of our own interest and the laws .

It seems exclusive , the political high-jackers were in command . Our peaceful by sitting-down demonstration and with sound messages were politically highjacked . We had been told that it required more  of just being the peaceful demonstrators . They signaled us and commanded their contracted brand of demonstrators to lead and stormed through the barricades . The act was in against the objective of Bersih . We were confused when they summoned us to actively play broader roles over Bersih , to awaken the political-illegal conscience with engenders sense to cross the barricades and to break the law because it was our democratic rights to do so . This  is an affirmed affidavit underlined the broadening of  their new ' code of injunction ' for the Demagogues' consumption . It smells mental anarchy to me   . I hope Walla has this sense of smell too .

Quiet Despair,  21 May 2012 at 12:20  

Yo most loved Bro Sak and fans

When it's Walla, it's a whopping wallop. Purrrfect. But not my taste. Yucks.
Since I am a belia, I will be there at the Perhimpunan Sejuta Belia. Care to come Uncle Walla? You can give us a pep talk.
I too have a date with Bersih 4.0 pasar malam on Thursday and Friday at Ambiga's house.
Since it is in my grand-parents neighborhood, I will be there. Will don a yellow Bersih T-shirt just like the traders.
The aim is to recoup their losses during the Bersih 3.0.
The traders call it Bersih 4.0 to cuci the Bersih 1,2 and 3.
Yay, this is the first time Damansara Heights have a Pasar Malam. Thanks Ambiga.
My family will be buying maman, rebung, petai, pucuk ubi and other Pahang delicacies.
No fair at Ambiga's residence only. I think I wanna start selling Laksa Pahang at Anu-War's palace ground. And mini murtabak at Pak Samad Said's house.He made a U-Tube request to also have gerai at his house.
You like Laksa Pahang, yes bro Sak, which is also our Sultan's favorite.

P.S. I see so many gossiping behind my back at the last posting. i owe you one, bro Bruno, for defending me.

Anonymous,  21 May 2012 at 12:28  

" To our Malays at every place across the land, you already know that".

To majority of the Malays, as long as their own( incl. all Muslims ) benefited, they do not mind of the present environment.

bruno,  21 May 2012 at 14:33  

Dato,as usual Walla's articles packed a big wallop.Even our buddy QD has acknowledged it.From what the opposition has to do is to gather a team,put them in a room,have them compiled some strategies that will effect the voters to vote against Umno/BN.

Then concentrate using these same strategies to hit the messages home.All the bad things about these corrupted Umnoputras and their lackeys are already out.Select a few that will make their supporters get angry and not want to vote for them.Like things that will effect their pocket books.

Like inflation.With Umnoputras and BN politicians funneling corrupted funds out of the country.If more money is going out then coming in,then of coure the ringgit's purchasing power will be less.Then if NFC were to funtion effectively of course beef will be very much cheaper too.

Then hit the beef hamburger thing hard at the Indian community.The traders were sent by Umno to insult,offend and intimidate Ambiga who happens to be a Hindu and a vegetarian.They know that cow or beef will offend and insult Indians of the Hindu faith.But they still intentionally do it.Do not tell us that they haven't heard of the cowhead protest.And lots more.

p/s QD,you are welcome can buy me dinner at meatworks too,but give me an opportunity and i will bash you too,hahaha.

Anonymous,  21 May 2012 at 15:13  

Walla is one gem of a writer. I wish he would send more such commentaries to Sak or start his own blog.
Remain anonymous. We need your brains and wisdom.

But beware. More knuckle heads or deluded UMNO stooges will make their presence felt here as the GE approaches.
But move on Dato and Walla. We are targeting to reach Malays with conscience and intelligence, not those knuckle heads and deluded nincompoops who cannot differentiate between right and wrong and who vacuum between their ears.

Anonymous,  21 May 2012 at 16:17  

Quiet Despair, apa bendalaa yang kau ceritakan ni. Nak beli rebunglaa, nak beli petailaa, nak jual laksa pahang, nak jual murtabaklaa. Orang Umno ni semakin lama semakin merapu.Apa kena-mengena dengan artikel yang ditulis.Kalau tak bersetuju dgn artikel Walla, cuba berdebat dgn menggunakan hujah yang bernas.Ini tidak, cakap benda yg bukan2.Nampak sgt dah takda idea.

Anonymous,  21 May 2012 at 17:07  

Can I have Char Koay teow in front of your house and maybe Penang Laksa in front of your parents' house?

Anonymous,  21 May 2012 at 17:31  

"For now , the future of the nation lies in the hands of the people . That is at the ballet boxes ".

The big question is, "what if the ballot box is rigged?". BN does not care a damn of what you say. They turn a deaf ear and just sit tight until we forget all about it. that is their tactic ad it seems to work. So far so good.

Anonymous,  21 May 2012 at 18:20  

Dato Sak. I must say that I used to appreciate your articles but now it seems like non stop bashing and hatred you have for UMNo and particularly PM ! Getting stale and tiring.. To keep digesting .

Zaidi,  21 May 2012 at 20:57  

Dear Dato' Sak,
Undeniably perceptively correct. UMNO is bringing out the "meriam pusaka" Tun Mahathir to speak...he he

Anonymous,  21 May 2012 at 21:41  

Quoted," When the rakyat wore yellow and marched in Bersih, they were saying they wanted clean and fair elections. They were saying they have had enough of the flip-flopping double-standard chicaneries of the present government.

And they knew they would be pummeled for their march but yet they came, young and old, tall and short, simple and sophisticated. They wore no armor and carried neither shields nor batons nor stones.Just bottled water to slake their parched throats on a hot but inspiring afternoon.

Their convictions were forged on the stone of injustice.

We cannot expiate and extirpate the sins of Umno merely by praying.To our Malays at every place across the land, you already know that. So start showing some backbone for once. Unquote.

From every nook and corner, we, the rakyat just have to do it decisively and collectively to be a fearsome force to be reckoned with ! The Power of Rakyat ! It is the very essence of our conscience to ensure a future for ourselves, for every rakyat of our nation Malaysia.

Just imagine mature political and international affairs students will be remarkably awe - inspired and impacted to be future leaders here and internationally, with uncompromising integrity by Walla's teaching cum lecturing; and Malaysians, by his books in the near future, honest. And Sak's, too, for his economic expertise. Bruno, Zaini, Donpluq, Sdr Aspan, a long list can be guest speakers, if their pace is sustained, ha ha ha.

sure, QD pun dapat chance, lecturing our prepared scripts and papers.

Anonymous,  21 May 2012 at 23:26  

I think this boy QD do not have to work for a living. That is why he can go anywhere and everywhere.
He's highly educated, no doubt. Maybe own 1 or 2 companies run by others. Come twice a week to attend meetings and check on things.
I see a lot of his type at Starbucks Bangsar Village during working hours. Smartly dressed, having capuccino and with I-Pads. Watching the girls go buy.
The type who goes to fancy clubs and restaurants. Rubbing shoulders with the UMNO big shots. That's why he seem to know a lot.
Like his brother KJ lor. No work. Penggangur terhormat. Aiya waste parents money only giving education.

Anon 21.41
QDpun dapat chance, lecturing our prepared scripts and papers.

Trust me he will throw away your script! The boy cannot be scripted.

Anonymous,  21 May 2012 at 23:34  

Anon 16.17

Ko dah masuk perangkap QD. Dia sengaja nak divert attention. Itu stail dia. Dia bukannya bodoh. Dia belajar reverse psychology. Percayalah cakap aku.

Kenal QD

bruno,  22 May 2012 at 00:02  

Dato,now the hamburger brigade has turn into a pasar malam circus.Planning to set up sixty stalls selling greens to cooked hawker food.And our friend QD will be out to show his support with his family members in full force,buying up as much as their hands can carry.

But my best bet will be that Umno will call off this foolish actions of a few idiotic wannabe warlords.And our buddy QD and his family will be very dissapointed when they turn up as the place will be empty.Umno is already regretting sending out the hamburger and butt dancing brigades.

And Najib is throwing tantrums over this very recent clown acts.Worrying that after working so hard at getting the Indians to his corner,his circus clowns are trying to scare them off.Maybe it is a back stabbing act by his enemies in Umno,getting very impatient to wanting to seat at Najib's chair.

If in the west especially the US,these goons will be seeing long spells of prison time.Targeting individuals by race(racial discrimination) or religion is a nono.It is time Umno wake up and realised that race and religions should be left out in politics.

Anonymous,  22 May 2012 at 04:46  

Sak & blog readers, Salam

i find it helps to refer to the original text to realign our thoughts
and focus on our purposeful comments plus complementing fellow's if there is a need. Otherwise, we give too much of space, get diverted from factual discussion. QD thinks there is " gossips ( ?? )" the past- time he thrives in and watches the "fake beauties" and world pass by in his rose, yellow - tinted shades. Pass.

And the warning of 23:34 is noted.

The targeting at selective individuals based on racial discrimination is getting more nauseating. More of an act of intimidation to hinder Bersih 4. They, as usual, never relearn from their past follies, knowing they have the backing of their bands. After the insurmountable damage is repeatedly done, from the youth leader to the bn leaders will start trumpeting the same old tune again.

Quote, "Even our youngsters will cringe at the immaturity of their arguments" Unquote. Acts, plans, logistics, execution, all in.

Mark Dean,  22 May 2012 at 19:45  

UMNO bashing, PM bashing ? Its election time la bro. Every thing goes to drum up the semangat. See my hair is standing to finish them of.

Anonymous,  23 May 2012 at 06:23  


- It seems exclusive , the political high-jackers were in command . Our peaceful by sitting-down demonstration and with sound messages were politically highjacked . We had been told that it required more of just being the peaceful demonstrators .

i was with two other friends near Sogo, it was peaceful, orderly, much friendliness but laced with patriotism , visibly moving. And hours later, the break free by a few, followed by the pandemonium, caused by hi-jackers.

yes, there are Wallas species, real proud indeed to be color blind, what an honor, humbling as well to be compared to Wallas, it is so mature and outstanding, isn't it ? i wish our young Malaysians below the age of 20 make the efforts to build bridges by choice, to engage with fellow races, experience the richness of multiracial friendship, for some lucky enough, even the responsible fun courtship. They have missed too many priceless things in life at the expense of ICT, I-phones, I-pods,etc, which must be enhanced, otherwise, forever chasing the latest i, self, still void and empty, unable to enjoy being still, the basics.

From the 1990s ( ? ) everything changed by systematic planning, from the system of education, to racial discrimination card, religion card, fear, a deck of cards, the playing up of bonfires! for them to gallivant in the circus land. The leaders need to be bashed, too, cos it evokes the distressing years of being cheated, enslaved, leading us to the time is NOW, leading to the day of election, a day of reckoning, reconciliation, restrengthened, visibly moving, thinking about it, counting from now....

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