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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 10 May 2009

With the deepest of respects, Prime Minister.

I have stated explicitly that my preceding article was strictly my personal opinion. Possibly it's not even shared by more than a handful of UMNO people.

Is a contrary analysis disdainful of Dato Najib? I have received calls from some people over the phone- do not let your anger at Dato Najib turn you into an enemy within. That means, my opinion, albeit being a personal one does not go down well with my UMNO colleagues. I find these views very regrettable and I shall explain why.

When I wasn't selected to stand again, there was initial disappointment. I have explained why to Dato Najib himself. Having said so, I have stated on record and will say it again, that I have benefited from the personal kindness of Dato Najib. I shall not elaborate this further. Suffice to say, kindness is NEVER reciprocated with anger.

I will also state as a matter of record too, the personal kindness and friendship that I enjoyed did not result in getting contracts, business or any such things as insinuated by the scurrilous comments by a certain Pasquale. Throughout my stint as AJK Bahagian Pekan since 1991 until I exited as ADUN in 2008, I never asked nor was given any projects.

For that, I enjoy the freedom to say and speak without being constantly checked by a feeling of indebtedness. I can claim what I say is, sans malice.

My stand is this. By singing song of praises, by saying yes to everything Dato Najib does, by withholding candid and upfront opinions, you are only leading Dato Najib on to commit more errors and eventual political disaster. What happens if he falters? The ones singing songs of praises will be among those who plunge the daggers.

I have gone through this phase with Dato Najib when he was the defense Minister and later DPM. During the 1999 elections he won the Pekan seat with a majority of 241 votes. That was a near disaster. What happened when he nearly lost? Not many people wanted to be close to UMNO then and those who led him on, were no where near.

How did such calamity fall on Dato Najib? It came about because year after year before 1999, everyone around him led him on to believe he was infallible and could never be wrong. Everything was OK. Here ok, there ok. Those were salad days; people around him were oblivious to public sentiments.

Let us not turn the Premiership of Dato Najib into Camelot Days (time of idyllic happiness) even if he is now the PM- he who has powers over political life and death. Those days nearly did Dato Najib in.

No one wants this to happen again. But it will if no one has the temerity to tell the story as it is. I am choosing to tell the story as it is even if that stand, invites all round censure and downright rude condemnations. One of the crudest condemnations came from one of his low ranked operatives who called me a Melayu babi. I shall deal with that in due time.

Whoever counseled him that what happened in Perak was justifiable because Anwar Ibrahim started it first, is leading Dato Najib into a political quicksand. He must do what is right by going to the court of public opinion. Only them will UMNO regain its losing credibility.

I have allowed one comment by a certain cikgu Ngah on my previous article so that I can answer his allegations. No one who has not passed through the darkest days in the career of Najib is qualified to allege that viewpoints which are disagreeable to what happened in Perak as opposing Dato Najib at every turn. That sounds seditious. I find it outrageous his remarks about my being "a pair of scissors within the folds".

Now to the subject matter at hand.

My focus of discussion was what I saw as the despicable treatment of the Assembly speaker. Indeed I allotted some space to argue the process of removing a speaker.

The general position.

There are several ways to interpret the ill-mannered way he was dragged out. One, it can be interpreted as a particular application of the might of the majority. That would then confirm the saying that might is right. If that argument is accepted, it will not be long before we regard as normal, political bullying by the majority. It will always be the imposition of majority will over the minority.

But political bullying can also come from the minority. This can be achieved by hiding behind the universal value of natural inclination to side with the underdog. That natural proclivity can also be manipulated to become a bullying tool on the conscience. The devious manipulation is as reprehensible as tyranny of the majority.

We have seen its usage like this many times in history. Israel for instance has been bullying by leveraging on the guilty conscience of western powers.

Both are contemptible and should be rejected. Tyrannies of any kind- by the majority or minority must be rejected. Abuses from both sides are to be determined by the rule of law.

The fracas in the Perak Assembly.

The transactions in the House must be governed by law and order. The speaker's position is determined by the only way all democratic minded people know- the application of law and order.

We are asked the 6 million Dollar question. If that is the case, then why did Sivakumar refuse to debate the motion of his removal in the Assembly? To me that is easily answered by asking- will anyone agree to his own death warrant? Sivakumar obviously knew he will be removed in accordance to the law if the motion was allowed. The BN has the number. It's a simple application of the might of the majority. That would have put finality to the whole issue. The House can go on with its business and all will be happy. Like everyone else, I understand 31 is bigger than 28.

The refusal of the speaker to admit the debate is not the issue here. He can rule which motion can or cannot be debated. His refusal is motivated of course by the immediate need of his self preservation. It only becomes more complicated, when he disingenuously attribute the whole issue to the even bigger issue of how the PR lost power.

How they lost power is the issue here.

Let us be clear about the issue here. You are in power. You have the majority, even though the majority is fragile. You are the winning side. We have a losing party on one side and a winning party on the other. This is the political equation.

After the 12th GE, the rakyat elected: PR=winner. BN= loser. That was the equation.

How can we see the desertion by the Bota ADUN as less reprehensible compared to say, desertion of the 3 PKR ADUns? I will argue along the following lines.

Desertion from the losing side or from the weaker side is justifiable on grounds of such action being a natural and logical option. One is inclined to join the winning side. One wants to be in power. It becomes justifiable because coming from the weaker side, does not alter the equation. The losing side remains at it is, the winning side keeps power. The original equation is intact.

When Nasarudin of Bota went to the other side, the original equation as wanted by the rakyat in the 12th GE, remained unchanged. PR= winner; BN=Loser.

It is when the equation is forced to change or is breached, then it becomes less justifiable.

Therefore, the desertion of the Bota man can never be treated the same as the desertion of the 3 PR ADUNs. It can never be used to justify the betrayal of the terrible trio. The desertion of the 3 resulted in the original equation being reversed. That it was caused by some devious machinations further makes their desertion more reprehensible than the desertion of Nasarudin of Bota.

That is a crude way or if you may, a disingenuous way to argue why the desertion of the 3 is more wrong than desertion of the Bota man.

In the case of Nasarudin,the equation established validly by the 12th GE remains unaltered. PR was still the winning side. In the case of the 3 renegades, the political equation was turned on its head. The political equation mandated by the rakyat was reversed.

That makes it inherently wrong.

The more refined way of arguing it is: we take power through elections this is the democratic way.

Even if the wrong way was used by the PR, they deserved all round condemnation. That was why Anwar Ibrahim's attempt to wrest power by orchestrating the desertion by BN parliamentarians was also abhorrent. When Karpal Singh stated that Anwar had no morals, it was a reminder to all that, WE TAKE POWER BY CONSTITUTIONAL MEANS.

How did we justify inducing the PR government in Perak to fall? The normal explanation given all round was- why should we be apologetic since it was all started by Anwar Ibrahim. This is precisely why we must resist doing it- since WE are not Anwar Ibrahim and we don't want to operate along his Machiavellian ways. We cannot justify our usage of the same method, by the laconic reply- oh, because he started it first.

The rakyat deserves a more respectful explanation. UMNO can earn their respects by giving them the freedom to decide.


Donplaypuks® 10 May 2009 at 18:17  

I understand the BN notice of motion to dismiss Sivakumar was dated 23rd April 2009.

If that is true, then Siva was legally entitled to dismiss the motion. If you deduct week-ends and public holidays (1st May)when the SA does not sit, it did not comply with the 14 clear days of notice.

Someone at BN screwed up big time!!

Anonymous,  10 May 2009 at 18:44  

Salam ak47,

Got this comment from another blog. I think it has some merits.
From a PAS supporter point of view, it is chilling.

"Secondly, if pakatan wins a state election as u predicted, who do you think is the next MB from Pakatan?

You think it's Nizar. Think again.

It;s gonna be from DAP. DAP will sneakily put in a malay candidate. Perhaps they will put in Tunku Aziz. PAS supporters will just putih mata.

PAS had the smallest number of seats from the last state election. They got the post of MB just because the state laws must have a malay muslim as the MB.

DAP is not gonna be stupid this time around. This racist party with no malays as its candidate all this while (but claim arrogantly to be multi racial), will put in a malay under its banner soo that their claim on the state is 100%.

PAS supporters want a state election? I hope not.

That is why PAS adun did not act like monkeys the other day in the dewan.

Only DAP and PKR (plus the DAP puppet Nizar).

You seem to know all about technical and numbers. But you fail in seeing the big picture.

As a PAS supporter, I hope Nizar and PAS Perak will not fall under DAP's deception.

BM be moderate but DAP play racial fire? Hope you know how to do that. PAS members are jittery already seeing the tindak tanduk DAP aduns."


Anonymous,  10 May 2009 at 19:08  

Dear Dato',
PM Najib is our Prime Minister, and he is NOT AN IDIOT. Those who attack you think by singing praises
a) they will get noticed
b) they are actually doing UMNO a favour
c) they may get some of their enemies 'saked.'

Whether you choose to criticize or not, peoples perception had already been made up on the Perak debacle, and by every single measure it was A HUGE NEGATIVE FOR BN.

Blogs act as the sensory organs for UMNO. If Blogs say "semuanya ok",when it is clearly in the contratry, and then after election results pour in, calon BN hilang deposit, after that what?

I guess the same blogs will do a massive u-turn and sing praises of Anwar Ibrahim and ditch PM Najib faster than you can say "whadafak"

So what you do is to just echo public sentiment and it is a shame that some attack you. Those who attack you have the IQ of an imbecile, and if they did the same to me, they would be named and shamed.

UMNO should get their act together and start to smell the roses, cos it aint smelling so sweet.

Of course the pariah anonmymous commentators can continue to kutuk from the sidelines, becos they are lalang and their master is power.

Manature 10 May 2009 at 19:41  

"How can we see the desertion by the Bota ADUN as less reprehensible compared to say, desertion of the 3 PKR ADUns? I will argue along the following lines."

For me it is simple. I don't respect the win by BN in the March 8 General election. It was "won" by cheating, some even before the election started. I am referring to the biased and non-independent Election Commission, the unfair delineation of the election boundary, the unfair huge difference in the "vote" of the rural and urban electorate (gerrymandering), the useless mass media, the postal votes, etc. To me, loss of federal power by BN by defections, had it happened, is justifiable because in truth, BN had lost March 8 general election and had used bullying tactics on the opposition's state governments with the help of many so called independent institutions plus civil servants. The loss of federal power by BN had it happened is necessary to stop the bullying tactics of BN who now have the advantage of federal power.

Anonymous,  10 May 2009 at 19:49  

maybe lari dari topic Datuk, ttpi saya rasa maklumat ini amat berguna untuk menunjukan bahawa Dtk Najib bukan-lah PM Flip-Flop. timakacih

'Kallymullah and Brandan are openly instigating a rebellion against Ahmad Talib in NSTP. The no.1 GEIC told friends over tea that he 'tak berani nak ikut cakap Kaly' but 'editors dari NST' have had a few meetings with the cospirators in Bangsar Village and Briekfields. Mereka ini juga menggunakan MalaysianInsyderr untuk berbohong konon-nya Perdana Menteri tidak bersutuju debngan perlantikan Ahmad Talip.
MI berani berbohong kerana jika Pm ambil tindakan itu akan ditohmah sebagai sekatan kebebasan.
Sebenarnya MI adalah umpama racun dlm masyarakat kita sekarang.
Kalymullah even cuba prevent Najib from becoming the PM, apatah lagi bersubahat dan berbohong demi mengekalkan kepentingan dia dan kuncu-nya dalam NST/BH.
Harap2 Dtk Johan Jaafar dan yang lain2 tak terpengaruh dgn mainan Kalymullah yang tgh takut akan bayang2 sendiri.
These conspirators won't stop at anything bcoz they have everything to lose if NST/BH is purged of foreign operatives and anti-Malay/pro-Malaysian Malaysia elements.
if ecah and every 'editor' has to endorse any incoming Editorial Advisor/GE/GEIC or Chairman, then Kalymullah wouldnt have made it even to the bus stop along jln maarof.
p/s Datk Najib should take action against anonymous articles in MI that is attributed to him. If you don't stop it now, these guys are not going stop either.

Semambu Striker

Manature 10 May 2009 at 20:02  

""Secondly, if pakatan wins a state election as u predicted, who do you think is the next MB from Pakatan? You think it's Nizar. Think again. It;s gonna be from DAP. DAP will sneakily put in a malay candidate. perhaps they will put in Tunku Aziz. PAS supporters will just putih mata."

What bloody nonsense. DAP and me will accept any competent, fair and ethical human male or female black brown or white as MB. We do not look at skin color like racist UMNO.

Suci Dalam Debu 10 May 2009 at 20:25  

I am again pleasantly surprised by this article. I also knew that you will receive some phone calls & rebukes from UMNO.

Even more surprising to hear that you did not ask and did not get any contracts related to your position as wakil rakyat.

Statistically you must be a very very small minority in UMNO. A rare species awaiting extinction!

I don't like DSAI very much but I hated more the prime movers in the Perak power grab...the way they go about it.

Datuk, it is already too little too late. Come next GE, BN will be history.

Anonymous,  10 May 2009 at 20:28  

Dato at least you had the balls to say it as for pasquale,the only good he does is to bark another product of bolehland.

Najis 10 May 2009 at 20:39  

Datuk Wong,

To help theStar write a good piece on "cooperation" in Perak, ask your journalists to pop over to Malaysian Insider (Najib wants cooperation) to read the hilarious comments there

Anonymous,  10 May 2009 at 20:46  

Pakatan Rakyat is beyond race based now, don't you get that? Why is it so hard to understand that malaysians can work together regardless of what race they belong to.If you are BN, then you must have trapped in your box of racism.But we, the new generation of malaysians, won't adhere to it anymore.We just want a good leader, be it an Indian, Chinese or malays,better still a true Islamic leader, even if he comes from a black African!

Dhahran Sea,  10 May 2009 at 21:13  

Salam Dato' Sak,
I couldn't agree with you more on your analysis of the mess in Perak! And I salute you for being darn honest and dare to go against the UMNO lickers and say what needs to be said BEFORE the quicksand wallup DS Najib!!
Its a matter of principle to return back the right to decide to the people of Perak... a "backdoor" win is of NO VALUE, not even if Zamry&Co. won in the court... someone has to remove the BLINKERS from Najib's eyes before he got into worse trouble... good work Dato' & keep your rudder steady!

Walski69 10 May 2009 at 21:39  

Salam, kind sir.

My observation, within BN and more specifically UMNO, is that it is indeed very typical that any opinion contrary to what the status quo P.O.V. (i.e. the party line) will be admonished to the highest degree. No matter how constructive or true that contrary opinion may be.

This seems to be endemic, and contributes to the view that UMNO/BN is in continual denial. It is perhaps one of the factors why I think, with all due respect, that BN's days are numbered.

As an individual, I am non-partisan, nor do I belong to ANY political party. To me, politics is, more than anything else, the process of acquiring and maintaining power. What BN collectively forgets, I think, is that it is, at the end of the day, no more than just a political coalition. It forms the government, but it is NOT the government.

The situation in Perak has gotten way too convoluted for there to be any "easy" solution. It is moot (and frankly a waste of time) for either side to claim a moral high ground. To me, the best way forward is a total RESET. But then again, that's just me.

In the court of general public opinion, however, BN is in the wrong, and that is something which will not change any time soon. It is also something that BN can no longer ignore if it ever dreams of wanting to regain public support.

Peter,  10 May 2009 at 21:54  


Never thought UMNO has an Intellect of this level.

Guess I am wrong.

Eyes Wide Open 10 May 2009 at 21:55  

We have a long way to go before the majority of Malaysian electorate and politicians reaches democratic maturity in this country.

Najib that day quickly dismissed a reporter's question on whether the Perak crisis was started because of the crossovers by comparing with US Republicans crossing over to the Democrats.

That may be so, but in the US, separation of powers is sacred. Youc an have a Republican President, Democrat-majority Congress, and Republican-majority Senate. And the speakers of either House is not necessarily from the majority party.

Yet, despite the vociferous differences in opinions, the business of government is never disrupted. Bills are passed after rigorous debate and scrutiny.

The courts do not interfere in the House's business. Political battles are fought within the parameters of the Houses. And the police have definitely never set foot in the assemblies to remove persons deemed unacceptable by the majority.

I believe the way forward for us will be to educate the Malaysian electorate about their political rights as citizens and politicians' responsibilities towards the electorate, about the importance of separation of powers, of differentiating the ruling party from the government, and other essentials of a working democracy.

Only then can the rakyat intelligently keep politicians in check.

Cikgu Ngah,  11 May 2009 at 00:27  

Assalamualaikum Dato'.

Terima kasih kerana siarkan komen saya yang kedua itu. Dato' nampaknya marah kerana saya memanggil Dato' sebagai 'gunting dalam lipatan' dan 'musuh dalam selimut'. Saya dengan rendah diri, memohon berbanyak maaf daripada Dato' jika komen itu telah membuatkan Dato' berasa sakit hati. Saya membuat komen sedemikian kerana saya sendiri berasa marah apakala Dato' tidak siarkan komen pertama saya. Jika Dato' rasa bahawa Dato' bukanlah seperti apa yg saya katakan itu, anggaplah bahawa saya telah bersalah dan saya tarik balik segala tuduhan saya terhadap Dato'. Jika benarlah bahawa Dato' tak pernah dapat apa-apa kontrak daripada Najib selama menjadi ADUN dan Ketua Penerangan Bahagian Pekan, saya rasa ganjaran untuk sikap Dato' itu tiada di dunia ini. Ia ada di akhirat sana.

Saya bersetuju bahawa apa yg sedang berlaku di Perak kini bukanlah sesuatu yg kita semua sukai. Tetapi masalah ini pada pendapat saya bukan mudah untuk diselesaikan menurut lunas undang-undang semata-mata. Sememangnya pembubaran DUN Perak merupakan pendekatan yg paling mulia pada pandangan orang-orang seperti Dato'. Tetapi apakah Dato' rasa inilah langkah yg terbaik untuk Perak? Apakah dalam situasi ekonomi, politik dan sosial negara dan dunia yg begitu mencabar kini, berbaloi bagi seorang PM yg baru untuk mengadakan pilihanraya untuk seluruh negeri Perak? Saya mohon maaf Dato', tetapi saya rasa tidak.

Tindakan yg mulia menurut undang-undang, bukanlah semestinya yg terbaik untuk rakyat. Sudah berapa banyak pilihanraya kecil yg terpaksa diadakan semata-mata kerana Anwar memperalatkan demokrasi untuk membuktikan sokongan rakyat kepada dirinya? Yang menjadi lebih teruk ialah terdapatnya orang-orang yg percaya bahawa apa yg Anwar buat itu mulia dan baik hanya semata-mata kerana ia nampak mulia dan baik dari segi demokrasi.

Sebab itulah saya berpendapat bahawa lebih baik bagi BN dan PR untuk capai kompromi dan tunggu sampai PRU yg akan datang. Tapi saya juga tahu bahawa cita-cita dan angan-angan saya itu samalah tidak realistiknya dengan cadangan Dato' supaya BN bubarkan DUN Perak sekarang sebagai penyelesaian dan kemudiannya pula berharap agar ia akan capai kemenangan dlm pilihanraya negeri itu nanti.

Mengadakan pilihanraya negeri Perak sekarang bermakna kita memberi peluang seluas-luasnya kepada Anwar dan konco-konconya untuk berceramah dan meneruskan pesta sandiwara beliau untuk terus-terusan memperdayakan rakyat Perak dan negara. Apa perkara baik yg dia buat utk negara dan rakyat sekarang sebagai Ketua Pembangkang di parlimen melainkan asyik pergi berceramah di sana-sini? Bak kata Dr Mahathir 'even the devil will follow Anwar'. Kita sememangnya tahu dan maklum bahawa BN dan Najib belum mampu untuk menangani keupayaan Anwar beretorik dan berhujah.

Maka saya berpendapat cara yg paling baik ialah dengan kerajaan BN cuba memenangi hati rakyat dengan cara bekerja untuk memelihara kebajikan dan kesejahteraan mereka. Kita masih ada kuasa di tangan kita buat sementara waktu ini. Inilah peluang nya yg mesti diguna sebaik-baik mungkin untuk memenangi hati rakyat dengan bekerja dan buat yg terbaik utk mereka.

Inilah cara yg paling baik sebab kalau kita nak berlawan drama dan retorik dengan Anwar pasti tak boleh menang. Orang yg sama yg tak hormat keputusan pilihanraya negeri Sabah dulu kini adalah orang yg begitu kuat mencanangkan bahawa segala-galanya mesti dipulangkan kepada rakyat menerusi proses demokrasi. Orang yg paling kuat mengamalkan rasuah dan kronisme dlm UMNO dulu kini mendakwa dialah paling bersih dan suci dari segala noda. Yg pelik dan hairannya ada sebahagian besar rakyat yg percaya bulat-bulat pada orang ini. Kalau Anwar ishtihar esok bahawa dunia ini empat segi maka orang2 PKR, Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang dan Nik Aziz akan ucap tahniah pada Anwar dan cadangkan supaya dia diberi hadiah nobel. Sebab apa? Kerana mereka tahu Anwar ialah kunci mereka pada kuasa. Kalau kita 'deliberately' buat pilihanraya dan biarkan orang2 mcm ini menang, saya fikir kita buat dosa yg paling besar sekali. Orang macam ini yg Dato' hendak lawan ikut cara yg berintegriti dan berhemah?

Sekali lagi saya minta maaf pada Dato' kalau saya menyinggung perasaan Dato'. Mungkin saya tak kenal Dato' secara dekat utk membolehkan saya mengadili hujah2
Dato' secara objektif.

Minta maaf kerana komen banyak sangat.

Anonymous,  11 May 2009 at 01:30  

Kesian Patriot.

What u said is rubbish. Becoz when Nizar was firt elected as MB, all the DAP state wakil rakyat wanna boykott the angkat sumpah coz they tak puas hati one of them cannot be the MB.

Not only that, some dap wakil rakyat did not want to wear songkok!

Racist braggarts like those in dap wanna fool us all.

Give me names of malay dap leaders at national level. Name me at least 5. Cannot right. Coz dap is a hypocrite. Telling ppl to be multiracial while they themselves operating like communist regime. Mana boleh jalan!

Cannot la mau tipu everyone! Only blind ppl percaya dap.

editorialblog 11 May 2009 at 05:43  

Lari sikit dari tajuk Datuk Sak, tapi apa yang Semambu Striker kata saya ulas dalam bertajuk "Selepas Rashid..giliran Ahmad Talib".
Dunia...dunia...sikap hasad dengki dan iri hati tetap ada.

Anonymous,  11 May 2009 at 08:53  

To Patriot and Anon 11 May 2009 01:30

First what is wrong with DAP helming a state if it has the majority seats? It is only the matter of having a Malay Muslim to satisfy the requirements. If they do have it, what is wrong with that? They supported a Malay in Selangor and they do support PAS and all Malay candidates from Pakatan to get their seats.

So what gives? Perhaps you two guys do not understand the priciple of colourless equality and still be in your cocoon and desire to go to back to the dark times of lording over other races.

It is sickening to talk about what race can have this or that as is evident in all government and GLC companies.

That is why we are so backward compared to other tigers of the region even though we started even.

... and to Anon 01:30

Just look at the Chinese in the opposition long before even PKR was started. Which party could the Chinese have joined in the opposition? Even PKR is now more of a Malay dominated party than being multi racial. But then we non Malays accept that. We accept that Malays should lead and it is on this principle that Pakatan is formed too and DAP has been very careful not to rock the boat.

For years after years since Mathathir era, DAP has been branded as being Chinese just because the only party Chinese can join in the opposition was DAP.

Now I wish to challenge these two guys... in all the years that you know DAP, tell us an instance where DAP fights only for Chinese and against other races? Lim Guan Eng even went to jail and disqualified as an MP because of his defence and fight for a Malay girl. Why you guys do not remember such but would rather talk about DAP being anti Malay and does not have Malays in that party although they have few in numbers. Malays have lots and lots of other parties to join...PAS, PKR, UMNO, PPP, Gerakan .... you name it. They do try to get good Malays not those rubbish rent seekers kind.

The spirit is equal opportuntiies to all irrespective of race or religion.

Your posting shows you belong to the BN camp. The same kind of narrow minded politics.

Anonymous,  11 May 2009 at 09:08  

I completely fail to understand people pariah-ing the Anons when they themselves, despite their blog names or nics, are also Anons. The only difference is the ease of reference; the Anons need to be referred to by the time they comment. But that's not so difficult. Those with unfamiliar blog names also make us go back to their comments when referring to them. Pariahs could be those who practise uncommon beliefs, doctrines and ideologies, shunned by others like China was before they started practising capitalism and free enterprise. So, who's the pariah now?

My comment on the blog article: I agree whole-heartedly with the statement, "Abuses from both sides are to be determined by the rule of law."

Just as the Speaker's refusal was motivated by the need for self preservation, the BN's insistence for his removal was motivated by their need to preserve the line to power made available by the loss of confidence in the Nizar Government as deemed by the Sultan. Whichever way, there'll be differences of opinions. That's the nature of human beings, of politics, of democracies. Nobody, not even the opposition if they are in power, will want to hold elections before time unless they'll be in their favour. So, let's the law courts decide. One decision is scheduled to come out later to day anyway.

Anonymous,  11 May 2009 at 13:16  

Luckily we do not have more like you in UMNO, least BN will still rule for another 52 years.

Unknown 11 May 2009 at 13:43  

BN berada di dalam dilema. Jika nak berubah sekarang, mungkin boleh membawa kepada kekalahan dan kejatuhan. Jika melakukan kekerasan dan meneruskan apa yang telah dilakukan oleh pemimpin2 terdahulu, mungkin ianya akan mengesahkan kejatuhan mereka. Apa yang paling ditakuti oleh para pemimpin BN sekarang ialah bukan untuk menghadapi pilihanraya. Yang paling ditakuti ialah, ada dikalangan ahli UMNO ataupun rakan2 mereka sendiri yang akan menjatuhkan institusi itu sendiri. Maka, oleh yang demikian.... the best equation for UMNO is, to let the politic runs by itself and be free. To entice fear into all of us is not the answer. Otherwise, BN will lose more in the next GE believe me. Remember, Hang Tuah once said "Takkan melayu hilang di dunia?" well I guess it was right.

Pak Zawi 11 May 2009 at 16:30  

The High Court has decided. Nizar is the legitimate MB.

Anonymous,  11 May 2009 at 16:37  

apa nak jadi keluaq nizar sah MB?

Kalut ehh... buat semak kepala otak aja

Anonymous,  11 May 2009 at 17:12  

To those who speak for equal opportunities for all irrespective of race, I want to ask them: are they prepared to have proportionate wealth for all the races? Are they prepared to share control of the economy fairly proportionately among the Malays, Chinese, Indians and others?

Surely not. Because they own the majority of wealth in the country. Because they simply want more and more. What they have they are not willing to part with. What others have they must also have the same, equal proportion, they say. Where got meaning? Where got fairness? Not even in Fiji where the immigrants have outgrown the locals in numbers.

In this country, nobody even speaks about taking the wealth from one race and giving it to another. The premise of the NEP is to allocate a slice of the enlarged economic cake to the Bumiputeras. From new projects,
new contracts. Even in these, the other races also benefit. They benefit from the other slice of the economic cake. Even the slice allocated to Bumiputeras, many of those contracts are sub-contracted out to non-Malays. Quite a few are wholly sub-contracted out.

You cannot criticise the concept of the NEP. The NEP was derived from the special position of the Malays, a position that is enshrined in the Constitution. Just like the right of the non-Malays and their descendents to citizenship is enshrined in the Constitution. What you can criticise is the method of implementation of the NEP.

We can talk about the politics in Perak now. Helped by the opportunistic Islamic Party and the unprincipled Malay whose leadership even the DAP Chairman refused to accept, the opposition won by a scratch by the promises of the so-called "Malaysian Malaysia" and equal opportunities for all. You deliberately had not told the voters the history of the state and of the country. Or chose to tell the kind of history that you chose to serve your purpose. When Long Jaafar found tin in Larut in 1848 and knew only dulang washing for tin extraction, what equal opportunities did he have? When he asked Penang Chinese to work his tin mines and they brought in secret societies and gangsters who fought among themselves and others for control of tin mining rights, what equal opportunities were there? When they made tons of money and a steady stream of Chinese tin mining millionaires grew, what equal opportunities were there? When the British Colonialists (who came into Perak on the petition signed by the Hai San Secret Society chief referred to as Kapitan China, and 44 of his men) didn't bother to provide educational facilities in the kampongs but only in the towns where the Chinese reside, what equal opportunities were there for the Malays?

I know you people would continue with your equal opportunities line till kingdom come. But I hope the blog owner will allow me to continue pointing out, for example, that equal opportunities never existed since Long Jaafar's time or even earlier. The better opportunities had always been on your side and you opposition fellows have never been thankful of those. You should try living in Singapore (whose leader conceived the so-called "Malaysian Malaysia" and "equal opportunities" ideas) and see for yourself if "Singaporean Singapore" or "equal opportunities" are really practised there. If you are there, don't just look on the surface only; try looking under the skin a little.

Or have a look at Canada, or South Africa, where there are also policies designed to help the disadvantaged, including the Chinese there. Do you shout for equal opportunities in these instances as well? Don't you see that the principle is helping the disadvantaged? Talk about equal opportunities and getting everything you want!

P.S: The Court decided for Nizar. Let it be. Respect the legal process. The BN can appeal and exhaust all the legal avenues.

Anonymous,  11 May 2009 at 18:26  

Its only the beginning of the problems
1>>Nizar is the MB...but the position of the Speaker is still an issue.As it is..Mr Ganesan has the chair.
2>>They can convene a Dewan sitting pretty quickly...with Ganesan as Speaker...Nizar as MB can't stop that.
3>>They can hv a vote of no confidence...and ouch..nizar is out again.

The three frogs have caused IMMENSE damage to the country.They will be cursed for a very2 long time...

The only real solution is bubar dewan and go back to the ppl for a mandate.

BN Perak will never volunteer for that(even Zambri may lose his pangkor seat if the elections is held now)..

ONLY DS NAJIB can make that RIGHT decision.
WILL HE?If he does..then he really means 1Malaysia and he lives with his 8 values.
If he don't....a lot remains unanswered.

Anonymous,  11 May 2009 at 19:24  


It is difficult to speak the truth but you have done it. You have a conscience and you are indeed God-fearing. God will be on your side. You go to bed sleeping peacefully. God bless you.,  11 May 2009 at 23:52  

Hmm.. agree that the two deserters are changing the original political equation. Not good for democracy.

Disagree when you said it is ok if losers hop to winners' camp since original political equation is maintained. What about the people who voted Nasarudin in Bota? Dont they have rights? They voted BN but Nasarudin jumped to Pakatan! Surely that is changing the orginal equation in Bota! So that too not good for democracy!

All these mess started by Anwar. BN Perak did not want to play this game. Although there were overtures by Pakatan ADUNs to cross to BN immediately after GE last year, BN Perak resisted that sweet temptations lest the people of Perak see BN as power crazy and did not have moral respect towards democracy.

But when Anwar gleefully accepted Nasaruddin of Bota, all hell broke loose! BN Perak realized that it was a fair game to accept froggers from Pakatan after all...

I wish Anwar just bloody shut up and get on with being productive Ketua Pembangkang. The people are hurting economically, and these charades must stop!

Tuan Taip 12 May 2009 at 00:02  

Tuan, awok betul!! Kawan rasa orang macam tuan ni dah sikit sangat dah dalam UMNO tu. Semua yang tinggal hidup dalam illusi, rasa deme berkhidmat, sebenornya khianat.

Sam Yap,  12 May 2009 at 01:17  


You missed out an important point: there is a world of difference between Pakatan's attempt to seek a majority in parliament as compared to what happened in Perak. Pakatan had first declared that they were prepared to do it and secondly BUT most importantly they will abide by the constitution to unseat the PM by a vote of no confidence.

In the case of Perak DUN, the constitution was cast aside and a "new" MB was sworn in whilst MB Nizar is MB. Despite all the hooha from both sides of the divide, BN still ignored the advice to abide by the state constitution.

AK47, your English is good, I am sure you can read the state constitution and understand it clearly for what it is: that the MB can only be removed by a vote of no confidence.

So, there you have it then, BN literally rampas and hijack (its more like a pustch as you said) when the new assembly convened.

I am not sure why you did not draw the difference between what Pakatan had wanted to do at federal level and what happened in Perak. Maybe you are being mischievious?

The reason as stated by you in this artcile has more to do with the human psyche of being on the winning side - thats a childish approach to reason whether its right or wrong, even if the argument is about perception..

The anger of the rakyat is over the fact that BN disregarded the law. So, how many more times would you need to witness the arrogance of BN and disregard for the law, before you finally say: BN and UMNO has totally lost the plot and is completely screwed up?

I guess you will never admit it. Your hopes and aspirations for your beloved party is seriously misplaced. Our country deserves better and you know it!

The sad thing is, we lack polticians who are truly committed to betterment of the people and nation. Though many people now seem to be rooting for Pakatan and Anwar, most people know that he is a recycled UMNO politician; but what choices do we have left? So the people would rather give the fellow a chance to prove himself worthy and if he fails, well there is always the next General Election.

My News Tag 12 May 2009 at 01:29  

This is one of the most honest advice to the BN i have read so far. I still can't understand why they can't see the big picture and rush to grab power in Perak. Losing power in Perak is way better than losing the trust of most Malaysian. In doing so they have definitely paint a negative image to themselves. They really have to regroup to have any chance of getting back in power in the next GE.

Anonymous,  12 May 2009 at 07:32  


You are advocating don't do unto others what others do unto you. Very remarkable indeed. A very liberal stand. If all politicians do that, the world is a happier place to live in. Politics won't be dirty.

But is that a practical approach to politics at the present time? When even in the US they don't live by what they preach e.g Guantanamo imprisonment without trial, marginalisation of the blacks. In the UK, they also resorted to something like our ISA in the face of terrorist attacks - extending remand period for investigations, etc. And Gordon Brown's staffer put out attacks of a personal nature against the boss' political opponents. Perhaps you are preaching idealism. Much as I want it occur, I'm not sure if idealism and politics go together in this country.

I think the harsh reality of the situation is that in recent years the mentality of Malaysians has changed, having been exposed to a constant barrage of irregular acts, new phenomena and unhealthy propaganda. These include money politics, General Election vote buying, corruption both in the Government and the private sector, party hopping, calls that amount to a lack of respect for the Constitution, the rights of the major community in this country, attempts even to change the facts of history. In the face of all these, would the average voter bother about the ideal? Even among the thinking ones, many refused to vote or spoilt their votes in protest during PRU 12.

I, too, dislike Machiavellian tactics, want to see sane and dignified political approaches. But I sometimes wonder if the tit-for-tat, teach-them-a-lesson action would make people desist from party hopping as people may perhaps become more guarded. In the Philippines, turn-coating was common practice since 30-40 years ago but I wonder whether statistically it is less frequent now.

It seem to me it needs gargantuan efforts to right the wrongs in our society now. Many people have become cynical. We need a strong leadership. But I sometimes wonder whether letting everybody have a say in the concept of 1Malaysia is better than having the PM set the guidelines, throw them out for debate, establish what the consensus is, then spell out the agreed concept and have it practised at all levels.

Anonymous,  12 May 2009 at 09:31  

Anon11 May 2009 17:12,

I know who u r! Why dont u stick to yr registered nic? Switching between anon & nic only makes yr comments unbelievable (I’m trying to be civilsed)!

Or maybe that is the games that snakes & rats played. U stand among those like pseudo-pure-breed magpie, voice (bigot radio) & the lead singer (demi-?)of the choir-boys!

Anyway u can keep on ranting till the cow come home. I’m here to right the wrong propaganda that u have spilled. In yr words – ‘..this kind of irresponsible statements must be challenged, their mischievous arguments debunked, otherwise the lies and half truths may appear factual. They may even cause ill feelings among the various communities in the country.’

‘To those who speak for equal opportunities for all irrespective of race, I want to ask them: are they prepared to have proportionate wealth for all the races? Are they prepared to share control of the economy fairly proportionately among the Malays, Chinese, Indians and others?’

No problem with equal opportunities for all irrespective of race. The BIG problem is HOW. Yr solution, NEP? Pls-lah. Hard works & meritocracy r the only solution. & pls dont bring in weak/strong culture, u r looking down on the capability of yr own people. U r giving a VERY BAD name to those Malay M’sians who have stood on their own to get what they want.

‘The premise of the NEP is to allocate a slice of the enlarged economic cake to the Bumiputeras. From new projects, new contracts. Even in these, the other races also benefit.’

Rhetorically sound & if practice to the core of these written words, then there should be nothing wrong. But then its only histrionics in M’sia reality!

Where’s the enlarged economic cake, when inherent in the umno NEP is a zero-sum game mentality? What u had mentioned about those projects r rubbishes! First – most of these projects awarded in this manner r CLOSED to the other DLL M’sians. The umno bigots got the first & large bite of the money, & this money is not even the profit! Second - these bigots have only know-who ability, thus they HAVE to do an Ali-Baba to get the jobs done. Ha – talk about many of those contracts are sub-contracted out to non-Malays!

And pls-lah, enough twisting about the NEP & the special position of the Malay. There have been tons of educated & peer-reviewed papers on these topics. U just don’t learn or u just want to close yr mind to them?

‘When Long Jaafar found tin in Larut in 1848 and knew only dulang washing for tin extraction, what equal opportunities did he have?’

What BTN history u r talking about? Long Jaafar found tin in Larut? Hahahahahahh…..

'he asked Penang Chinese to work his tin mines and they brought in secret societies and gangsters who fought among themselves and others for control of tin mining rights, what equal opportunities were there?’

Have u forgotten that Long Jaffar’s wealth & its role in those secret societies? So many Chinese tin mining millionaires r created, & u think their wealths felled from the sky? What about hard works or like BTN taught u, that these Chinese tin mining millionaires r all Malayan Mafia bosses, whom even the British Colonialists must kow-towing too! Do give those British colonial schemers some due 'credits', OK?

‘…didn't bother to provide educational facilities in the kampongs but only in the towns where the Chinese reside, what equal opportunities were there for the Malays?’

Malay kampong education ye? What about Chinese village’s schooling facilities? How about Long Jaafar put up some of his tin money to setup schools for those kampong Malays? Or could it be due to proselytisation from Islam that these kampong folks preferred to send their children to madrasah instead of proper English schools? With only monolingual ability in Melayu, perhaps Arabic, & no modern technical knowledge, pls do tell how to provide opportunities to them? Pariah!

‘…see for yourself if "Singaporean Singapore" or "equal opportunities" are really practised there. If you are there, don't just look on the surface only; try looking under the skin a little’

We r talking about M’sia here! What happened in S’pore, Canada, or South Africa has nothing to do here. Or r u saying that because S’pore, Canada, or South Africa do it M’sia must do it ALSO? No wonder M’sia is going down the drain of Zimbabwe!

‘…policies designed to help the disadvantaged’

BTW those disadvantaged r minority & the helps r conditioned with mean tests & time period. Whereas NEP is help for majority & going for perpetuity! R u sure u know what u r talking?

‘Talk about equal opportunities and getting everything you want!’

Now, who has been denied equal opportunities & keep asking for everything that u want on a platter?

Anonymous,  13 May 2009 at 06:49  

What becomes of UMNO-BN in GE13 is entirely in the hands of DSN. The decisions he makes in the coming days may well seal not only his fate but also that of the party and coalition he leads.

The most crucial of all decisions will be how he deals with the state of affairs that is now Perak. The assembly dissolves and BN can concentrate fully on the matters of economy. The mess persists and the entire nation will be put at risk.

I will be blunt. The most recent economic figures China released are mildly encouraging only to China herself. Expectations that China will save the world may be misplaced at this juncture. Are American economic figures really going to be in the black next year? What economic figures will the Europeans unveil later in the year? I am not a crystal ball wholesaler. We must first help ourselves. We do ourselves no favours by allowing this Perak matter to go unresolved and thus divert attention from important matters of the country. Gangrene of the little toe can kill if not managed properly.

DSN’s honeymoon period has come and gone.

DSN must take charge here and now. He is the Prime Minister of Malaysia and to advice Zambry to request for the dissolution of the Perak state assembly will be welcomed by all sides.

ajoyly 17 May 2009 at 23:20  

Politicians listen to other politicians. But they seldom consider the feelings and views of the rakyat. They do this at their own peril - come election day,they discover they have been rejected by the people. This could have been avoided, had they put their ears closer to the ground. They would certainly hear the rumblings taking place in the coffeeshop and marketplace.

Anonymous,  27 December 2010 at 05:20  

Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.


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