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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Penanti=No; Manek Urai=Yes?

Providence has its own ways to allow true judgement. Or to reveal hypocrisy.

We have been given reasons as to why UMNO does not want to contest in Penanti. Even though in Penanti, the electorate consists of 70% Malay voters.

UMNO's political struggle was founded on one all consuming principle. That it existed to protect, fight for and expand Malay interests. It goes without saying, since this principle is all consuming, UMNO's refusal to go into battle in Penanti, is dubious and perplexing. The ramifications are profoundly impactful.

We are told this decision not to contest is grounded on pragmatism. Why waste money and effort, if you know you are going to loose anyway. Ye lah- why spend money and time, if we are going to lose?

We should have asked the many aspirants to the recent concluded UMNO elections, why should many of the vice presidential candidates decide to continue fighting, since they knew there were fighting a losing battle? The answer seemed simple. It was necessary for the preservation of their amour-propre.

This French term simply means self esteem. It is not self conceit. The weaker VP candidates continued to fight because of an acute sense of amour-propre. Failing to do so would have demoralise their supporters including those whom they have paid to secure nominations. Retreating would only contribute to their irrelevance and any UMNO leader will fight tooth and nail, just to retain relevance in the party.

Pray tell us then, is it logical to say that in Penanti, among the 70% Malay voters, there are no UMNO supporters? And if UMNO, by choosing to stay away from Penanti, creates this perception that it is abandoning its amour propre, why should it expect the Malays in Penanti and Malays elsewhere to humour UMNO by insisting, UMNO still has the principle of its very raison detre for existence still burning? It is as though, UMNO is abandoning its own legitimacy.

And because of that UMNO still expects Malays to rally behind the party when it is shooting itself in the foot?

On this reason alone, people will steer away from UMNO because it has lost its own self respect. Or even worse, it has lost its will to live.

UMNO says it will NOT go into by elections unless such vacancy is caused by either death or disqualification of the candidate therein. This is fine and acceptable proposition. It shall not go into battle for other than these two reasons because to do so, as the pragmatists say, is costly and foolhardy. To do so is not for reason of amour propre but for reason of self conceit. UMNO does not want to be known as a party made up of conceited sons of bitches.

By all reckoning, UMNO has a rat's ass of a chance of winning in the coming by election in Kelantan. The by election is caused by the death of the incumbent wakil rakyat. That is cause for UMNO to go in. It has two chances- slim and none of winning there. Since these are the only chances, if UMNO decides to go in there, it will be very costly and just foolhardy.

Where do these reasons lead us? They lead us to judge, that there are more and stronger reasons not to mix it up in Kelantan even though, the death of the wakil rakyat there, makes it mandatory for UMNO to go in. UMNO is caught out by its own defining qualifications for participating in by elections.

The Malays of Penanti will wait and want to know, why UMNO,if it decides to go to Manek Urai, does so, even when it knows, it will lose, it will be costly and it is foolhardy.

A strong sense of amour propre would have mandated UMNO to go into battle anywhere, any place and any time, as long as there is substantial number of Malay voters. This is necessary to send strong signals, UMNO is not abandoning the Malays on and for whose interests, it owes its raison detre for existence

If that is a powerful impetus to participate in Manek Urai, that same principle is expected by Malays in Penanti. In Penanti, the opposition is playing politics. In Manek Urai, is God doing the same thing?


Anonymous,  23 May 2009 at 08:31  

Precisely! You hit the nail on the head. Why would sportsmen and women worked so hard to achieve their dreams of going to the Olympic Games even if they have not the slightest chance of winning any medals at all? The BN Penanti postering is nothing but "kiasu". Najib is scared shit that this will be another nail in his coffin. Irrespective of their stand, the rakyat will take it as their loser's posturing.


Anonymous,  23 May 2009 at 10:14  

tok sak,

nice to see u on tv1 last nite. i hope to see you more on talk show like this. you are as consistent as your blog.


Anonymous,  23 May 2009 at 12:17  

This is the new Najib Era umno..from 1Malaysia to LOSER MENTALITY

Najib really can see the dark side of the moon.

Pink Floyd

Anonymous,  23 May 2009 at 12:27  

"The game`s afoot eh what", maybe najib saw "The sign of The Four" in Penanti.


Dhahran Sea,  23 May 2009 at 14:15  

Salam Dato',
Thank you for your untiring postings that jolt the comfort zones of the UMNO elite! Your analysis cuts through the facade and self-denial thinking of UMNO high echelon into shreds and exposes the hypocrisy within! I suspect, as Dato' Kadir Jasin uses the term, virus KORO (a term that describes the situation when the male genital terkuncup/mengecil masuk badan macam kepala kura2 terperosok masuk bila ketakutan) has infected the UMNO leadership... takut nak melawan... puteh mata... I wonder what UMNO really stands for nowadays? It looks more like a club for the rich and corrupt!? Roh nya sudah dilacurkan oleh pemimpin2 yang tamak dan lupa akhirat.... really hopeless.

Anonymous,  23 May 2009 at 14:41  

Najis will get belasah like najis in Manek Urai.

I think he already ready with the excuses, Kelantan is PAS stronghold mah.

Unknown 23 May 2009 at 14:51  

Dato Sak,

Only This Need Be Said....

UMNO Penanti! you have no reason to exist, for your masters have forsaken you!!

Anonymous,  23 May 2009 at 14:52  

Datuk Ask,
This is clearly the case of "boh lan hoot"

Reverse Psychology ka Dato'?,  23 May 2009 at 15:09  

Am disappointed with the weak showing of the current PM. By not contesting, UMNO is strongly indicating that it equates buy-election with money politics i.e. contest, lose and waste money.
In stark contrast, the yesteryears UMNO went into election with even barely enough food to feed and shrouded with uncertain futures in its infancy. But the yesteryears UMNO was never bogged down with financial handicaps. It is with high sentience towards Malay survival that the grassroots donated towards its cause assuring full hearted participation and hence ensure that elections after election are won i.e. with grassroots participation!
The same method is now adopted by Keadilan, who survived through grassroot's sacrifice reminiscent of the old UMNO.
Pity that the current UMNO election operation are left in the hand of UMNO local warlord (the ketua Bahagian) and his many 'kickbacks' Contractors. It is in the hand of these mafiosos that the decision to contaest elections are left to be made, sort of of like a private corporations board of director's ratifications.

"What's our chances like this time?"
The accountant replies "Not good sir.."
"Then, why the hack are we investing?"

And so the board of directors pragmatically decline the proposal...

Anonymous,  23 May 2009 at 16:16  

no need to contest us the hassles of reading and hearing all the BN propaganda crap on the mainstream media and the opposition posturing on the alternative media..
wish i can get my old primary school teacher to tell both sides.."Boys quiet please..time to work."...problem is Mr Ratnam is no longer with us and nowadays teachers can't cane students anymore.

3rd bridge???why,wat for?i want more LRT,buses,trains...and a train to kuantan fron kl will be nice too. more games now.Your exams is only a few years ahead.

Mr Ratnam RIP .Politics RIP

Anonymous,  23 May 2009 at 16:37  

Over in Penanti,

Ezam dan KJ dirindui di Penanti

Walaupun Barisan Nasional tidak bertanding, ramai yang mahukan agar Ezam Md Noor pemuda waja yang satu ketika dahulu pernah bersama-sama Anwar Ibrahim datang berceramah di Penanti.

"Kami rindukan suara lunaknya" kata Maqbul Ismail seorang penduduk di sini.


Anonymous,  23 May 2009 at 16:48  

Najib's head stolen from billboard

***SHOCKING VIDEO!*** I got this video on my handphone of vandals taking down Najib's face from one of his billboards in town! These guys sure have b***s lah!


Anonymous,  23 May 2009 at 17:37  

Dt sak,

Ala..tak pe tak bertanding pun,,tenguk penamaan calon pun tak ramai yang hadir,,tak ade pun ketua2 pembangkang berarak kecuali anuar ibrahim and azmin ali,,tak nampak pun hj hadi,nik aziz, lim guan eng, lim kt siang,, ada kah itu petanda yang mereka pun tak setuju dengan pilihanraya ni,,biar anuar je yang berkempen,,

orang umno tetap umno kemana pun dia pegi,,yang bertukar kulit tu biasa nye tak dapat apa di anak

Fi-sha 23 May 2009 at 17:44  

Dear Datuk Sak

Penanti and Manik Urai dalam tangan
Kali ini sayang, tak ada buah tangan

People's Power Rules, unless SPR comes out with some 'dirty' rules!

Pak Zawi 23 May 2009 at 21:11  

It is Allah's will that Najib will be tested with an election in Manek Urai. His credibility will be torn to smithereens. They will lose Manek Urai big time. I really pity Dato' Pa who will have to prove his worth as the State Ketua Perhubungan under the current circumstances.
Actually they don't have to contest elections, all they need to do is buy over the winning reps like they did in Perak to form a government.

Unknown 23 May 2009 at 22:28  

Assalamualaikum wbt Dato,

First & foremost, kudos & salute for a job well done last night @ RTM1.

Yes, as I have said many times before & moving forward, UMNO on a whole is lacking steam and moving downstream with acceleration. Talk about focusing on economy & needs of the rakyat, yeah... tell that to the freaking morons in BN.

Whatever it is, it is a foregone conclusion that Penanti & Manek Urai will be PRs to take.

Wasssalam & Allah keep you safe,

Muhammad Firdaus Christopher

dua sen,  23 May 2009 at 23:44  


I am equally confused by DSN's reasoning that on one hand he's talking about principle in not contesting in Penanti. However, it's ok to accept three frogs, two charged with corruption (one who even confessed equating accepting prostitute to sedekah), just to rule a state!

p/s heads up, to me you outshone the host in RTM@blog even the topics touched on don't allow you to express your true self like here! I would like to suggest to the MOI that perhaps, they should engage you as the host to make the program more interesting. If it's not for you, I would have switched it OFF!

Anonymous,  24 May 2009 at 00:07  

Pity my arwah Grandpa that gave away his 6 acres of fertile land as party sacrifice in Seelong Johor that he cleared with his barehand and move to Spore to work in Changi jail as warden ..believing in UMNO's struggle for his future generation will being.
Funny because he wasnt even a member back then.

We are living in a strange time.
I am lost of words .. but its easy commentator like Reverse Psychology explains some anger in some of us .. in his rather mild manner.

Jamal JB

Keep on writing Dato , for the sake of regular people

Suci Dalam Debu 24 May 2009 at 05:34  


Goes to show that Najib is a street fighter who will not stop at using all means to achieve his objectives.

Just be prepared that somebody someday will come to your house and confiscate your computer and whatever files in your house and office.

Datuk, are you working for DAP or in anyway affiliated to Pakatan Rakyat?

When UMNO collapses, I wonder how many people like you will still be upstanding holding the UMNO flag?

Anonymous,  24 May 2009 at 10:25  

Devine retribution for accepting the three amigos and deflecting the blame to everyone else under sun.

Round and round UMNO runs but UMNO keeps coming back to the same spot.

HEE, Hee, hee.....

Anonymous,  24 May 2009 at 11:36  

What you can say about a gangster without a gun, without any arsenal surrounded by the victim claiming for got a pondan gengster..same apply for UMNO!!! 24 May 2009 at 12:08  


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Unknown 24 May 2009 at 12:27  

Datuk Sak,
Does all these not prove the stark reality that UMNO never has the interests of Malays at heart ? If not, why abandon the Malays of Penanti ? Dont they deserve to be "served" by UMNO ? Nay, UMNO in reality only serves the personal interests of those in power - this rhetoric of 1Malaysia, rakyat first are just hogwash - designed by the PR people in UMNO to lead astray an entire nation. Sigh...

Anonymous,  24 May 2009 at 13:55  

Too bad only MORONS will believe your spin story. The drama king is trying to stage his drama but BN refuse to participate. For this I should give the credit to Najib for his brilliant move.

So in order to create an enemy so that the drama king can attack, he probably planted Aminah as a proxy enemy so that he can continue his agenda to attack UMNO, otherwise it will be just too quiet at Penanti.

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