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Friday, 13 November 2015

Who is on Trial?

Najib is. He is on trial in the court of public opinion.
A few people asked me to comment on the attacks by UMNO people on dr Mahathir. The family quarrel of UMNO people generates little interest in me; I am more interested in the wider issue of matters affecting the Malay.
That goes to show that I don’t accept equating Malay with umno and accordingly I reject the UMNO ‘idea’ of what it means to be Malay.
What they are doing is retrospective blackmailing. Digging up shit of the past and holding people at ransom. The people of Malaysia must reject this method. The man in the centre of the storm now is Najib not Mahathir. Pointing out to the misdeeds or wrong doings of Mahathir who ruled Malaysia for 22 years, does not clear Najib of his own wrongdoings. Finding fault with Mahathir for what he did during 22 years of rule, does not exonerate Najib. Mahathir is now a public intellectual; he left office in 2003.
Right now, the person on public trial is Najib. Not Mahathir. Let us fry Najib’s ass, not Mahathir’s. Najib is the author of the diabolical 1MDB not Mahathir. Najib is now running the country.
Indeed the attacks by a certain section of the Najib army showed how depraved the UMNO people are. UMNO Malays allow Mahathir, a leader far greater than Najib to be attacked by people as diverse as the shovel-pushing Kayveas always panhandling for political breadcrumbs to Malay UMNO leaders of little consequence.
Najib is orchestrating the destruction of Mahathir on the electric chair of public opinion through the media industry UMNO controls.
But Najib does not own the entire UMNO family. He is now supported only by the FONc- Friends of Najib clique. We know who are in this clique. Rahman dahalan, ahmad maslan, the newly inducted and given a second chance Azalina, and of course a certain class of former journalists still living in the past when the citizenry cannot answer back at their sublimal asininity.
We are disillusioned with the old school journalists with the patsy feet. Nothing is more loathsome than having journalists sucking up to the establishment and defending the crooked PM with all the balderdash. Journalism's own ‘Hippocratic’ oath or pact the journalists ultimately have is with the public. For democracy to flourish, members of the journalistic fraternity must remain islands unto themselves.    
What is the weakest argument can this group of people offer the public? It is this. It is the assumption that an alternative PM would be far worse. If the opposition takes over, they will do the same things as UMNO does. So we are better off with the present thieving lot.
This is an insipid line of thinking that is lazy to explore the possibility that heightened public awareness and consciousness act as sufficient deterrent for the repetition of misrule.
During those 22 years, Najib made hay while the Mahathir sun shone. Najib has already amassed a lot of wealth while serving those 22 years under Mahathir as well as beyond. All UMNO ministers made tons of money it seems.
What about the statements issued by Taufik Tun Dr Ismail? He is included in the Group of 25. Apparently he has veered away from the main body. He is his own man. But I suggest we don’t place credit on his statements much more than they deserved. Let’s just treat his statements as senescent musings of an old veteran.
Instead let us dwell on our current task- which is to attack a crooked prime minister and a corrupt and reactionary administration.


Anonymous,  13 November 2015 at 06:45  

Wow! The phrase "Lets fry Najib's ass" is blunt but as much catchy!

See, there are hot part in middle Australia where temperature can really be burning hot. They say if you put a thin plate out in the sun you can very well fry an egg, so coming back to your catch-phrase, Najib's arse anyone?

Keep the assault consistent dude.


Melayu Merantau

Anonymous,  13 November 2015 at 07:03  

The more the 1MDB scandal drags on, the more unprincipled characters crawl out into the open. Now, we know who are the unsavory opportunists who are ever willing to sell their souls for money and positions... at the expense of public shame (shame to their families too) and ridicule.

They are doing the dirty job of hitting at Dr.M who is just trying hard to stop the Crime Minister. If I am their father, I would disown them for stopping people from doing good and supporting evil.

They are really low class people.

zarra 13 November 2015 at 07:10  

Well said Dato'.....

Anonymous,  13 November 2015 at 07:52  

Agreed. Najib's arse should be deeply fried. What he did as a public officer, ie PM is unforgivable and unacceptable in this modern society. Those who support a heavily corrupt-laden Najib to continue to be in office are immoral and corrupt people themselves. Najib should face charges for receiving the RM2.6 billion whilst in public office and another corrupt payment of Rm42million as a result of the KWAP RM4 billion loan. Nothing short of that suffices. Tawfik and Mahthir can continue their public quarrels for all we care.

Anonymous,  13 November 2015 at 10:15  

I prefer fried eggs (two pieces) to fried arse.

Anonymous,  13 November 2015 at 11:23  

Tuan ,
Tolong tulis open letter to Pemuda n Wanita Umno.
Mana pi teloq mrk?Membisu seribu bahasa. Nanti tumbuh bisul, tak de ubat, kene tunggu surut sendiri

Anonymous,  13 November 2015 at 14:39  

Dato, agree with you on Tawfik. Looks like although a little late in the day, he finds his calling by playing to the audience. Where is his integrity, he signed up to join G25 and here he's running from one media to another putting his take on whatever he thinks titillating to all and sundry, and shooting down his credibility. His father Tun Ismail would have shunned such limelight and would say to him: TAWFIK, STOP THIS NONSENSE AND SHUT UP !!

Anonymous,  13 November 2015 at 17:39  

On the dot ... fantastic writing, progressive and no turning back.

Anonymous,  14 November 2015 at 09:29  

Arif..I am impress by the material and the english.

Labu8455 14 November 2015 at 11:49  

To "fry" Najib is still very lenient sentence, he deserved no less than to be hang for what he has done to the rakyat and this country !

Anonymous,  14 November 2015 at 12:59  

Let's understand the full scale of what the AGC has swept under the carpet from BNM.

"Singapore authorities had reported that an alleged bank statement submitted by 1MDB, in order to substantiate evidence about the contents of the fund’s BSI account, was in fact false according to the bank itself.

The bank denied the statement, presented to the authorities by 1MDB CEO Arul Kanda Kandasamy, was an authentic document or that it represented a true picture of the Brazen Sky account, which the PM/ Finance Minister has announced is holding USD$1.103 of the fund’s missing money.

Now the Malaysian investigators accuse 1MDB likewise of:

“....making a false document (a letter to BNM [Bank Negara Malaysia]) and submitted to Bank ‘2’. This is to make Bank 2 believe that BNM was informed that [the] funds are to be remitted to the joint venture’s parent account”

The funds concerned were the USD$330 million, which passed into Good Star under the guise of providing a loan to PetroSaudi and the above statement makes clear that 1MDB had shown a false copy of a letter supposedly sent to Bank Negara to its lender bank.

In fact, it is implied that no actual letter had been submitted to Bank Negara on the matter, thereby deceiving the bank involved in the transaction."

Apart from that:

“We are investigating whether the money (USD$260 mil) was used to buy UBG shares through Javace Sdn Bhd. If it is true [1MDB] is in breach of FEA rules and possible cheating to Bank Negara Malaysia”, says the report, because this was clearly not the stated purpose for borrowing and then lending the money."

This is not minor.

So what happens now?

1MDB gives the middle finger to BNM?

You will tarnish your central bank to keep a handful of greedy crooks out of jail?

Not worth it, is it.

Zeti, lu pi mana?

Anonymous,  14 November 2015 at 13:53

Wow, but:

a) did Aung San Suu Kyi get US$700 million in her personal bank account, tell a lie that she hadn't, and then a month later admit it was true?

b) did Aung San Suu Kyi use US$700 million, or some part of it, to fund her election victory, with no proof that it was within the legal spending limits?

c) did Aung San Suu Kyi claim to hold US$700 million as her party "trustee", yet sack members of her own party who asked questions about it, and jailed those who lodged perfectly legal police reports?

You see?

That's why you all are so lucky to live in Malaysia.

(If you are an Umno member, you are even luckier.)

In 100 years from now, Dato' Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak will be regarded as a world leader of the stature of Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi.


You can start writing poems now, even.

Anonymous,  15 November 2015 at 12:14  

My dear Dato,

You need oil to fry.

Where is the oil?

Anonymous,  15 November 2015 at 16:42  

Tawfik's comment's are relevant.

Herr Doktorr wants to become the figurehead of the anti-Najib movement by leveraging on the support of the NGOs and political opposition while keeping the Malay ultras close to him. He knows civil society and the political opposition are weak and powerless. On the other hand, the nationalist ultras are seeded in positions of influence throughout Malaysian society. If he becomes the leader and he is successful, he is who Najib will have to make a deal with. Herr Doktorr will then dictate terms that are suitable to his own brand of politics, and Malaysia will be right back at square one again after Najib has been deposed.

We are looking at more repression of civil society and the political opposition after Najib is deposed, not less. This assertion of power and authority will then lead to even more feudal politics and corruption, not less. After there is a change in leadership, the standard UMNO playbook is to manufacture a severe crisis to lay on the political opposition and civil dissent, in order to preserve the illusion that all has always been well within the UMNO monolith. This is part of the propaganda aimed at eliciting submission among the Malays.

So if we are damned if we do but damned if we don't, we can at least choose not to march to Herr Doktorr's drumbeat.

The charge to fix Malaysia must be led by people who are firmly opposed to the degradation of our institutions and loss of checks and balances in government, and moral character in government, and in this manner, Tawfik's comments are more relevant than Herr Doktorr's or Muhyiddin's.

Kamal Ismail 17 November 2015 at 00:35  

The whole dang lot of them in UMNO BARU plus Tawfik aren't worth a plugged nickel!
Their words are no longer acceptable. They can weave and spin, but the doing is with ulterior motives. Dammed if they really care for Malaysia and Malaysians!
And those that keep propping them are equally suspect, each with an agenda of their own, but will quickly jump ship and board the other if fortunes dictate.
None of these people should be around in Parliament post-GE14!

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