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Friday, 5 June 2020

Historical Amnesia

Some people dispute the SD of Azilah.  They say its impossible to recall and remember things that happened  a long time ago.  Even  things that happened  a week ago we can't remember.  They say we are engaging  in selective  recall.

That's verbal gymnastics.  Certain  things we just remember.  There are no mental exertions. I can also say some people have historical  amnesia.  They  deliberately  deny certain things took place.

Can we then deny Altantuya was murdered? She bombed herself.  What Azilah said cannot be  true. Not possible  for Azilah to remember.

Certain things we just can remember.  I can remember things 50 years ago. I stayed at 600, Jalan Lipis transit quarters Kuantan. That was over 50 years ago.

I can remember my late father stepping on a nail 50 years ago.  Behind our house there was a turi tree. I used to pluck turi leaves to be cooked.  Our neighbour was a Singh family Gurbachan Singh.

The point is we can remember things especially  those that are important  to us and about important  people.  So if Azilah can remember  some details about  the killing of Altantuya, that's not strange.

Things about the brain ability may not be amenable  to legal machinations  all the time.

Historical  amnesia allows us to forgive  Riza Aziz and allows us to deny that 1mdb took place. Bosku is an angel and that DOJ return of monies to Malaysia  is a dream.


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