Friday, 2 September 2011

Mat Sabu's historical revisionism

This article should be read as a continuation of my preceding piece.

Is UMNO running on depleting reserves? It doesn’t seem to have the principles, the weltanschauung, it’s not driven and it doesn’t have leadership. The last was mentioned by Tun Mahathir. He says UMNO hasn’t got leadership. My take is, that is the damnest indictment on Najib’s leadership. In not so many words and in so uncharacteristic Mahathir Uzi machine gun style.

It’s now reduced to the stature of a beggar- scrounging at the supposed faux pas committed by PAS’s Mat Sabu. What has Mat Sabu actually said that caused so much consternation? We heard excerpts of it when mainstream TV stations aired condemnations on PAS. Of course the normally dimwitted NST led by its not so energetic managing editor sprung to the defense of don’t know who, posted the rhetorical statement that history is best left to professional historians. That was probably his finest hour in an otherwise nondescript journalistic existence.

One writer, writing in one of the online portals, says UMNO gets a reprieve. Reprieved from what may we ask? You can only show you are better on the misstep of your rival? What intrinsic value can you show us? Nothing?

The axiom that history is written by the victor is no longer true. The losers and the oppressed are fighting back. Mat Sabu is doing his own historical revisionism.  It’s a trend observable even at a more universal level. So Mat Sabu isn’t actually doing something out of the ordinary. For example, the historical record of America being "discovered" by Europeans is now sometimes presented as a history of invasion, exploitation and dominance of a people who had been there before the Europeans. This reinterpretation of the historical record is called historical revisionism, which can take the form of negationism, which is the denial of genocides and crimes against humanity.  In Mat Sabu’s case, it takes the form of a rejection and denial of the falsification of history.

Mat Sabu has unwittingly started a revision of history possibly incurring the ire of revered busybody historian such as Khoo Kay Kim. The revision of previously accepted historical accounts is a constant process in which "today's winners are tomorrow's losers", and the rise and fall of present institutions and movements influence the way historians see the past.

We haven’t heard what Mat Sabu said. I don’t think Professor Emeritus Khoo Kay kim has heard the video clip. Khoo Kay Kim is now indulging in a favorite pastime of people who refuse to acknowledge their own inconsequentiality. As a professor of history he is history himself. Making his views a commodity and a dime a dozen opinion, he has, as one commentator says, become an intellectual whore. He answers to the entreaties of any paying passerby customer as the fictional Ghostbusters do when called to ferret out ghostly entities.

If we don’t affirm what Mat Sabu said, we are ourselves guilty at historical debauchery. Mat Sabu mentioned the name of Mat Indera, the Batu Pahat Malay born in Peserai who led the attack on the police barrack at Bukit Kepong. The barrack was commanded by an English man representing the colonial government then.
I think we are missing the point here. Mat Sabu wasn’t glorifying the communists or communism. He didn’t even say anything about communism. He was asking his audience to take a relook at the treatment of history on the role of Mat Indera. To Mat Sabu, history has unjustly treated Mat Indera and we, the public has accepted the official version of history, hook, line and sinker. Was Mat Indera a simple terrorist sans a greater purpose and therefore deserving the description of a villain and terrorist?

It now seems the preferred version of revised history is to see and value Mat Indera as a freedom fighter bent on kicking out the British imperialists. Certainly the people in Mat Indera’s kampong in Batu Pahat refuse to accept the vilification of Mat Indera’s memory. The criminalization of Mat Indera is part of the indoctrination and propaganda carried out by British imperialism.

Mat Indera joins the list of so many other freedom fighters who dared rise up to challenge Britsih hegemony. Nowadays the Malayan people could no longer accept nor tolerate the infamy enforced on people like Pandak Endut, on Tok Janggut and Mat KIlau and so many others. Mat Indera certainly doesn’t deserve to be dumped into the dustbin of history as just ‘one of those’ terrorists.

Why is UMNO concerned? I have touched on this slightly in my preceding article when I mentioned that PKMM was formed in 1945, one year earlier than UMNO. PKMM was the first Malay political party to clearly state Independence as its main vocation and raison detre.

What is then alarming about Mat Sabu’s faux pas is the fear that it may lead to a widespread revision of history. If it snowballs into a widespread revision of history, then UMNO’s actual role MAY itself be diminished and it will no longer enjoy an unchallenged and monopolistic place in our nation’s history. Politically it will also mean that UMNO will find it increasingly difficult to claim absolute legitimacy as the nation’s only political force to have fought for MERDEKA. Its own heroes will be brought down to size. 

NAMA Jawa Ponorogo pernah terkenal dengan berita penangkapan anggota komunis, Ahmad Indera atau dikenali sebagai Mat Indera, berdarah pahlawan daripada keturunan Datuk Bentara Husin Lela Pahlawan Siak Seri Inderapura yang menjadi panglima kanan Sultan Sharif di Siak.

Meskipun Mat Indera dikaitkan sebagai pengganas oleh sesetengah orang kerana pembabitannya dalam komunis dan dilabelkan sebagai petualang oleh kerajaan Inggeris, ramai masyarakat Jawa Ponorogo menganggapnya pejuang dalam menuntut kemerdekaan, cuma memilih jalan yang salah.

Pemuda kelahiran Kampung Gombak, Peserai, Batu Pahat itu mempunyai peribadi tinggi dan dikatakan kuat beribadat serta tinggi pengetahuan agamanya. Justeru, dia disenangi penduduk di Sri Medan yang kerap membantunya membekalkan makanan ketika dia dalam parti komunis.

Namun, tekanan yang diberikan Inggeris terutama kepada rakan karibnya, Mat Tukyo supaya menangkap Mat Indera atau tindakan tegas dikenakan terhadap penduduk Sri Medan menyebabkan mereka tiada pilihan selain memastikannya ditangkap.

Namun, bukan kerja mudah menangkapnya kerana kehebatan dan ketinggian ilmu Mat Indera.

Ugutan Inggeris terus menjadi tekanan kepada penduduk Sri Medan termasuk untuk memindahkan mereka dan mengambil tindakan tegas kepada mereka yang membantu membekalkan makanan kepada Mat Indera.

Penangkapan Mat Tukyo oleh Inggeris sebelum ditawarkan beberapa ganjaran selain hidup bebas di Sri Medan menjadi kemuncak tindakan nekad penduduk Jawa Ponorogo, namun perlu melalui kaedah terancang kerana semua mengetahui kesaktian Mat Indera.

Pada 14 Oktober 1952, lima lelaki Jawa Ponorogo yang diketuai Md Sham dan dibantu Ismail Mustakim (Misban), Beladang, Mat Tukyo dan Bajuri menggunakan tipu helah untuk memberkas Mat Indera.

Ia bermula dengan jemputan Mat Tukyo dan Misban untuk mengadakan perbincangan mengenai pelan bantuan orang kampung kepada Mat Indera. Dalam perbincangan itu, dia dijamu dengan tempe dan kopi yang dicampur kecubung. Akibat itu Mat Indera mabuk dan mengantuk.

Kesempatan itu digunakan untuk menanggalkan semua tangkal serta mengikat tangannya dengan lalang. Dikatakan, kerana itulah ilmu ghaib dan kehebatan Mat Indera tidak lagi dapat digunakan.

Bekas ketua kampung Parit Warijo, Malik Samuri menjadi saksi bagaimana Mat Indera dibawa dengan basikal sedang tangannya diikat daun lalang. Peristiwa itu sebenarnya menimbulkan pelbagai reaksi masyarakat Jawa Ponorogo. Ada yang gembira dan ada yang sebak.

Mohd Abidin Ismail iaitu anak salah seorang yang menangkap Mat Indera, Misban, berkata meskipun terbabit secara langsung dalam tipu helah itu, sepanjang hidup ayahnya tidak pernah menyatakan kebanggaan atas kejayaan itu, malah tidak sesekali melabelkan Mat Indera sebagai petualang.

“Cuma apa yang kerap diceritakannya ialah tindakan mereka ketika itu adalah disebabkan tekanan yang dihadapi akibat ugutan Inggeris. Mungkin ada melabelkannya sebagai petualang tetapi saya merasakan dia seorang pejuang tetapi memilih jalan yang salah.

“Tidak adil terus melabel Mat Indera sebagai pengkhianat kerana dia juga berjuang untuk menuntut kemerdekaan. Cuma kumpulan yang disertainya itu tidak sesuai, itupun disebabkan tiada kumpulan lain ketika itu. Kumpulan Melayu lain terlalu lambat bertindak” katanya.


Walski69 3 September 2011 at 00:32  

Datuk Sakmongkol, first off, Selamat Hari Raya.

Second, what Mat Sabu said - or at least the allegedly contentious part - can be found in this YouTube video. Did it glorify communism? From what I can tell, no, it did not.

Frankly, what has happened - again, I might add - is that something has been taken totally out of context by UMNO's so-called cyber-warriors, who have in turn spread their version of the event as "the truth". In turn, the sycophantic mainstream media has also adopted this version as the truth. The rest is, as they say, history (pun unintended).

History, like any story, has many sides to it, and thus many perspectives. Some of these perspectives may contain inconvenient truths about events that transpired.

The complete story of how this nation gained her independence is a lot more colorful than the vanilla-flavored story that most of us have been fed all these years.

UMNO played its part, but so too did many others. And that, in the final analysis, is what Mat Sabu was really trying to convey.

Fed Up with nonsense,  3 September 2011 at 00:38  

Let's rewrite history then.Hindus claim that Islam was copied from Hinduism.They even say that the word Kaaba originates from Sanskrit. That the black stone that we Muslims kiss when we visit the Kaaba is a Hindu form of worship. So if we follow your thinking then we Muslims are Hindus then !
You and John Mallot are the same,trying to be like Mahathir Mohamed.

Anonymous,  3 September 2011 at 04:37  


Firstly, selamat hari raya.

While it was true that PKMM was founded 1 yr earlier than UMNO, the 1st top leader was Mokhtaruddin Lasso, refugee from indonesia running away because of his involvement in PKI (partai komunis indonesia). It is true that communist ideology preaches anti-imperialism, but this was disguise for another form of imperialism under comintern soviet. Furthermore PKMM newsletter, Suara Rakyat, was funded by PKM.

Reducing mat sabu's speech to historical revisionism with him acknowledging his source as book that he forgot the title show that you are confused proper scholarly work with irresponsible political statement.

Ahmad albab

bruno,  3 September 2011 at 05:12  

Dato,the members of the MCP were almost all resistance fighters from Force 136.These were the people who fought and sabotaged the Japanese when the British retreated from Malaya,Singapore and SEA.

But when the British liberated Malaya,Singapore and the rest of SEA from the Japanese,the leaders of the resistance forces were not being accorded the reconizance and not given any positions in the administration.These unhappy leaders then left and form the MCP to oppose the British.

The MCP and the Mujahiddin are almost the same.The MCP members when they were resistance fighters were trained by the British.And they later go against them.The Mujahiddin were trained by Americans ,and they later go against them too.After they have serve their usefullness,they were neglected.That is why they go against their former allies.

Anonymous,  3 September 2011 at 07:33  


I would say Bravo Mat Sabu for being able to rekindle Malaysian youth interest in the unpopularized history.

In a more matured political setting his simple remarks would send people scouring the library & archives to find out about the rebel Mat Indera for instance. Who knows another movie on Bukit Kepong?

Btw, this revisionism of history is playing right in front of our eyes not just in the Mat Sabu's speech but also in Egypt, Tunisia and more recently in Libya.

TV3 has blinkered view of the world...


sakmongkol AK47 3 September 2011 at 07:36  

ahmad Albab
mokhtarudin Lasso was the first leader of PKMM briefly. he was replaced later by Dr Burhanudin Helmi and later by Ishak Hj Mohd( Pak Sako). later still, when Kesatuan Melayu Muda( KMM) linked up with PKMM< the organization was more nationalistic. when API and AWAS broke away from PKMM, they managed to have their own distinct manifesto. it was essentially a nationalistic organization demanding merdeka from British imperialism.

Melayu Baru,  3 September 2011 at 09:12  

Asslamualaikum Dato' Sak,

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Mat Sabu trying to revise history? Is he for real? Doesnt he know that there's only ONE truth in Malaysia? He cant be serious trying to convince the masses.

What was he thinking that he can get the masses to disagree with what is taught in schools, made into films and remembered each Merdeka day?

He must know that he cant change that. It is an exercise in futility as he get the whole weight of the government against him. He will get rabid, foaming in the mouth ultras, attention seeker police reports, slogan & banners against him in their 45 second orgasmic appearance on TV3... Sheesh...

Everyone - note this - there's no truth, only UMNO way of seeing the truth. Everything else (hello Merdeka Center) is going against the grain and must not be tolerated.

In a way, Dato', that was what you were experiencing also, albeit in less severe form. Your MAS articles is well research, articulated and debated. Yet, did it change anything, Dato'? Did anyone in power listen and agree with you?

Welcome to the world of opposition. Even when you have facts, no one in listens. You may have everything - data/evidence/eyewitness - but conveniently ignored - for there's only UMNO's way of seeing things. Who want to confront truth when it one can live in alternate reality?

My take? Let them be. It has been about 50+ years. In another 50 years, UMNO will be long gone. In another 500 years, it will all be a footnote in Malaysian history. With all that is ailing UMNO, and wanting to have a better future for my child in this country, I raise my hand and say Amin after each solat.

Melayu Baru.

Anonymous,  3 September 2011 at 10:37  


Using yr logic, then what about Chin Peng's fight for the independence of Malaya?

Another historical revisionism?

Perhaps, all these has to do with this;

'They fought the Japs (who we are pally with now) when all the chickenshit elitist/ aristocratic Umno guys collaborated with the Brits to ban all other Malayan political parties who truly fought and spilled their blood for independence without collaborating (Malay and multi racial alliances) - and they became overnight heroes with a red herring called "Malayan Union" which did not serve a purpose other than to set the stage for independence of a nation under the western sphere of influence.'

Which u have succinctly put into a much better form in this essay.

BTW, Insaf dan Sedar di bulan Shawal has long been overdue for some true freedom fighters of Malaya. Many r still been staged against anti-Malay hegemony vs Malay hegemony reality.

So any wonder why that mamak allows ALL the Malay ex-communists to return to M'sia, while he renegaded on his signed treaty for the same with the non-Malay ex-communists.

After all the bell & whistle, it's still coming home to race & religion! Ooop, perhaps it should be termed twisted form of a great religion.

BTW, why the mamak gang within umno r so much more vocal nowaday? Is it bcoz they have more to loose if umno turns belly up, after all their 'investment'? Or could it be the Malayu tulin is looking for mercenary to fight for their ketuanan?

Leithaisor,  3 September 2011 at 11:50  

I recall when as a young student way back in the 60's and early 70's, there was account of how British Resident J. W. W. Birch was killed at Pasir Salak in 1875 by Maharajalela.

Back then, the school history books still bore the heavy influence of the long years of British rule, and the account spoke of "murder" / "assassination" and something akin to "traitor" or "terrorist".

Over the years, things have changed, and we now read of "pahlawan" / warrior / hero Dato' Maharajalela.

Which version is true?

History is replete with many versions of incidents coloured by the political, iedological, religious, racist, etc leanings of the authors.

Governments, for reasons ranging from noble and to far from noble, are often, even usually, free with the truth when it comes to propaganda. Especially when it controls the Press and media. Heck, Najib spent eye-popping tens of millions of the rakyat's money on APCO and FBC, and I am left shaking my head, asking, "For what?"

I have just been reading accounts about Che Guevara and Erwin Rommel. Both of whom were noble men who met less than glorious ends at the hands of those with power to abuse despite their great contributions.

I would think that like these two, and Dato' Maharajalela, Mat Indera's place in history as per official accounts should be examined with a more critical eye and objective mind.

And without lessening the sacrifice and heroism of the many in the police and armed forces who died during the Emergency, so too the matters brought up by Mat Sabu.

I have read JJ Raj's book, and am trying to find my copy of Chin Peng's book in my stash...

Anonymous,  3 September 2011 at 12:25  

Ai seh man Dato'
Pergi berhari Raya dan sambut Merdeka di Australia lagi best da...
Rakyat di dilupakan, pencapaian dibelakangkan. Guna sahaja la pesawat AJ 319 tu semua kerajaan tanggung beres.

Anonymous,  3 September 2011 at 13:39  


Walau apa pun saya bersyukur kerana Parti Komunis tak menang.Kalau mereka menang mungkin parti yang Mat Sabu anggotai itu pun tak ada dan mufti Pulau Pinang tak perlu keluar arahan melarang membaca al Quraan sebelum subuh,kerana masjid pun mungkin tak ada pembesar suaranya,atau mungkin juga tak ada mesjid pun.Nik Aziz dan Hj. Hadi pun tak ada peluang jadi YB,malahan mengajar ugama pun mungkin di larang keras.

Satu lagi LGE tak jadi KM Pulau Pinang ,tapi jadi PM Malaysia.

Dato Sak sendiri pun tak tahu lah apa nasibnya.

Anonymous,  3 September 2011 at 14:06  

I like this :

"PAS deputy president Mat Sabu correctly observed that Umno had ignored the contributions of non-Umno elements who contributed to Independence.

He pointed out that in the 1950 incident, those who attacked Bukit Kepong were fighters for Independence. They were led by a Malay called Muhammad Indera but this is not in the history books.

At that time, the Malay and Chinese communists were fighting the British to rid Malaysia of the colonialists. The communists attacked anyone who helped the colonialists, such as the police at Bukit Kepong, who were paid by the British to help them to continue to subjugate the people of Malaya.

The Umnopoutras are angry with Mat Sabu for pointing out the distortion of this historical fact by Umno and using the communist bogey and the race of the dead police officers to unfairly attack him through their monopolised print and electronic media.

If all the dead were say, British police officers, Umno would not be airing the incident annually around Merdeka time".

Masam Manis,  3 September 2011 at 14:10  

Dato Sak,

First, Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin.

It is quite historic for TV in Malaysia, politic (Mat Sabu speech) took center stage during Hari Raya. It proves 1 point, politic in Malaysia is 24x7x365. If  Raya cannot stop politic nothing can. Even major catastrophe were to happen in Malaysia it will still be over shadowed by this political news in the air waves.

It is quite nauseating  in between rendang, ketupat, lemang meals to be fed with such nightly news otherwise joyous event. Thank god, mankind invented tv remote.

Before the publicity by TV Malaysia on the subject, many never really knew or care the players mentioned by Mat Sabu and so much details on Bukit Kepong attack. While some may ignore but now many would be more interested to learn more Malaysia independence history. In this age of Internet, info just a click away. Maybe govt media strategists shot their own foot by prolonging  the propaganda.

BN could have made political mileage by inviting PAS or preferably Mat Sabu for a national debate on this issue if they have the confident they are correct interpreting the history.  Perhaps this is the perfect "killing" opportunity they been waiting for to convince the fence sitters to support BN. Instead they use media and armed with police reports to win their case. Quite sure many of those who made the report are as ignorance as many other on the history of pre independence.  More of emotional support rather than backed with facts.

While Malaysians await for strong leadership in this country, wild gossip reported a Malaysian plane with call sign 'November Romeo 1' landed in Perth during these twin celebrations. If true, then we have here a new definition of true Malaysian patriot.

Anonymous,  3 September 2011 at 14:27  

Of all the articles written about the so-called faux pas by Mat sabu, I'll have to say yours to be the most objective, others are just "attacks" by people who have NOT even read or heard and most probably not interested to find out what Mat Sabu ACTUALLY said.

Anonymous,  3 September 2011 at 14:43  

Walla Dato' Ariff,

PLUS enjoyed the land of the highway and also had an exclusive right. ITU sebab sama juga lah. apa nak di herankan itu lah kesah nya. Tengok saja GERONIMO di US, JOSE RIZAL di FILIPINA, apa traetment awal nya kepada mereka. Apakah garis pemisah nta 31/8/1957 untuk bezakan masih penjajah dan sudah merdeka. INI makna nya fikiran /minda masih terjajah.

OneMalaysian,  3 September 2011 at 16:50  

Dear Sakmongkol

“The revision of previously accepted historical accounts is a constant process…. “

Historical events are “factual” in nature, but history is the political interpretation of those events. Since history is political in nature, it is therefore capable of more than one interpretation. This version of Bukit Kepong by Mat Sabu is worthy of some study and debate, and ultimately whether people agree with him or not is quite immaterial, because he is neither right nor wrong. He had merely put forward another way to view that particular piece of history.

What is far more important is that our society must be sophisticated enough to understand that history as presented to us by government or UMNO is but one possible way to see it. And since this is but one version of “reality”, other versions are possible.

Your article is cogent and daring. It adds to a worthwhile debate.

Ghaf 3 September 2011 at 17:13  

Didahului dengan Selamat Hari Raya , Maaf Zahir Dan Batin kepada Dato sekeluarga .

History advises us a lot of things , it materializes with various interpretation as one sees it . Right or wrong is immaterial . What matter is to convince . It be a significant x-factor to leaders who are at the centre stage of our political arena and who have large numbers of their political congregation .

Mat Sabu is in his righteous jot to interpret how he sees it . Being a number two man in Pas , his assimilation of the Bukit Kepong event was at his constructed interpretative disposal . But the whole idea is political , to pursue a course of minds for his congregation . It is his political constraint and responsibility to create doubt of the present Government .

Mat Indera was a Malay Nationalist and a maverick who associated with the Communists . The Communist had a grand agenda then . Doubt if Mat Indra knew that . There were no record that he was the field commander of the attack . For that matter , it was also unknown what position he held in the defunct Communist Party of Malaya . He may not be a communist . Certainly , his animosity toward colonialism was unbearable . Most of our forefathers of all status were , then .

No doubt , Mat Indera was a man of Islamic integrity , staunched Malay Nationalist and a freedom fighter who denounced British colonialism . He was a valiant Nationalist of an armed foot-soldier who fought together with the Communist . It was unfortunate for him because the masses were not with him then to take up armed against the British except the Communists . This goes to the leaders of the Malay National Party ( MNP) . They , the Malay Nationalists joined in with the Communists also .

Whether Mat Indra is a hero or not is irrelevant . Members of the Malay Nationalist Party ( MNP ) and United Malay National Organization ( UMNO ) , they were all heroes because they wanted Tanah Melayu to be independent from the British led by their respective leaders . The only different was their means to get independence , the hard way by armed struggle of bloodshed or by Umno means of negotiation in convention . Our forefathers had the choice and the choice was exceptionally made and justified by the democratic journey .

Anonymous,  3 September 2011 at 21:18  

Lovely write up.i like 2 parts in it.The 1st one is about the busybody historian.That tickles me but then i guess you have a point there.The next part is the story about mat indera and how he was caught.Sadly he was busted by his own race.So siapa yang khianat siapa sejak dahulukala?

dahserikngankeris 4 September 2011 at 04:54  

aiya, they were all vying for power to pick up the crumbs and wanted to be leaders of this blessed nation, recognition and what not....what for? for what? imagine if umno lost out in the political battle 40 years ago we would be having this same exact conversation asking why the hell wasnt tunku abdul rahman accorded his place in history by some ranting idiot from umno....mat sabu...alih tumpuan nampak....genius orang melayu nih semua main the end bullllllllllshiteeeeeeee!

hidup sejarah form 1 sampai form 3, form 4 till form 5 i lost intrest...frankly couldnt care less. Those who fought for this country sincerly didnt gave a damn about their name, they just did what needed to be done, and if the idiots currently don't shaddap they'd just make those who died for this country die in vain to have such idiotic scumbag politicians sully their acts of bravery to gain some crumbs for their own political livelihoods today, shame on them all, still on income and debt burden, and inflation bn fail, pr pon fail...stop the nonsense lah!

Anonymous,  4 September 2011 at 09:46  

kelakar la lu sakmongkol, lagi kelakar dari budak2 UMNO. You will say anything, i mean anything, to demonise Najib's administration of UMNO or the country. That i don't care cause everybody know who is your master. However to justify Mat Sabu???? That's At least the UMNO boys see a good opportunity out of Mat Sabu's stupidity (he always say the darndest words...he..he...he), you put yourself even belpw Mat Sabu ....ha...ha...ha...HISTORY will judge you man.

Zaidi,  4 September 2011 at 11:42  

Dato Sak,

Apasal pro-UMNO commentors are always using anonymous? Kalau dah sokong UMNO apa pasal takut guna nama sendiri..berani kerana benar barulah nampak macam Hang Jebat. Kalau ikut cakap Sultan Melaka maka jadi Hang Tuah ajelah. Kalau boleh insert foto dgn link kepad blog sendiri..baru ada kelas. Ini komen macam budak hisap rokok dalam tandas. Be a gentleman

Anonymous,  4 September 2011 at 16:34  

Wahai anon 946,
can you counter sakmongkol story with fact? dato story full of ammo because ada fact. asklah najib bersama etp nkra and pemandu to create a kpi for sibertrooper bertauliah. then maybe people look at you will not laugh mu ha ha ha becos sakmongkol got AK47 u only use keris.

Anonymous,  4 September 2011 at 19:09  

You have given the best description of Khoo Kay Kim in the entire net.

Honestly, I don't understand why he did it. I would understand if he is a politician vying for a Cabinet post but then .......... why be gigolo.

Anonymous,  4 September 2011 at 19:17  

Doesnt he know that there's only ONE truth in Malaysia? Melayu Baru.

But I know. UMNO is TRUTH. I also know UMNO is the ONLY organization that fought and obtained Independence from the British.
Only UMNO leaders dies for Merdeka.

umar,  5 September 2011 at 04:58  

Dimana Raja Raja Melayu? Sultan -sultan Melayu? Bukankah mereka sebenarnya payung yang mempertahankan budaya, bangsa dan agama ? Apakah mereka juga dibela oleh Inggeris supaya mereka lupa daratan dengan main polo, golf, minum whisky dan sebagainya ? Kalau begitu, merekalah mangsa pertama penjajahan British. Bila mereka setuju dengan British supaya kedudukan mereka tidak di ganggu, maka rakyat tanggung seterusnya. Raja -raja melayu tak berjuang pun untuk merdeka !

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